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187. Truth or Dare: EXTREME EDITION!

♥♥Truth or Dare : EXTREME EDITION♥♥


Maybe you think you're just playing regular old Truth or dare... or maybe you KNOW what you're getting into... but either way this game has suddenly gotten VERY hardcore.  Maybe you want to dare your partner to try out an exotic new position or make them wear a skimpy costume... or maybe they've requested a truth, why not ask them if they like being spanked or what their favorite toy is?

Any way you look at it... the night is young and this game is getting pretty interesting...


1. Post with your character!

Make sure to include character name, series, and any preferences or limitations you might have!

2. Respond to other characters and ask them the dreaded 'Truth or Dare' Question.

Remember this is the EXTREME EDITION, so make those dares extra sexy and those truths scandalous!

3. Play that game!

You can't refuse to do a dare, and you can't refuse to answer a truth (you can however, lie)

Truth or dare.

Dare, of course. It's stupid of you to even ask.

*He grins evilly.* Cook yourself. I'm starving and you look delicious.

I'm not doing that, obviously. The game isn't called 'kill yourself because some loony wants you to'.

What, you don't recognize me? I'm hurt.

And you will obey me.

Don't take it personally, I've met a lot of people in my day. Or do take it personally if you choose to. You may be a particularly dark Earth memory I've been working at repressing.

I don't think I will, actually. Certainly not it involves being eaten.

You will. After all, I am the Master.

[This makes him glance up suddenly, and fixes him with a cold stare.]

You're looking terribly well for someone who was last seen burning in the centre of a volcano.

So, should he wind up obeying?

I've also been shot, blown up, exterminated and thrown into a black hole, so don't act so surprised.


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