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309. The Modified Icons First Meme
The (modified) Icons First Meme

How it works is this:

1) Comment to the meme with your characters. One comment for each of them! The icon you pick doesn't matter yet!

2) Now go find a character you want to tag and click Reply!

3) Before you type anything, pick out an icon at random!

4) Write up a tag based on the icon. For example, if you randomly picked a freaked-out icon, write a freaked-out tag! If you randomly picked a snogging icon, lay one on them!

5) Do so for each tag

6) Thread with other people! See what kinds of silly conversations you can have, stringing together random icons in a semi-coherent thread.

The random userpic add-on is here. (Go to add ons, click options on LJ-add ons, then go to the envelope tab for the add-on to randomize the icon once you've got it installed.) Or use the random number generator.

Orson | Record of Lodoss War

btw - stupidly glad you're playing orson. Lodoss was one of my first anime series

[Lineface, Orson. They can do this all day.]


Lodoss fans are the best.

[You sure about that, Cloud? He wrote the book on linefacing, after all.]





[bring it, buddy.]

[There you go. Take it.]



Mild weather.

[Shrug. Hey, can't stand around talking about nothing.]


Was hoping for rain.

[oh, they will talk. They will talk the talk of stoic men. Stoic manly men who talk about manly stoic things while being stoic. And manly. Men.]

[This conversation is so manly, it'll put hair on your chest.]'s relaxing.

[so manly you'll end up with a mustache. The REAL MANLY kind!]


Bad weather to be out in though.

[no deliveries for him on rainy days. Which means he gets to stay home. Which means he gets to hang around with Tifa and the kids. That's good. Warm. Homey. Unless Tifa gets caught in the rain on the way in with groceries and she's wearing that white shirt again and -


sorry, Orsen. What were you two talking about?]

[Pay attention, Cloud. This is a MANLY conversation we're having. An in-depth, masculine discussion that's so filled with testosterone, men from all over will one day speak of it in epic poems.]


It isn't so bad.

[See, he can handle it.

Can YOU?]

[right, right. MANLY conversation. The ocean cannot contain the levels of testosterone that is loosed on the world in this moment. Hoards of barbarian warriors would weep at the awesome power of it all.]

Better than snow.

[The vikings will make longships with our faces on their figureheads. The Aztecs will slaughter 500 virgins in our name; and the Huns will pray to us before each battle.]


Not cold enough for it, yet.

[the drums of a thousand Visigoths will pound out the message of this moment of manliness. Stone statues of warriors long past will weep tears of manly pride. Children as of yet unborn will be arrive in this world with full chests of hair and be named in honor of the sheer masculine power of our conversation.

And besides, Cloud likes cold mornings. Because then there's an excuse to stay in bed... and keep a certain someone else in bed with him... and get warm again.]

Not yet.

[Orson doesn't like cold mornings. He likes the feel of warm air on him and the freedom that comes with sleeping however you like instead of being huddled under a layer of blankets like a sissy.

Also, no shrinkage.]

Will you travel this winter?

[it depends entirely on who you're huddling under the covers with, my manly friend. Both for warmth and that shrinkage thing. Or Cloud could just use the universal word 'mini-skirt'. Orson might be familiar with the strength of that particular Artifact of Power. Lack of facial hair aside, it takes a real manly man to pretend not to notice a traveling companion running around in one of those.]

Probably. Deliveries. You?

[He may have emotions under check because of what lurks beneath him but of freakin' course he's familiar with the charms of a mini-skirt. Shiris. Deedlit. Hello?]

Likely not. Not much work in the colder months.

[So he's gonna hibernate like the big bear man that he is.]

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