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188. Captivity Meme!

You've been captured - or maybe you've been held captive for a while now. Whatever the case, you've lost your freedom, and there's a specific person responsible for that. You might be a prisoner, a mental patient, a kidnap victim, or someone's pet. Maybe you're there willingly, or maybe the choice has been taken away from you completely.

Both smut and non-smut scenarios are possible. If you don't want to play smut, please indicate so in the title line of your tag.

1. Leave a tag with your character. Be sure to include any limits on what you are willing to play, as this meme has the potential to be triggering.

2. Someone else tags in and uses RNG to generate a number between 1 and 9. The second character is holding the first character captive now.

3. ??

4. Profit!


1. For their own good.
Does this person really think they could make it on their own? It's a big, scary world out there, and you need to protect them from it, whether they like it or not.

2. For the good of society.
Forget protecting this person - it's your duty to protect the world from them! Maybe they committed a terrible crime, or maybe they were falsely condemned, but it's your job to keep them locked up where they can't do any more harm.

3. Because they're not well.
How's your bedside manner? Whether you're Florence Nightingale or Mildred Ratched, you're in the position of ministering to the mentally ill. Maybe this person genuinely needs your help, or maybe you're just turning a blind eye to their true sanity.

4. For the money.
Higher aims? What higher aims? This person is your meal ticket, and they're staying put until their loved ones pay up.

5. For their love.
It might be a case of yandere, or it might be a consenting BDSM relationship. Whether it's by mutual agreement or by force, you're keeping them simply because you love them.

6. Because they're cute and fluffy.
Who's a cutesy wutesy? They are! Yes, they are!
This person is your pet now. Maybe they're a different species from you, or maybe you just don't care that you're both people. Maybe you're even an alien zookeeper looking after a new acquisition.

7. Because they're your property.
Slave? Livestock? Who cares what they think - they're your property, and you decide their fate.

8. For the lulz.
Hey, what's a little bondage between friends? You'll let them go, once you're done laughing and snapping photos...maybe.

9. Choose a scenario, or combine several.


Oh Dear . . .7?

Are you enjoying yourself, Jack? *The Master licks his lips.* I really am sorry about this, in my way, but it's not my fault you're a renewable resource.

*And he puts a thin tube into Jack's mouth.* Swallow this and keep swallowing, you need fattening up.

well. everyone else has had a go ;p

Like it's my fault?

[He's going to bite the tube in half and spit the remains at the Master's feet before it gets anywhere NEAR his throat, thanks.]

Cannibal+mention of livestock=MUST DO IT

It isn't anyone's fault, Jack. *He sighs at that* Would you rather I just ate you now? I'm sure I could find a way of making it less unpleasant if that'll help.

Or I can just put the tube up your nose, of course. I'll have to tie your hands so you don't pull it out, but I probably would've had to anyway. And since I'm pretty sure what your response is going to be, nose it is. *He starts feeding the tube into Jack's nostril, then down his throat into his stomach.* Good, that's it. Now for the next tube. Spread your legs, will you?

Fuck you. [He lashes out with elbows, knees, head, swinging and jerking wildly. The worst thing? This isn't going to kill him for too long a while.]

More like I'm fucking you. But if you really want to live in your own shit until I decide you're ready for eating just say so.

I don't need to be eaten!

[Breathing's difficult around the tube, but not impossible. He's trying as hard as he can to cough the damn thing up.]

But I'm so very hungry, Jack, and you're an infinite feast!

Now settle down, will you? I'm trying to work here. *He straddles Jack and pushes a thick tube into his anus. The tube is flexible and not entirely unpleasant, and the Master pushes at it until it's deep inside.* There you are. Just one more to go.

*This is the thinnest one yet, and for good reason--the Master threads it into Jack's urethra, gently and patiently.

*Once the tubes are in, Jack's hands are cuffed behind his back and his feet are tied to his hands.* You're not in too much pain, are you? I don't want you to die until you've fattened up enough for a good meal, so I'll come check up on you regularly. Maybe if you don't try to escape you'll get a little fun before you're cooked, okay?

You want an infinite feast - move into fucking Wal-mart.

[Through the struggle, he keeps hitting and biting and kicking. The Doc would want him to. Screw the Doc, he wants to. He is not going to be eaten!

He manages to clench hard enough to make it feel for the bastard like he's got the tube in deep. Switching tactics, he goes almost docile as his hands are tied, not even trying to gag around the thing in his throat. That'll come later]

Can't sleep, so here's one more post for tonight :D

*The Master smiles at him.* Good man. Keep up the good behavior and I'll make your preperation nice and pleasant. I might even tease that sweet arse of yours a bit before it's eaten, would you like that? I think a carrot would be a tasty counterpoint to the apple in your mouth, and it'll feel quite stimulating for you as it goes in.

sorry. looong day

Not how it works - on any level.

It's alright

I've found something you don't have a fetish for, then? It's a miracle.

But that's alright, I'm eating you anyway.

My fetishes are worse.

And keep telling yourself that, sweetheart.

How much worse do fetishes get?

Don't tempt me, Jack. You already look delicious, any more comments like that and I'll introduce you to a cooking spit. Any preferences as to which end I stick it in?

I warn you - I'm gonna be very fucking tough meat, pal.

[His wrist is going to be raw by the time he gets it loose, or loose enough to pull the disgusting tube out of his ass. He's not an idiot; not going to do it in front of the Master. Right now? The thought of doing worse to the bastard is what keeps him terrified and fighting.]

You want it bad, don't you? That's alright, I'm happy to oblige.

*And he rips the tubes back out. Then he reaches into his pocket and takes out a spit longer than Jack is tall.* TARDIS pockets, always useful.

I'm just so hungry, Jack! I'm starving, and you are so delicious . . . *And with that he shoves the spit into Jack's poor, abused ass.* Ask me really nicely and I'll pleasure you with it before I force it the rest of the way through.

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