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How To:
01. Post with your character and fandom.
02. In the box, put your text from last night. If you can't think of one, go to the TFLN site to find one. Please remember that you're the one texting the first message so please don't leave your comment blank.
03. Tag others to make it more fun! Mistexts happen all the time, right? ;)

Taken from multiple people.

((All tags included just to cover the bases))

Not really. No.

Really? LOL boring fuck

I'm quite interesting. Actually.

whoever gives flowers for valentines nowadays is a boring fuck. use a condom/lube bouquette after an expensive dinner= buttsecks

Even if he's giving the flowers to a big butch blacksmith? Is that still boring fuck?

A very queer boring fuck, yeah.

Well done on the creative name calling. Nice bit of homophobia you have there. Disappointed to learn its not a hot busty blonde that mistext you?

I'm not homophobic. Already had my share of dick, fyi. I'm not boring tho.


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