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287. The Carnival Meme
The Carnival Meme

Who doesn't love a good carnival? The sights, the sounds, the...well, maybe not so much the smells. Going with your young siblings? Maybe you're taking your date for a good time! Maybe a friend dragged you along. Whoever you're there with, the important part is that you're having a good time!

1. Post with your character, canon and preferences in the subject line
2. Tag others and get your RNG on. Or just choose one.
4. Fun times ensue!

1. The Midway!
Oh god, you want that stuff unicorn so hard, it's just so incredible. Or perhaps you just want to show off to everyone else how AWESOME you are. Test of Strength? More like...Test of....Getting Owned With a Hammer. Whatever the reason, you're slapping down your cash and winning those games! ...If it's possible to win, that is.

2. Haunted House
PFFT! Who's scared?! These things are never that scary! ...Are they? That...That's not a real mummy, right? What was that sound?!

3. Ferris Wheel
Did you ever wonder what the carnival looks like from such a high place? Or maybe you just want some alone time with your date. Do you find yourself thinking that this is a lot higher than it looked?

4. Fun House
What's so fun about it?! It's impossible to get through this stupid Hall of Mirrors! Agh, this tube is spinning, how can anyone stand up in this thing?! Wait, isn't that the same way you came from?!

5. Tunnel of Love
Awww, yiss. You're lookin' for a little bit of alone time, even if you are in a tiny, bird-shaped boat surrounded by shallow, dirty water. Or maybe your friends shoved you in before you had time to react. Have fun, love birds!

6. Carnival food!
Cotton Candy, corndogs, popcorn, ice cream, candy apples...! It's all so terrible and bad for you, but it tastes so good! You don't even know what that over there is, but it's deep fried and looks delicious in the most disgusting way. Be careful that you don't make yourself sick!

7. Petting Zoo
CUTE ANIMALS! You want to pet all of them! Or maybe the person you're with wants to. Though, whether the animals really want to be petted or not is another matter.

8. Other
You have other ideas? Play out those Carnival shenanigans!

Young Sephiroth, age 7 | FFVII

I had to. It was destiny. Also - sorry - but tags will be slow for a while

[how did he - ?

why did he - ?

Cloud stands at the entrance to the fair and resists the urge to give a 'not interested' and head back to Fenrir.

Yes. That would include leaving the silver haired kid currently standing next to him on his own.

He's not even sure who talked him into taking... taking... Miniroth to the fair. Aerith. Or Tifa. One of the girls definitely and he distinctly remembered something about learning how to socialize though now that he's thinking about it he's not sure if they meant him or the kid.]

So -

[he looks down at the silver head next to him. Don't look at him, kid. The last time he did something like this he ended up pirouetting off a stage.]

You hungry?

(ooc. ALL the tags?)

I'm glad you did. It was undeniably destiny. And take your time!

[Sephiroth is too taken with watching and analyzing the carnival before him to look up at Cloud for now, although as he takes in Cloud's words, he is highly aware of and monitoring the presence beside him. But there are so many people here.

Tifa and/or Aerith may well have meant that both Cloud and Sephiroth needed to learn how to socialize. Sephiroth certainly doesn't understand the sensory input from the fair, or what the point of it all is. The colorfully lit machinery interests him, but it doesn't seem to have a true purpose, whirling uselessly above.

It takes him a few moments of sober staring before he replies to Cloud's question.]

I do not yet require sustenance. [He's still not sure about this eating for enjoyment that people do, and he needs less caloric intake to sustain him than the average child. However, he is made very curious by the variety of smells floating on the air, so after another brief pause, he tentatively asks:] What is there to eat?

[[ooc: ALL the tags!]]


[it's still taking some getting used to, hearing words like that coming out of a kid's mouth. Even Marlene, as precocious as she is, still talks with a child's vocabulary most of the time. But then again, Marlene's been allowed to be a child and it's obvious that Miniroth hasn't. Cloud's not a big fan of the 'your circumstances take your responsibility for your own actions away from you' but he's also not good at the whole 'judging people on what they might do'. So he can feel for the kid even if every time the silver hair swings it throws him for a half-second.

He's working on that.

At the kid's question though, something inside of Cloud eases up a bit. It's a child's question and one he's kind of curious about himself. He gives it a minute's worth of debate before offering his hand. It's crowded in there, though not packed at this hour, and he doesn't want to risk losing the kid. Even if holding hands with a mini-Sephiroth just seems all kinds of awkward.]

Come on. We'll go take a look.


[Sephiroth regards the offered hand for a moment before determining that accepting it is the proper thing to do and matter-of-factly reaching out to take hold of it. The idea that he might become lost would never have occurred to him, but he isn't used to crowds. His senses are a little overwhelmed. It makes sense to stay close to the person he is most familiar with, although he is slow to warm to people, and he's not yet sure about Cloud.

Cloud doesn't have the bearing of a researcher, but he's not like the others, either. Sephiroth might not be sure of him, but he's interested in him. He studies him. For now, he follows along agreeably, though still without displaying any definite emotion.]


[He cranes his neck to see what's on display at the booths, then glances cautiously back at Cloud.] Are you hungry? [If Cloud wanted to eat, then it would make sense for them to eat.]

[that's an easy question and one Cloud doesn't feel out of his depths answering.]


[and then after a moment more.]

I'm always hungry.

[well, not always. In fact most of the time he's not. But all he has to do is have food mentioned or to have it offered and his body will decide it's hungry. It's ignorable so it's not a problem but he burns through calories fast and his body is greedy about hoarding them. He remembers being hungry a lot as a teen too though so he's not sure how much of it is him naturally and how much is just mako addition. Not like he's ever had anyone he could ask and Reeve's been slow about finding ShinRa's old mako research files. Reorganizing a world and having to slow through the mess Hojo probably left of the science department probably don't help and Cloud can't say he's eager.

He's not SOLDIER grade. He's something else. And Reeve's being slow gives him a reason to ignore why that could be such a bad thing a little bit longer.

Scratching at his cheek in thought now though, he's more concerned with what's in front of him on the different counters of the vendor's stands. He decides to go with one of everything, even the stuff that's not familiar and pretty soon he has to let go of Sephiroth's hand simply because they both have to carry things as he works his way down the row. It's easy to keep an eye on the kid though. Silver hair does tend to jerk at his attention instinctively. Once they're loaded down he heads for a small table set up in the corner of a tent dining area, setting his stash down on it before settling on the bench. Looking over at the kid, he adds:]

This is for you too.

[Sephiroth takes in this information with a nod.] I can survive on minimal nourishment. [He gives a small smile, pleased by his accomplishment.

Having delivered this pronouncement, when Cloud lets go of his hand, Sephiroth continues to investigate, peering at the booths curiously, but he doesn't stray too far. He moves in quick bursts, faster than an ordinary child, but he was trained to remain with the person whose care he's in, and so he does, even though Cloud is not a researcher and engages in some questionable behavior, in his opinion. At all times, he continues to track Cloud out of the corner of his eye. Once Cloud has things for him to carry, he returns to his side and obediently takes what he's given. He wonders a bit at the point of this. Don't they already have food back at the residence? And this food is more expensive. Sometimes he misses the routine and predictability of the laboratory--but he doesn't miss the laboratory as a whole, not really. He'd never liked being confined, or the tests.

He follows as when Cloud carries the food to the table, then hops up onto the bench. He examines the array of dishes critically, taking up a piece of fried dough and examining it, then looking back at Cloud.]
It does not appear nutritious. [He's unused to sweets and fried foods--or any kind of junk food. He takes a small bite of the dough, thoughtful.] Do you like this?

Funnel cake.

[Cloud provides the word for the food.]

It's one of my favorites.

[it's not too sweet. Cloud's not much for refined sugars but funnel cake is just right, hot and crisp and just sweet enough. It's pretty good when they put canned apples on it too but this time it's just powered sugar and that's the way he likes it best anyway. He leaves it with the kid, hoping that maybe Sephiroth will enjoy it as much as he does and helps himself to the fries instead, dumping several packs of ketchup into the side of the little paper dish they're in before he's sure he's got enough.]

You can only get it at a fair. It's not nutritious at all, but that's not the point. People get it for the taste.

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I legit rolled a 5

[Fela holds her hand out to help the boy into the boat with her.]

You will be my companion for the ride, yes?


[He considers her gravely before nodding.] Yes. [He takes her hand as a formality, but needs no help, jumping neatly and cleanly into his proper place.]

A companion is required for this ride.


[She smiles at his solemn agreement, sinking down in the little boat beside him. When they are both down, the belt beneath the water tugs their little swan into motion. Fela angles her body towards him, body language languid, warm and open,]

Have you been enjoying the carnival, querido?

[He sits politely and formally, his posture straight, his legs together. He watches her interestedly as she shifts.]

It's acceptable. [He doesn't always express himself well, but he likes the lights, the movement, the machines, though it's unfamiliar to him. There's something chaotic and slipshod about it all. He glances down at the water as they move forward.] This ride is slower than the others.

[My... so very seriously. She laughs, threading her fingers up into her hair absentmindedly.]

Yes, too quick and we should hardly have any time to get to know each other.

Is the purpose of this ride getting to know each other? [That's exceedingly odd. Why do you need a ride for that?]

[Fahaha. She smiles at him, offering her hand back out once more.]

Hello, my name is Fela.

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