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159- Stuck in an elevator

Well, damn your luck.  You’ve gotten in an elevator with another person, pressed your button, and on the way to your floor it halts.  You’re completely trapped inside with them.

It’s a terrible shame that it’ll be a good 24 hours before that help arrives.  Something about the wiring and not wanting to let you plummet some who knows how many stories?  Don’t worry.  The elevator isn’t going anywhere, and neither are you.


1.  Post to the meme with your character.  Give name, fandom, restrictions if need be.
2.  Respond to various people around.
3.  Play out what happens... good or bad.  Does your they panic?  Do they take advantage of the time alone?  Do they get bored and find ways to pass the time?

(Avoid wank and all that other horrible stuff.  We’re here to have fun, people.)

C_o_G because Tziporel needs Ben time :P

[Huuuuuuuuuuuuge eyes, Ben. HUGE.] Um. Mister Lockwood? How come we stopped?


[It wasn't a normal stop. The elevator had juddered and jerked, and the lights had dimmed briefly before coming back on. The doors are staying stubbornly closed.] That's a real good question, kiddo. [He mashes the "door open" button, but nothing happens. Ditto the "emergency" button.]

I think... we might be stuck.


Oh. [Tziporel has Little Zev as well as his backpack, because even a small expedition needs to be well-prepared, and he hugs the stuffed wolf close and peers up at the buttons.] Um. It's not a trap is it?

[Ben bares a tooth.] It better not be. But probably not. [He will tamp down on the trapped feeling he has, because he doesn't need to scare Tziporel.

He gets his phone out and calls the building switchboard.] Yeah, hey, your elevator's malfunctioning here... [eyeroll] Yes, I'll hold, not like I have anything better to do...

[Tziporel rests his chin on Little Zev's head and leans against Ben's side. Not that he's scared or anything. He just wants to make sure Ben's there.]

...twenty-four hours. [flatly] No. I've got a seven-year-old boy in here with me, and that is completely unacceptable. Make it sooner. Or we'll go out the roof hatch. [He hangs up with a little more emphasis than he needs to, and sits on the floor.] Well. Looks like we're gonna be stuck here awhile. You okay?

[Tziporel presses his lips together in a thin line and sits down next to Ben, cuddling up against his side. Even if it's a trap, he can be brave like Guri and Mister Lockwood won't let anyone hurt him, Biggest Zev promised.] How come it might take so long to get us out?

Something about the wiring? I have no idea, I don't know from how elevators work.

However, I've got beef jerky and Mountain Dew in my backpack, along with my laptop. So we're not completely destitute here. And, like I say. We start getting too uncomfortable, we'll go out the top.

Unless... can you Move, yet? Like Guriel Moves us sometimes?

[A tiny wrinkle forms itself between his eyebrows.] Oh. Um. I don't think so, not without my ring, 'cause it's real hard even when I practice. Sorry, Mister Lockwood.

Nah, it's okay. Just wondered if we had another option.

So, how's it going with your folks now? Are they adjusting okay?

I think so. They kiss all the time. Sometimes right on the mouth with tongues. [Tziporel wrinkles his nose, clearly not sure if this is gross or sweet.] Daddy says he'll teach me to fly but Guri already promised, too.

Well, maybe both Guriel and your dad can teach you, yeah? [Ben is very pleased by this report. It means they did a really good thing.] I'm so glad we got your folks out of those places and brought them home to you.

Yeah, me too. [Tziporel nods and rests his head against Ben's shoulder.] It won't hurt Guri's feelings if I let my Dad help though, will it? 'Cause he's my best big brother even if I have a Dad now.

Naw, kiddo. [Ben squeezes him.] The reason we got Daniel out of there was so he could be a dad to you and do Dad Stuff with you. Teaching you to fly would be like my dad teaching me to ride a bike. And maybe, if I'd had an uncle or a big brother, they would've helped, but it wouldn't have hurt their feelings not to either.

Okay. If you're sure. [Tziporel approves of hugs, so Little Zev gets one, too.] He said he'd help Chataltuliel too. She's bigger than me so probably she'll be ready to try first. I don't mind though.

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