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[ 153 ] × O U T B R E A K (itsthezombiepocalypse)

a zombiepocalypse open meme

► pick a scenario + health level or roll for it
► additional roll for initial zombie encounter type optional
► feel free to come up with your own scenarios and infected types/mutations

✖ scenarios;

    01 → Roadtrip, interrupted: Was that a person you just hit?
    02 → Megamall hole-up: Will it be your fortress or your graveyard?
    03 → Mobscene: You have alerted the horde.
    04 → Out of ammo: Time to get up close and personal.
    05 → The bite: How long 'til you turn?
    06 → Vaycay in hell: Pina coladas with a side of contagion.
    07 → Accident & emergency: The hospital's not the best place to be.
    08 → Last two alive: Make your final stand.

    BONUS: 0× → Power down: All superhuman abilities are disabled.

✖ health level;

    01 → 100%: Freshfaced and ready to go. Bring on the undead!
    02 → 50%: The broken leg's just a flesh wound. You're not going down without a fight.
    03 → 10%: When did that axe get so damn heavy?

✖ basic zombie types:

    01 → The Walkers: slow and dull-witted, but they move in large groups. the more the merrier.
    02 → The Sprinters: put your sneakers on, these fuckers are fast. may be found solo or in groups.
    03 → The Crawlers: who says the dead 'uns without legs can't join the party too?
    04 → The Spitters: not quite the hot mamas you're expecting. stay out of the acidic goop.
    05 → The Animals: they're not exempt from the virus. try not to get trampled on by the elephant.
    06 → The Hivemind: there's still a semi-functioning brain behind those dead eyes.
    07 → The Parasites: a headshot's just the beginning of your problems.

7, 1, 5

[Okay, next time he sees the signs of an impending apocalypse, he's going to find himself a deserted island and stay there for a few centuries. But since it's too late for that, he'll just hunker down in the hospital with some other survivors.]

So, what's your opinion of murdering adorable woodland creatures and beloved pets? Since it appears that the zombies that are swarming around this place are the animal sort instead of the shambling human variety.

I think I'd prefer the human variety.

[A glance a boarded up window and he sees.... fucking undead birds. Sigh. This is going to be a long apocalypse.]

I agree with you there. At least then the smallest thing we'd have to worry about are children and not rats or mice.

[Though this gave Methos the excuse to shoot rats. He never did like them after the Black Plague.]

How are our supplies?

Michael totally lacks any surprise icons.

Could be better. Low on bullets.

[And just as he says that. You know what? Surprise zombie monkey at the window! Michael may have startled in a less than manly fashion(he didn't yell. just jumpy)]

[Thankfully, Methos isn't the sort of guy to mock people for being startled by a surprise zombie monkey because yeah, that is pretty damn startling.]

Oh, I'm really not liking undead animals. Did you take any surgical tools from this place? Scalpels and the like.

What are you going to do?

[He picks up the bag he's been carrying around and tosses at him. Sure enough there are scalpels in there.]

Dissect one of them?

No, that would just be a waste of scalpels.

[And would probably get him bitten. Methos doesn't want to know if Immortals can become zombies. He pulls out a scalpel from the bag and shows it to Michael.]

What I'm thinking is that we use them like throwing knives.

I'm so rolling to see if it hits.

Seriously? Not very balanced. [Michael is so a throwing knife snob...for about two seconds. Now he picks one up and gives it a test throw.]

[Well. It hits but it's not quite on target.]

at least you didn't roll that he missed completely

Beggars can't be choosers. I don't want to waste the other surgical tools on zombie unless I have to.

that's because the dice likes me. Unlike someone else I know.

Zombie monkeys. [Totally makes a difference.]

We're going to need something bigger if this hit the zoo. [Why can't be hospitals be more well armed?]

oh you shut up about my issues with dice :|

Zombies, zombie monkeys, not really all that different in the long run beyond one being more annoying than the other.

If I had known that I would be facing undead zoo animals today, I would've brought my cannon along.


You have a cannon?

don't you heart at me

Had a cannon. I'm a collector of sorts, among other things.


Could use a cannon.

[ Oh hey! Look we got a zombie rhino outside.]

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Yes, I'll just go home and grab it.

[Well, fuck. Clearly they need to think up an awesome plan. And by awesome plan, I mean explosives.]

...Do we have explosives? I think it might be a really good idea to blow that rhino up.

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