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You're trapped in your worst nightmare and worse yet, you've dragged someone right along in with you. You feel like you can't escape and any fear you've ever had is coming true or you're being forced to watch helplessly as someone you care about is in mortal danger or pain but you can't go to them. Whatever you fear the most can and will come true.

- Post your characters, name and series in the subject.
- Others respond after going to RNG and entering 1-7.
- ???
- Profit!

1. motions. you're trapped in your worst nightmare, forced to through the horror to completion with whoever you've drawn into your dream.
2. chased. you're both being chased by something horrible, but it feels more like you're running in place.
3. tortured. held down and tortured in every way imaginable. Can whoever else is in your dream save you?
4. helpless. you're helpless, only able to watch as the person dragged into your dream is hurt, tortured, or otherwise in danger, but you can't help.
5. tormentor. the person in your dream is not there to help, but to hurt. They are not a friend... at least not right now. Maybe they're fighting against whatever is urging them to hurt you or are taking great delight in it.
6. uncontrolled. you're hurting someone you care about and taking delight in it... or at least outwardly. Inside, you might be fighting it with everything you've got.
7. other. mix and match or make your own up.


[Liam is making his way down the hall, gun out. There's a child's laughter, mocking and malicious, behind him, driving him faster, but the hall is like a maze, endless and twisting and full of shadows that reach out for him.]

.....Liam-- !?

*he finds himself watching (watching!?) from the other end of the hall, suddenly, inexplicably, not quite sure whether he's really here or not. He sees the gun in Liam's hand -- hears the laughter of a vaguely, horrifyingly familiar young voice--

His heart is pounding harder, and this-- He never saw what happened that night, couldn't have even if he'd been there for it himself, but--

He reaches for a sword that isn't there.*

[This isn't what happened that night. It's a nightmare based on it, but not it exactly. It's the fear of a repeat that keeps Liam going.

Until he rounds a corner and the laughing girl and her large grim chain are suddenly in front of him.]

*that fucking Chain-- he's struggling forward screaming his lungs out and just trying to draw its attention, something, anything, but-- it's as if his voice is being swallowed into a void. He might as well not even be there, legs trapped in place, Chain and vicious little girl bearing down on the one person who never should have been at that goddamn party to begin with--*

[Liam tries to turn back, to run, but he's bowled over by Bandersnatch, who simply knocks him to the ground with a swipe of his paw to that freshly-healed shoulder, rending fabric and flesh as he does.

His gun is useless. He knows it. It will only make her angrier. So he when it falls from his hand when he lands roughly, he lets it.]


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