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Lyrics Meme!

Write a scene based on your favorite lyric

    The Rules:
  • Post a comment with your character's name and fandom in the subject
  • In the body of the comment, post either a link to a song you'd like to write a scene on, or a single lyric
  • Look for others you'd like to tag, either based on fandom or lyrical interest
  • Write like a mofo. Play nice, and respect boundaries as they're laid out for you

Going to sleep now but I had to.

You don't look like you're having the best day, mo cridhe.


[His mouth twists and he wonders how she found him in this little dive.] Still have good days and bad ones. Had a nightmare last night, bad one. Guri sang me through it, but it sucked anyway.

You wanna drink, bao bei? [He's half in the bag as it stands.]

Re: \o/

[Siobhan is good at finding people. Especially those she cares about, and even more especially if they aren't feeling well for some reason. She shakes her head.]

No drinkin' fer me tonight, and no more fer ye. If it hasnae helped fer five hundred years I doubt it's goin' tae do much good now.

[She wraps her arms around him from behind, resting her cheek against his.]

Wouldye no' like it be'er tae come wi' me? I've summat tae show ye. It's quite a walk tho, ye may wantae be wolfed on account o' yer leg. I've a backpack ye could put yer clothes in. An' there's sandwiches an' water in there too.

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[His hand comes up and threads through her hair.] Sure, honey. Better'n wallowin' here in my own misery. [He pays his tab and hauls himself off the stool, catching himself on the cane.] Can Change in the alley over there, if you'll keep a lookout for me.

'Course I will. Yer brief nekkidness will be safe fae pryin' eyes.

[She grins as they head out from the bar.]

[He gives her a weak grin as he ducks into the alleyway.] Even yours? [This as he steps behind a trash can that will at least hide him below the waist and strips off. A few seconds later, he's Changed, and he scoops up his clothes and cane in his jaws and sits in front of her, waving his tail gently.]


Can't be pryin' if I'm keepin' a look out, can I?

[Not that she isn't tempted, but that's a whole other story and she does keep her eyes where they are supposed to be, looking for people. When the huge wolf delivers clothes and cane, she takes them from him with a smile and neatly folds the clothes before putting them in her backpack.]

Yer so bloody cute as a wolf, ye big fleabag.

((In other news, Wolf Siobhan. That is totally what she'd look like if she was a werewolf too xD))

[Hey, he doesn't have fleas... He wrinkles his nose and wuffs indignantly. "Cute," however, he will take, even if he is a big bad wolf. He gently touches the very tip of his tongue to her face in thanks.

So, where are they going?]

[[Eeeee! So pretty.]]

I was jus' kidding!

[The lick gets a bit of a giggle as she gets to her feet, swinging the backpack up on her shoulder and holding his cane.]

An' if I told ye where we're goin' it wouldnae be a surprise, would it?

[She starts walking, her free hand casually nestled in his fur, partly to guide him and partly just 'cause she wants to.]

We're gettin' out o' town fer a few hours, is what we're doin'.


[He likes that hand where it is, thanks, and the fur covers the scars, although it's grown in white there. Out of town sounds lovely; maybe it'll be a place where he can run?]

[[Well, he bit Janni on the noir thread to save her life, so something like that? True would absolutely plotz, though, OMG. If you have AIM, hit me up at werewolfhacker. :) ]]

Aye, there's plenty o' room. I won't be doin' much runnin' once we get there though, it's my thinkin' spot, an' me puir human legs will be right worn out.

[Well, he can be a furry pillow for her to rest against too. He's good at that. Is it a long way there?]

Ye see tha' wee mountain range o'er there?

[She points.]

Tha's where we're headed. Lots o' plain tae cross so ye can run all ye like an' I'll take it at me own pace.

[Oooh. Are there bunnies and deer? Should he bring her a bunny? Dead or alive? They could make a fire and she could cook i--

Um. He flattens his ears apologetically. Wolf instincts getting the better of him. Sorry?]

[She laughs and tugs a little at one of his ears.]

I always bring me knife when I go hikin', an' I kno' well enough wha tae do wi a deid bunny, so if ye wantae hunt, feel free.

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