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180. the CROSSOVER marriage meme
the CROSSOVER marriage meme

Strike up the church bells! Flower girls, hold that train high! What a massive ring! And the groom's best friends might as well forgot about seeing him at all for the next few weeks, because that dude is busy.

Busy BEING MARRIED. Like you are, now. Congratulations! There's one hitch in your marital bliss, however. The person you're married to is not from the same canon as you are.

1. Comment with your character (you might want to put your character's name, canon, and any prefs you have in the subject header).
2. Reply to other characters from different canons ICly.
3. Anyone you reply to is now.... YOUR SPOUSE.
4. Bicker, coo, argue about how the wedding went or how the divorce is going, be domestic, or enjoy the many pleasures of the marital bed!
5. Remember, no canonmates!

meme wording shamelessly ganked from the_love_hotel's married meme, but gen'd up and crossover element added.

If you can cope?

*He grins his mad grin.* Hey there, love.

Mind if I have breakfast, dear? I'll make it up to you, promise.

Um... as long as breakfast isn't me. And I don't have to watch you eat it. [Out of sight, out of mind, right?]

But you come back. And you don't feel pain.

So no one suffers if I eat you. *He strokes her cheek* I won't ask you often, promise, but today I want a treat.

But I suffer. It's still terrifying, still traumatic to be murdered, even if it doesn't hurt, and I come back after. [She shudders under his touch.]

No. And that's final.

*He sighs.* Alright. I'm sorry, dear, the drums are just being loud today.


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