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351. Just Want Your Lovin'

Affection Meme

You suddenly want the affection of another. Whether it's just a hug or you're making sexy eyes at your beau.

1. Post your character.
2. Tag to others using rng.
3. Get cozy!


1. Shoulder punch: This person needs to seriously buck up. Maybe a playful punch in the shoulder will help them cheer up. Just make sure you watch your strength... and your aim. You don't want to accidentally punch this person really hard in the face... do you?

2. Tickle: It's time to see this person smile and hear them laugh, whether they want to or not. Grab a feather or use your fingers and go to town on their most sensitive spots. Don't worry, I'm sure they'll forgive you... probably.

3. Hug: Come on now, don't be shy. Everyone needs one of these every so often. Go up to this person and hug them like you've never hugged before!

4. Tackle Glomp: You love this person so much that a normal hug just isn't gonna cut it. You need to launch yourself at this person at full force and just wrap your arms around them until they pop! Don't worry, they can take it! Just... try not to do this around any staircases.

5. Pinch Cheeks: Look at that face! It's so cute you just wanna pinch those cheeks. Please note that we are not responsible for any violent repercussions that may arise from this action.

6. Kiss on the Cheek: Exactly what it says on the kiss. Go right on up to this lucky person and give them a nice peck on the cheek.

7. Kiss on the Lips: Wow. This person must really mean a lot to you. After all, it's not like you would just go around and kiss anyone on the lips right? What's that? You've never met this person before? Oh well, I'm sure they'll understand.

8. Flirty Compliment: Damn this person looks good. Even if you're not the kind to do so, you suddenly feel the need to compliment him or her on their appearance, and maybe even flirt a bit.

9. Just say it: Physical displays are nice, but words from the heart mean everything. From a heartfelt confession, to a casual "I love you man", to those three little words accidentally slipping out, it's time to let this person know how you feel... or not.

10. Holding Hands: Sometimes you don't need to say anything. Sometimes all you need to do is put your hand in theirs for them to know exactly how you feel about them.


11. Grope: This person looks so good you just can't seem to help yourself. Whether it's their crotch, ass, or bust, you suddenly have an urge to grab a naughty place on this person.

12. Strip: What's the best way to show you care about someone. How about dragging them off to nice private place and taking off your clothes for them? ... Okay, that's a terrible way of showing you care, but you're gonna do it anyway! Besides, maybe something else can happen once your clothes are off...

13. Lick: This person looks good enough to eat, and you're feeling particularly naughty today. So? Go ahead and lick them in the spot of your choice. It's not creepy it's... okay, maybe it is a little creepy, but their reactions are guaranteed to be priceless.

14. Sweet Loving: Definitely the most extreme expression of your undying affection for this person. Take them to a bedroom and show them just how much you care about them. Or, maybe you're just kinky. I'm not gonna judge you.

15. Covert Loving: Or, maybe you can't wait to get to a bedroom. In that case, take this person somewhere out of sight and make love to them right then and there. Just make sure they keep quiet. It would be bad if someone heard you.

16. All tied up: Is there any better way of showing how much you care about this person than tying them up before you have sex? Probably, but you're just in one of those dominating moods today. So this person is going to receive your love and adoration whether they want to or not.


{it was moments like these, Tifa realized, that made her suspect she lived in a slightly insane video game world. Both hands over her mouth, she could only stare at the blond on the bed in front of her. There was pink on her cheeks and her eyes were absolutely huge above them.}

But - {her voice squeaked alarmingly and she shook her head, trying for something a bit calmer.} I've never even heard of a Tangle materia -

(ooc. well, okay. 16 their way of doing things. Which is to say, not on purpose at all)


[ ...is as much as he manages to get out before the -- whatever it is! -- has him. Needless to say, once the smoke clears and he finds himself quite neatly strapped down to the bed by... Wait. Are those vines? Seriously? He doesn't look terribly pleased.

Tugging futilely at the leafy green restraints wrapped taut around his wrists, Cloud does his best to fight down the obvious reaction to this dilemma: total humiliation. ]

Come on-- Hey, how do I get out of this? There's no Detangle spell, is there?


ah -


{snapping herself out of her shock, the first thing Tifa does is move over to lock the door. Somehow Yuffie bursting into the room randomly seems like something that should be avoided.}

Okay. We can handle this. {it is, she suspects, said more for her sake than his since she isn't the one strapped down to a bed. thank goodness Going to her hands and knees, she tries reaching under the bed without coming into contact with the... viney things, searching for the materia that fell and rolled there when this first happened. Fingers patting around, hoping the inn has a better cleaning crew than most, her muffled voice asks:]

You can't break them?

{yes, she's already seen him try but he's SOLDIER strength. If he can't when he puts serious effort into it, chances of her being able to are even lower}

(ooc. FAIL is the ONLY way with these two. And they do it magnificently!)

[ ...Just as he's about to open his mouth again to ask what in the world she's doing, abandoning him at a time like this, the sound of the bolt on the door snapping into place silences him completely. Of course. Tifa's only looking out for both of their best interests; she can't want to get caught unaware in a situation like this any more than he does.

With a sigh, he returns to struggling in vain against his bonds, all attempts at making even the most careful move to untangle himself ending in simply worsening this predicament. ]


[ He shakes his head even though she can't see, peering over the edge of the bed so much as he can, anymore, as he replies. Trying to work his wrists out of the looping vines tied around them isn't yielding much better results, and he's just about ready to call it quits and ask her to cut him out of them -- but needing to say it aloud is almost worse than getting stuck, in the first place, and so he holds out hope just a little longer. ]

Whatever they're made of, I can't tear it. If I keep it up, the bed might break, instead...

[ And neither the bill nor the inevitable explanation for that sort of thing does he want to see in his immediate future. ]

only even vaguely appropriate icon

{when Cloud glances over the side of the bed he gets a view that most men would envy and without the threat of winding up in the hospital because of it. Body half under the bed, there's just the view of Tifa's leather clad - uh, skirt. Her nicely rounded skirt. Stretching, her voice drifts out from somewhere under him.}

They're wrapped all the way around the bed, whatever they are. {another stretch because she sees something and she hopes to all that's good and merciful it's the materia and not anything else in the world that might end up under a strange bed.} I can try to cut them with your sword if I can't - got it!

{and all she has to do now is wiggle backward until she's out from under the bed, smiling triumphantly}

aww yis. cowboy Tifa is always appropriate.

[ Being... Kind of the polar opposite of those other men (and maybe still of the notion that she might put him in the hospital, anyway), he cautiously averts his gaze as soon as he realizes he's been staring just a second or two too long. From the other side, there'd probably be an even more interesting view than that, given the length (or lack thereof) of the skirt in question -- and suddenly he's very glad she'd the forethought to lock that door. ]

Great... [ he grumbles, returning (once more) to trying to tug his wrists free. The way it's looking, though, he'll sooner end up with a fatal case of rope burn (or is it vine burn?) before ever so much as glimpsing the light of freedom. A less than hopeful huff of breath sends a few errant strands of blond hair out of his eyes, and he gives up the game, dropping back into the web of vines, defeated. ]

(At least it's not that uncomfortable...)

H-Huh? I don't know. My sword's a little big for this-- [ And the last thing that will save this day is accidentally getting stabbed. But since Tifa seems to have recovered the lost materia (giving him a bit of a start, in the process), maybe he shouldn't have abandoned all hope.

...Then again, did things ever turn out that way? ]

All right -- so what's the spell to take this stuff off?

we need to find more reasons to use cowgirl Tifa icons *sage nod*

{pulling back so that she's resting on her knees next to the bed, Tifa gives Cloud a look. That look.}

What did you think I meant when I said use your sword? That I was going to try to climhazzard the thing? I was thinking more along the lines of holding it against where the vines are against the frame of the bed and sawing a little.

{usually she's much more hands-on in her approach to solving problems but this time she's been strangely skittish about actually touching any part of what's going on on the bed. Even resting on her knees she looks like she's closer to vaulting backward than actually leaning forward and she's using the old Tifa trick of looking like she's looking directly at something while her eyes are actually focused somewhere a little beyond it. She does focus on the materia in her hand though, looking small and dull and innocuous.}

I don't know. {her fist closes around it and she shuts her eyes, dim green light starting to glow through her fingers.} I've never used one of these before. It's not very strong... I'm only feeling the one spell. egh- {her fingers instinctively let go of the materia with a shudder.}

That's not what I said.

[ Maybe it's what he pictured, but...

Shaking his head defensively, he does his best not to look quite as thoroughly scolded as that pointed expression on her face makes him feel. He takes her caution for, well, just that (not really seeking much of the eye contact she's avoiding), and finds nothing worthy of suspicion, there. They're dealing with some kind of... Horrible, unfortunate new materia, here, and who knows if it'll try to drag her in with him?

Amending his previous assertion that this is as bad as it can possibly get, Cloud kicks at the heavy vine draped over an ankle as he waits (not exactly patiently) for her to get back to him on potentially getting out of this mess. Of course, this pointless act of defiance earns him nothing but an even less comfortable position on top of rumpled bedclothes, the vines crisscrossing his chest riding up his shirt a little further. ]

What? What's wrong? [ His head snaps back around at that less than progressive exclamation, and oh that doesn't sound good. ]

{the face she makes looks a lot like a kitten that's just discovered rain for the first time and finds it horribly offensive. She's even shaking one of her hands as if to get something off of it. And before she can stop herself, she blurts:}

It feels tentacley in my mind.

{materia is just solidified mako, after all and mako holds memories. It's one of the reasons Tifa doesn't like using Fire, why both Ice and Lightning are her favorites and why she loves her Phoenix summon best of all despite the fact it's fire based. She likes the way they feel inside her when she uses them.

She definitely had not liked the way the Tangle materia had wiggled around.

And she's never realized what a very nice stomach Cloud has when his shirt's not in the way...}

Mm. Sorry. {her hand snatches up the materia near her knee with only the slightest hesitation and she gets to her feet to cautiously edge closer to the bed.} I don't think the materia's got anything but the one spell in it. Not until it matures a little more. {which they haven't exactly got time to sit around and wait for even if Tifa was willing to run around fighting monsters with the thing. Careful to stay clear of the green, Tifa's fingers find Cloud's.} Should I try the sword against the stuff at the foot of the bed?

Edited at 2011-11-06 01:20 pm (UTC)

[ Tentacley? Nope. He doesn't want to know what that means. He never wants to know what that means, and he won't ask questions. But he is going to reserve the right to continue to be incredibly impatient -- not with Tifa, of course, who's dealing remarkably well at their current depth of weirdness, but these damn vines. Ropes. Tentacles. Whatever the hell they are.

After another unsuccessful attempt to drag himself up into an at least semi-upright position, Cloud drops his head back against the pillows with an irritable huff. (This one at least half effort.)

When her hand catches one of his (not that it's difficult, given the state that he's in), he cracks open an eye and glances back up at her. He's been listening, but he'd already known what she was going to say -- hopeless. Totally hopeless. ]

...Yeah, go ahead. Might as well try everything. Don't know if this one'll wear off soon enough to wait around.

{right about then is when it catches up to Tifa what being locked in a bedroom with Cloud for an extended amount of time will look like to the rest of the group.


Let me try that.

{her fingers give his a light squeeze and she turns around quickly so that he won't see the way her cheeks heat. She needs to concentrate on the problem at hand and not the sudden realization that Cloud's tied down to a bed and that's probably on the kinky side when you look at it from a certain angle.

...it would be kind of interesting to tie down someone that was SOLDIER strength to a bed if you were going to do that kind of thing together, wouldn't it...?

Sword! Right, she needs to concentrate on the sword. And the fact that Cloud's obviously not happy. And getting them both out of this situation quickly is a good idea.

She can pick up his sword, she's stronger than normal. But there's no way she will ever be able to handle it as easily and gracefully as Cloud does. At least she knows the proper way to hold it. Sucking on her lower lip, eyebrows down, she gives the vines and the bed a careful study. She doesn't want the blade anywhere near Cloud's feet, just in case the vines aren't vines and the blade slips or jumps, so she picks a spot on the footboard that's toward the edge, laying the blade down over the vines almost gently. When they don't part automatically, she reaches over to an empty materia slot to give her some leverage and starting a rocking press.}

Tell me if they start to tighten or anything bad.

[ No, no, don't think about that, Tifa. He's somehow managing not to. Make the effort.

If she's acting a little odd, he doesn't notice that, either, though -- being just a tad preoccupied, there's more important stuff on his mind. Like... Actually having to break this bed in half to get out of it. That's not beyond his ability, though it's likely to result in some serious muscle strain and

Yup, just the thought of explaining that away, in addition to the rest of this utter catastrophe, pretty much seals it. She can do whatever she wants with his sword as long as something works.

Briefly appreciating the fact that she doesn't drag the weapon around the room, as she well could have, and with perfectly good excuse, he watches down the length of his own torso as she sets about her duty with an almost amusingly intent expression. (Were he in another position, any other position, he might've found it cute. Or realized that he did, anyway.)

Wiggling in his bonds, he shakes his head. ]

Nothin' on my end. You think it's gonna give?

{she's not seeing anything on her end, not even smelling the sharp bite of sap, and the vines seem pretty taut on either side of the blade. Just to make sure she presses down with her strength behind it. The bed groans a bit alarmingly - but nothing snaps free. Easing up quickly, suddenly aware of what groaning bed frames could indicate to anyone listening, too late! thought's already in her head. and it's circling on autopilot she slips the sword clear to get a look at the vines.}

Maybe not this way.

{this is silly. Materia effects all have ways of breaking out of them. Maybe there's another materia that's got the counter-spell to this one. Like... shrivel.

Except shrivel seems like a really bad thing to cast at Cloud...

Brows down, still determined, she gently sets the sword against the nearby wall, careful to do it the way Cloud always does. She understands the basics of taking care of swords at least Angeal would be proud... of her, mostly from watching Cloud. Hesitantly reaching out, she taps a fingertip against one of the vines before jerking her hand away quickly. Nothing tries to grab her though and so she does it again - like a cat playing with something it's either going to bite or be bitten by and isn't sure which is which yet. Still no reaction. The vines like Cloud just fine, thank you very much, and don't seem interested in grabbing anyone else. It gives her the courage to reach out and wrap her fingers around one. An experimental tug, somewhere that hopefully isn't tied directly to Cloud, yields nothing. Worried, almost apologetic, she lifts her eyes to look at him NOT along the length of his body because that would be taking advantage of the situation and she's supposed to be helping, right? right.}

We could probably break it together - but we might break the bed. {still not thinking along the lines of the way that sounds. Nope. Not at all. ... crap.}

[ So it's come this.

Well, he can't claim to have been too terribly optimistic, from the start, but hearing her say it like that... It's just so final. There's really no other way out. But if it's a choice between months and weeks and days of trying to explain that nothing happened or that same length of time stuck tied down to this bed--

...Well, actually they sound about equally irritating, but he's pretty confident it'll put a bit of a crimp in all future plans were he to completely give up on them just to avoid one... Seriously not at all minor embarrassment. ]

(It's not the worst thing I've done...)

[ Yup. Just keep thinking that.

Nodding to her once she's clearly satisfied with that cautious examination of his apparently quite safe bindings (cute, oddly cute, even at a time like this), Cloud tugs hard on one of the vines clutching his wrists, this time feeling for an anchor point, any kind of give. He'd be in trouble if he was tied clear around to his own ankles, but it seems as if that isn't the case; the vines have practically melded with the bed, somewhere, he's sure, and as far as he's concerned, that makes the furniture complicit. ]

Better just get this over with... [ He sounds cool, resigned, but it feels like he's saying a lot of things all in a jumble and he's kind of hoping that a side-effect of Tangle materia is feeling unnaturally warm in the face and only just that. ] You'll have to get up here, too, if we're gonna pull together.

{she comes around the bed hesitantly because she's still trying to think of the Great Escape that will let them preserve the bed - and their dignity - intact, stalling for that extra second of time it will take for the Ingenious Idea to hit. She makes it to his side and her mind's still not managed to come up with anything but the fact that it's not every day a girl gets a gift wrapped Cloud Strife in the bed in front of her. As great ideas go, it's a Singularly Unhelpful Thought.}

Okay. Do you want me pulling with you or against you?

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