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149. Firsts Meme

First Time Meme

It's your first time! Whether it's first kiss, first date, or even your first child, your character will be plunged into the nervous or terrifying experience that is their first time.

The list:
1. First kiss. Pucker up!
2. First date. Who's paying? Dinner and a movie, or a night under the stars in the back of your convertible Corvette?
3. First time. You've been together awhile, and it's about time to consummate things.
4. First child. Was it an accident, or planned for? You decide!
5. First Anniversary. You've made it an entire year without killing one another! Time to break open the bubbly.
6. First pet. Dog or cat? Fish tank? Rhinoceros?
7. First house. Apartment in the city, or perfect white picket fenced home! Either way, better make the best of it.
8. First fight. And things had been going so well; is your relationship strong enough to outlast the tiffs?
9. First breakup. But they were your one and only! How will you cope with losing them? How will you ever manage to find another?
10. Make up your own! Or mix and match!

As per usual, the norms apply! Post a comment with your character, and others will use the handy dandy RNG to choose a random scenario, or they'll simplypick one they like! Keep rolling and playing your little hearts out, and enjoy!



s-sounds good.

[ She tugged at his sleeve, holding up a small kitten in the other. ]


Edited at 2011-09-06 04:44 am (UTC)

{{OOC: Sorry for being such a spoilsport xD' And thanks <3}}

[He turns around, forcing his eyes to leave the papers he's been looking at alone for the moment, and meets the eyes of a kitty. A pretty kitty at that, with grey fur and green eyes.
And his own blue eyes widen with what appears to be utter surprise, if not shock.]

Let me guess ... you want to take her in?

[He rubs the back of his head, ruffling his hair as he does so, while he thinks about it.]

Liechtenstein, you know that this most likely won't work ... Aster, Berlitz and Blackie are not too good with cats ...

(OOC: Nawh, nawh~ S'okay! <3)

... Uhm, we can keep them in separate rooms?

[ Her eyes practically shone with hope. ]


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