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159- Stuck in an elevator

Well, damn your luck.  You’ve gotten in an elevator with another person, pressed your button, and on the way to your floor it halts.  You’re completely trapped inside with them.

It’s a terrible shame that it’ll be a good 24 hours before that help arrives.  Something about the wiring and not wanting to let you plummet some who knows how many stories?  Don’t worry.  The elevator isn’t going anywhere, and neither are you.


1.  Post to the meme with your character.  Give name, fandom, restrictions if need be.
2.  Respond to various people around.
3.  Play out what happens... good or bad.  Does your they panic?  Do they take advantage of the time alone?  Do they get bored and find ways to pass the time?

(Avoid wank and all that other horrible stuff.  We’re here to have fun, people.)

*at least he's with someone friendly?*

It... stopped.

[Ben stares at the bank of buttons, as if they have an answer. Clearly, they don't. And it wasn't a normal stop -- the lights blinked, and it was jerky -- and the doors aren't opening. Great.]

Well, this probably isn't good. [He pushes the "door open" button, but nothing happens.]

...w-what's it mean? Are we stuck?

[Ben leans back against the wall and rakes a hand through his hair, mussing it thoroughly.] Yeah. Yeah, we are. At least until they fix it. [Calm. He needs to stay calm.]

You okay, Lester?

How long is that supposed to take?

...Think so. We're alone.

I have no idea. [But he does have a phone. He digs it out and dials the switchboard for this building.] Hey, yeah, I'm in one of your elevators, and-- Oh, you do know it's not working... Twenty-four... No. Seriously, I'm not even kidding. We will climb out through the top hatch before then, if we have to, because... no. Just no. Yeah, thanks. [He hangs up.]

They're aware of the problem and think it'll take a day to get us outta here.

That would be bad.

*piecing it together from Ben's half of the call--* Twenty-four hours?

We'll be in here... 'till then...?

I sure hope not. [He eyes the doors.] I wonder if I can force them open. I bet I can. If it takes too long, that's what I'll try. And if I can't, well, there's the top hatch, we can get out that way if you don't mind a little climbing.

I can climb, that's easy ...

If I could reach up there. *it sucks, being short. but hey, a plan!!*

I'll lift you up, if it comes to that. [He stares sourly at the door.] Hopefully it won't. Elevator shafts are dirty and dangerous.

How've you been, Lester?

Who'll lift you up?

*...why ask that now* We're all fine--how're you?

I can jump, catch the edge, and haul myself up. Werewolf reflexes and strength.

[Asking it now because he's trying to distract himself from the fact that he is stuck in a friggin' elevator. Next time he's taking the stairs. Stairs don't turn traitor.] Pretty good. Raz, my demon friend? He called Home and isn't a demon anymore. So that was awesome.

... Good. Can't let you sit in here. *D:*

The guy in the book, that's what he was doing when it was all glowy?

Actually, he was out getting very very drunk while it was all glowy. But it was glowy because of what he'd done. I guess Jaf talked him into it, with a little prodding from Guri here and there. It's pretty cool.

*that's funny, even here--* You were all worried... and he wasn't even at home. *:3*

Yeah, it's cool... and they should all try.

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