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209. love meme


♥ Start your own thread with your name and what characters you play! Alternatively, list LJ games and why you love them or even other things, like TV shows and just why you love them!
♥ Someone will love upon you!
♥ ???
PROFIT okay no. Go have fun with one another! Even if you don't tag someone normally, try to say something nice about their RPing or their personality, stuff like that! Now, carry on, my wayward son!
♥ If there's any wank, let me know and I'll do my best to delete it!

In Games~
Cameron Mitchell - sgmitchell @ amatomnes & gargleblasted
Giacomo Casanova - inferredaccent @ dramadramaduck
John Smith - thebraverman @ rubycity_rp (Also on IJ tardistrap)
River Song - suewnsong @ onepassingnight
Romana I - princessfaces @ aliunde_rpg
Rose Tyler - lone_defender/dimensioncannon @ capeandcowl dramadramaduck demonsran gargleblasted guardian_rpg mayfield_rpg paradisa thewake_rp (Also on IJ tardistrap/gothamcity_rp)
Vertai/The Strategist slippedthrough (On IJ - tardistrap)

Wild and Free~
Adam Monroe - historyisme
The Metacrisis Doctor - handy_sparehand & thatsveryhim
The Tenth Doctor (EoT era) - still_noteleven & wonthetimewar (TLV style)
The Tenth Doctor AU - morethanworthit
Rocco - jugglesoranges Okay so he's pretty much only ever dragged out to snark.
Suzaku/Seiryuu (SO AU ITS PAINFUL) - giantchickengod/godofcool

Aeris Gainsborough - midgar_flowers
Amanda Rogers - amandasueq
Bulma Briefs - likesthebadones
Elizabeth Weir - atlantismother
Eve Monroe - betrayedbyapple
Isaac Mendez - (blahblah500journals)
Kyle Reese - noonegoeshome
Mat Cauthon - dancewithdice (ONE DAY. YES. ONE DAY.)
Rory Williams - ponytailsrcool

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I am usually picky with Roses, but I really enjoy playing with yours! ♥

Aww, thank you! I'm glad to have one you enjoy playing with~

Wow. How do you handle so many games?

Respect just for that.

Hectically xD

thank you~


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