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Suddenly Prom Night
Suddenly Prom Night Meme

Suddenly, it's Prom Night!
♥ Comment with your character/s.
♥ The character/s that tag them are their dates.
♥ Have Prom Night shenanigans.
♥ Characters don't necessarily have to be in high school again.

Have fun! ♥

Santana Lopez // Glee

Re: Santana Lopez // Glee

You uh, you look beautiful. Have I said that yet? I think maybe. But, um, you do. *Sam was actually pretty flustered by how amazing Santana looked. He couldn't tear his gaze off of her.*

[The unable to look away thing was mutual. Santana was really impressed with how nicely Sam cleaned up. Still, she wasn't going to say anything before acknowledging his compliment.] I better. It's hard work being this good-looking.

I bet it is. I mean, look at you. You're amazing. *He was beaming and leaned in towards her to gently kiss her cheek.* I'm gonna be the luckiest guy there to have you as my Prom date.

[That might have gotten a little bit of a blush, but she didn't let it get to her.] You look great too, Sammy. Your bowtie's a little bit crooked though. [She reached out to adjust it, before reaching around his neck to make sure his collar was folded down.]

*He stood proud and tall as she adjusted his bowtie and his collar - he'd made sure to match colors with her, of course - even as it made his heart pound to have her do so. There was something so sweet, intimate even, about how she straightened out his outfit.* Better now?

[Hey, he looked good with a baby pink bowtie. Yes, she'd ended up in a pink dress, even though she'd tried not to go too girly. She just couldn't resist it when she saw it. She smiled, satisfied and adjusted his lapels next.] Better. You look...handsome.

Thank you. *Sam thought she looked incredible in her dress and he honestly didn't care if he lost man points for having a pink bowtie. He wanted to match her, and he thought they looked good together. Her compliment made his cheeks flush a little as he inclined his head towards her slightly.* Had to make sure I scrubbed up nice with how amazing my date looks.

You made me proud. [She smirked teasingly and slid her arm through his.] So, dinner first, right? Where to?

*He knew even with a teasing smirk, Santana meant what she said. It had taken him time to catch on to that kind of thing, but now he had he felt like he understood her so much better. Lifting his free hand to settle on her hand as it settled, her arm linked with his, he was beaming.* You have a choice. I know you love Breadstix so that's an option, but I'm thinking, it's Prom night. My girl deserves something amazing. There's an Italian place that's opened up, La Bella Luna. It's supposed to be amazing so, I want to take you there. *Sam had been saving up to make sure he could afford an impressive dinner for her. He didn't care what it cost, so long as he made Prom amazing for Santana.*

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[Okay, so, potential to be really awkward, but Santana isn't really with anyone right now, and neither is Rachel, so she finally settles on sidling up to the brunette, biting her lip as she stares at the floor from her place beside her.]

I know we don't really talk much at all outside of glee, and even then... but maybe we could try to get along? I saw you weren't doing anything, so...

[Santana's surprised to see Rachel come up to her and even more surprised by what she says. But...she's alone, and she can't stand being alone. And she had been trying to be better - at leat with her glee mates.]

...Are you asking me to dance, Berry?

[Santana really isn't... all bad to her. Rachel believed her when she admitted that she actually liked glee club at their first regionals competition and didn't leak their setlist to Ms. Sylvester, and Santana even complimented her outfit that one, singular time. So this isn't... completely out of the blue, right?]

Um, maybe? I mean, only if you want to. Growing up with my two gay dads fostered a wonderful spirit of communal love that reminds me that it doesn't matter whether I'm dancing with a guy or a girl, as long as both parties consent to the activity involved.

[And Rachel isn't...always annoying. Or at least, as annoying. Santana's come to (grudgingly) like her - even if she hogs all the solos. Maybe it's just part of the 'I want to be a better person' thing she's been trying to do.

She's a little reluctant to accept the offer - not because it's Rachel, just because it's another girl. She's not totally come to terms with her sexuality yet, so this kind of stuff is still kind of terrifying.]

Yeah, sure. [She has to take the plunge sometime though.]

[If Rachel knew that swung that particular way, she probably wouldn't have asked, hoping to not take Santana too far out of her comfort zone. As it is, though, this... could be fun, and she throws her a smile at her agreement to dance, holding her hand out.] It... could be fun, right? Besides, you look really pretty, so you should probably spend as much time as possible showing it off on the floor.


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