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149. Firsts Meme

First Time Meme

It's your first time! Whether it's first kiss, first date, or even your first child, your character will be plunged into the nervous or terrifying experience that is their first time.

The list:
1. First kiss. Pucker up!
2. First date. Who's paying? Dinner and a movie, or a night under the stars in the back of your convertible Corvette?
3. First time. You've been together awhile, and it's about time to consummate things.
4. First child. Was it an accident, or planned for? You decide!
5. First Anniversary. You've made it an entire year without killing one another! Time to break open the bubbly.
6. First pet. Dog or cat? Fish tank? Rhinoceros?
7. First house. Apartment in the city, or perfect white picket fenced home! Either way, better make the best of it.
8. First fight. And things had been going so well; is your relationship strong enough to outlast the tiffs?
9. First breakup. But they were your one and only! How will you cope with losing them? How will you ever manage to find another?
10. Make up your own! Or mix and match!

As per usual, the norms apply! Post a comment with your character, and others will use the handy dandy RNG to choose a random scenario, or they'll simplypick one they like! Keep rolling and playing your little hearts out, and enjoy!

Helen Magus | Sanctuary


6 and IDK if you want another

[Whatever was in the crate was snarling, and he wasn't even sure what it was as Helen had been tight lipped about it. And James wasn't quite a big fan about unknowing things, but he did manage to not look alarmed about it, instead he just stared at it, then her, then the crate again, hoping maybe she could tell him.]

Yay, James! :D (And sorry for delay - was asleep!)

*Helen stared at the crate before turning her head to James. Well, this was certainly not what she had been expecting. From everything she had been told, the animal was supposed to be docile, not yet trained. And that sounded anything...but.*

It's a two-headed dog that was discovered in Greece. It was going to be used in one of those bloody awful illegal bloodsports before we managed to intercept it. They thought we got to it in time, but that doesn't sound very promising.

Yay xD And it's okay I had to go out lol

[No it didn't sound like they had gotten to the creature in time, as that crate looked awfully close to falling over and creating a mess. Or you know, making them a snack, which would explain the stiffness in his posture as he kept the crowbar next to him.]

Some form of a cerberus then? And no it does not sound very promising. [He was inching closer to the crate now.] Just have the tranquilizer ready, just in case.


I believe so. My thought was a descendent that crossed at some point with a canine, but I would need to examine it to be certain.

*Which certainly wasn't going to be easy, by the sound of it. She raised the tranquilizer gun she was holding in her hand to show him she was more than ready.*

Hopefully, it's just rather annoyed at having been caged for so long.


Yes that sounds perfectly reasonable, however I thought cerberus were much larger then your average canine?

[Helen knew more about such things then he, especially when it was her acquisition. He was more then willing to let her take the lead on it.]

Yes let us hope, otherwise a trip to the infirmary may well be in order. [With wide eyes he started to pry open the top of the crate, just silently hoping it wouldn't try to attack.]

That was what the stories said, but then there are stories about giants mating with humans as well. Of course, it would also depend on whether the mating was natural or not.

*She moved closer, a leash that she could loop around the neck - or necks in this case, in hand. The last thing she wanted was for either of them to end in the infirmary. Luckily, when James got the top open, there was a yelp in stereo, and the dog inside suddenly cowered. Quickly, she looped the leash around him.*

It's all right. We're not going to hurt you.

Yes it was, and that is entirely true as well. But an unnatural mating between a canine and a cerberus, how would you think of that?

[He was only thankful the creature was upset over being in the crate, so he carefully moved the lid away and set the crowbar down, carefully patting him on one of his heads to try and calm him.]

There, there now, we'll get you out.

Some people do have some rather warped ideas, it seems. We have the wolpertinger thanks to that.

*When James started to pat the dog, she smiled, seeing that it seemed pleased by the comfort. Slowly, so as not to startle it, she reached in and carefully lifted the dog out, laughing when the other head licked at her wrist.*

We'll get you some food here soon. Now, then. You're not mean now, are you?

That was an entire operation to actually make a fictional species however, not natural occurrence. I would think this may be, if the legends are not to be believed fully.

[He just kept patting the dog, glad it was taking some comfort from it. With her he slowly moved around to help her lift it out, just smiling at the licking.]

Terribly friendly thing now isn't he? [But it was all teasing really.] Food after a brief check over though, just in case.

*Helen nodded, knowing that James was likely right. It was one of the many reasons she adored him so much. They could talk through ideas and theories together and come up with the most likely scenarios.*

It does seem more likely that this was natural, I agree.

*Once the dog was up on the examination table, she chuckled softly.*

Yes, he is. Seems he wanted some human contact. I wonder if this means he had an owner before he was captured. *As the dog rested down on the table, she pulled a tray with everything they would need closer.*

You take vitals while I draw some blood samples?

[It was nice to talk about theories and ideas with someone who understood his thought process unlike others. It made spending time with Helen not only enjoyable but also, rather stimulating in terms of conversation.]

Yes, which suggests that either cerberus are not as large as legend says, or there is a miniature breed of them that exists in the wild. Or perhaps even it is a domestic breed.

[He had to chuckle at the dog though and just gave it a quick pat again, rather enjoying how calm it was.]

Yes I would think so, or perhaps lived near enough humans to be perfectly at ease around us.

[A quiet hmm as he gathered his things before he shifted around to the front and side of the dog.] Of course. [And he set to work doing so, attempting to be as gentle as possible.]

This could be opening quite an interesting line of research we never considered before. I'm sure I don't have to ask if you'll be up for it.

*She did always love finding something new to investigate with him. Although that would have to wait, of course, as they worked with the dog. She gently stroked her fingers over the neck of the head that had licked her, chuckling when it let out a small woof of happiness. She really did hate to think what might have happened to it had they not managed to get it away from those who wanted to use it in fights.*

That's quite possible. Perhaps if we can track it to exactly where it was found, we might find more, especially if they've bred naturally.

*While James took the vitals, Helen continued stroking the dog, down his flank to the leg where she carefully drew the blood.*

There we go.

Yes it could be, most definitely. And investigating the possible separate lines of a new breed of Abnormal? Helen, please.

[That was entirely teasing, as he truly would like to pursue that line of thought, that line of research with her. But like her he had to make sure the dog was taken care of first, shaking his head at it's happiness. The idea that someone would use it for fights rather troubled him really.]

Yes, however how to track such a thing considering it was not Sanctuary personnel who sent him to us.

[He quietly mused on that thought as he carefully took his vitals, giving each head a good scratch of the ear as he finished checking the eyes before nodding.]

He's fine, a little excited but it is only natural, considering his trip.

*Helen smiled at James, looking forward to working with him on that once they had the chance. She then looked back down at the dog, knowing that he was right. It would take a bit to track the animal, but at least they had a place to start with Greece. That was better than some of their leads.*

I'll be working with the best detective mind in the world. I'm sure we'll figure it out.

*Once James was finished, Helen gently ran her hands over him, checking that for anything out of the ordinary. But the musculature and bone structure seemed to be otherwise normal save for the two heads, and she couldn't feel anything in the way of tumors or anything else. They would have to take some scans later to better see his internal organs.*

I'm sure it was a bit overwhelming. And after being cooped up for so long, I'm sure he'd like the chance to run around a bit.

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