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233 - date auction meme

In light of it being October and Breast Cancer Awareness month, we have decided to organize a fundraiser event to raise both awareness and funds towards breast cancer research. As a part of this event we have decided to hold a Bachelor/Bachlerorette auction!

1) Participants can either auction themselves or friends can sign them up for the auction!
2) Make sure to add a starting price!
3) Bidders can be anyone and choose to be anonymous.
4) Please put the character's name and Canon in the header.
5) Advertise all over LJ!

Bidding ends at 11:59 PM PST on Wednesday October 5th, bidders may remain anonymous until the end of the auction. The reward is dinner with whomever they bid on (Or whatever else is agreed to)!
idea taken from here!

side note. this is FAKE money. No real money. Just RP pretend time money.

Also, if you do have money to spare, take a few seconds to donate to Breast Cancer Research. Every little bit helps!

Hatake Kakashi | Naruto

[ Yup, he's not sure how he signed up for this but he's here. ]

Starting Bid: $0.50

Why so low?

How much is it? I didn't set the price.

{so she'll very politely turn the sign around for him to read it himself}

It might be a misprint...

Are all the other starting bids higher?

{She doesn't want him to feel bad...}

Oh no. Not all of them.

{hey, she thinks she saw one that was lower. Maybe?}

Ah, maybe it's not an accident then.

[ It's ok he can deal with the harsh realities ]

{the good humor helps. Okay, she'll bite.}

So... what do I get if I pay it?

If you're the only one, I guess you get to be taken out on a date by me.

{she wouldn't be able to take a date she had to pay for seriously but... just for fun? She can't help but tease - just a little.}

What kind of date would I be buying with coins?


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