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177. What's in the forecast?

e x t r e m e   w e a t h e r

You're stuck. Wherever you are, whoever you're with, you'd better stay put. Mother nature is not being kind today; travelling is dangerous. Maybe you're stuck in a public place. Maybe at a friend's house. Maybe you're in a car, a bus, a train. Doesn't matter. Point is, you're stranded until the weather clears. Depending on the severity of the situation, you could be in very real danger, or you could just be bored out of your mind and looking for a way to pass the time (you know what the only activity left to do is when the power's out, right?).

  1. Post with your character, putting their name and canon/fandom, along with any preferences, in the subject line. (Alternatively, you can also put preferences in the main comment box.)

  2. The person responding will use the Random Number Generator to decide what the severity of your situation is (1-4) and what mother nature's going to be throwing at you (1-5).

  3. Let the games begin!

(You can decide whether or not a power outage is included with any one of these.)

  1. Boredom - Can't leave, must find a way to pass the time.

  2. Nuisance - Darnit, we have things to do out there! Is it over yet?

  3. Frightening - It's been nonstop for a while now. Places have shut down, maybe even the power's out.

  4. Dangerous - You're stuck in the worst of it, maybe you've heard news of accidents and deaths. Maybe you're even stranded outside.


  1. Tornado - Better find shelter! Underground maybe, or I hear bathtubs are pretty safe? Although they'd also be pretty cramped...

  2. Blizzard - It's so cold outside, baby. Where did all that snow even come from? Welp, better get out the blankets and light the fire.

  3. Hurricane - The wind is howling, the rain is pouring. Everything's so loud you'd think the walls could crash in at any moment! And maybe that's not too far from the truth...

  4. Heatwave - Now you know what a cookie feels like. The temperature's scorching. Not even fans or air-conditioners are cutting it any more. It might do some good if you shed a couple of garments though...

  5. Flood - Whether the storm's over or it's still going strong, the scary truth is you're surrounded by water and you're soaked to the bone. Oh, but look on the bright side: pool toys, man!

Charles Xavier | Xmen: First Class

1 + 3

Erik was pacing. He had been for the past ten minutes. Thunderstorms always made him a little more keyed up than usual, and this particular storm had been going on for far too long.

"Any word on how much longer it's supposed to last?"

Charles was doing his best to read a book by candlelight, which wasn't going so well. He already had the page way up to his nose, squinting at the words. The book came down into his lap at Erik's question and the shutters seemed to rattle a response loudly before Charles could.

"Electrics are down, it's hard to tell." He looks out of the window at the wind whipping against the side of the house. "We'll have to see if Raven's come up with that handheld radio yet." And don't think he hasn't seen you pacing, he's just letting you wear yourself out.

Erik wasn't liable to tire anytime soon, his usual watchspring-tight coil of tension was still there, the sense that he was ready to move at any given moment. He could, and likely would, keep this up for hours.

He glanced up at the window himself at the rattle, just shaking his head a moment later, "How long do storms like this usually last around here?" He gave a tight little roll of a shrug, "The last time I saw a storm like this I was at sea, we could get around the edge of it."

no notifs :(

Charles closes the book, giving up on it. "There aren't many, this is the biggest that's been through in a long time." A smile tugs at the side of his mouth. "I suppose we could put a sail on top of the mansion to try and get around it."

Charles stands to put the book away, holding the candle in the other hand to calmly look along the shelf for the right spot.

I think they're just a little delayed

"We're already in the middle of it, Charles, no sense trying to get around it now." Normally there would have been at least a little amusement in the tone, and he was trying for it now, but it fell a little short.

ah, now getting them slowly

The book slides into the shelf and Charles walks over, still holding the candle with a concerned expression visible in it's light. "Are you alright, my friend? It will pass soon, we have one of the strongest built houses in the neighborhood. Surely it can stand up to a storm like this."

He thought about lying, just for a moment, but even if the other man wasn't reading his mind, he always seemed to know when Erik wasn't being entirely truthful, "You know that buzzing you get when you stand under high tension electrical cables? The one that you can almost feel on the back of your neck?"

Really he wasn't sure if Charles had ever had any reason to be standing under electrical cables out away from a city where that buzzing could be heard, "That's how I get with storms." That and the memories they always tended to dredge up, but he was managing to keep those under wraps for the time being.

"Mm, yes, I think I know what you're talking about." Charles sets the candle down. "Your abilities...they don't attract lightning, do they?" It was an odd question, but not one he had thought about before.

There's a loud crack of thunder and lightning, Charles would like to say he didn't jump but he felt like he did inside.

And notifs are still down, or at least 5+ hours delayed

It was a fairly pertinent question, all things considered. He shook his head all the same, however, "No, at least they never have before. So I don't see why they'd suddenly start now. I think the buzzing has something to do with the electromagnetic fields."

Which had always seemed a little off to him, since his powers worked on non-magnetic metals as well.

I know! it's awful.

"Sounds right to me," Charles muses. "Wonder if that might actually insulate you from lightning." He smirks, "Not that we could safely test that theory, but it's interesting to think about."

There's another loud crack of thunder. "Must be right over us now."

I think it's because the servers are held together with bailing wire & duct tape

He didn't cringe at that peal of thunder, but his jaw tightened, just a little until it had passed and he shook his head, "Which means provided that the wind doesn't change, we'll be on the other side of it late tomorrow. Wonderful."

Somehow his tone didn't make it sound all that great.


Charles knew he was terribly uncomfortable at the moment. "I could give you the key to the downstairs bunker if you prefer? That might distance you from the storm, though it will be bloody dark down there with no lighting."

Or perhaps binder clips and chewed gum

He shook his head, he even managed a smile, even though it was tight around the edges in a way it wasn't usually, "I'll survive, it's just going to be with something of a shorter fuse than usual."

pixie dust and good thoughts?

Charles smiled encouragingly back, poor Erik. He looked miserable even with the forced smile. "You, my friend, need a distraction. There's plenty of books...or the chessboard." His eyes drift to the fireplace. "We could use the fire lit if you can manage it without the storm blowing it out." The chimney was pretty well sheltered from the wind so it shouldn't be too difficult.

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