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[ 153 ] × O U T B R E A K (itsthezombiepocalypse)

a zombiepocalypse open meme

► pick a scenario + health level or roll for it
► additional roll for initial zombie encounter type optional
► feel free to come up with your own scenarios and infected types/mutations

✖ scenarios;

    01 → Roadtrip, interrupted: Was that a person you just hit?
    02 → Megamall hole-up: Will it be your fortress or your graveyard?
    03 → Mobscene: You have alerted the horde.
    04 → Out of ammo: Time to get up close and personal.
    05 → The bite: How long 'til you turn?
    06 → Vaycay in hell: Pina coladas with a side of contagion.
    07 → Accident & emergency: The hospital's not the best place to be.
    08 → Last two alive: Make your final stand.

    BONUS: 0× → Power down: All superhuman abilities are disabled.

✖ health level;

    01 → 100%: Freshfaced and ready to go. Bring on the undead!
    02 → 50%: The broken leg's just a flesh wound. You're not going down without a fight.
    03 → 10%: When did that axe get so damn heavy?

✖ basic zombie types:

    01 → The Walkers: slow and dull-witted, but they move in large groups. the more the merrier.
    02 → The Sprinters: put your sneakers on, these fuckers are fast. may be found solo or in groups.
    03 → The Crawlers: who says the dead 'uns without legs can't join the party too?
    04 → The Spitters: not quite the hot mamas you're expecting. stay out of the acidic goop.
    05 → The Animals: they're not exempt from the virus. try not to get trampled on by the elephant.
    06 → The Hivemind: there's still a semi-functioning brain behind those dead eyes.
    07 → The Parasites: a headshot's just the beginning of your problems.

6 / 2 / 3

[ Truth be told, Ari hadn't expected her vacation to be simple. Or easy. Or uneventful. Things just tended to go wrong around her, and she minded that not at all.

Until it went this wrong.

Her shoulder is dislocated, the arm possibly broken from the fall she took off of the resort's roof. The shock wave from blowing up the building (full of the undead) hadn't helped either. The knowledge of what exactly is wrong doesn't stop it from hurting, and making her job more difficult.

She can't stop moving. ]

[While blowing up a building helps kill the undead it also gets everyone's attention. Plus all the attention of the remaining undead in the area. Michael in the area pretty quick looking for alive survivors and shooting the undead ones.]

[Speaking of which, he hates to use the ammo but he downs a small group of three before reaching Ari's location. ]

[ And Ari trains her gun on him. One-handed.

She's strongly considering just taking him out, ganking his supplies, and going on her way. ]

[Michael raised his weapon on instinct. He is carrying a nice bag of supplies]

You think you carry all this with that injury?

I have not reached the limit of my pain tolerance thus far.

Going to shoot or are we going to wait here until all the ones who got attracted by the explosion show up?

Do you know how to set a shoulder?

I've done it before. You going to lower your gun for that? [While he's still not lowering his.]

If you lower yours.

[Thoughtful pause and his gun goes down.]

All right.

[She's actually a bit surprised. And she lowers hers as well, though it's firm in her hand, loose but ready.]

Have you ever set a shoulder?

[Instead of answering he walks over to just do it. He places a hand on her shoulder and takes her arm in the other.]


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