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1419. La-la-love is in the air.

This meme deals with three types of love, angsty, sweet, and twisted! Please note that there are triggers abound!

- Post your characters and include preferences (if any!)

- Others reply.

- Go to RNG and enter numbers 1-3 to get a love type, then 1-12 to get a scene.

- Or go for the record and try to play 1 of each type of love!

- Please respect if someone doesn't want to play a particular scene out and choose something else!


01. IT'S TOO LATE TO APOLOGIZE. You had a fight and now your lover isn't sure they want to even hear your apologies.

02. HURT/COMFORT You or your lover is in pain, physically or mentally, and needs to be comforted.

03. SECOND BEST. No matter what your lover says, you feel like they're only settling for you like a second choice.

04. CHEATED. You've seen all the signs; lipstick on the collar, scraches down the back, hickeys you didn't leave behind. Do you want to keep ignoring it or finally confront them?

05. KEEP ME FROM FALLING. Your lover is being discouraged from seeking any sort of relationship with you and it's definitely a strain.

06. BUT HOW DO I KNOW... You love your partner so much, but you're uncertain just how they feel about you.

07. JUST NOT FEELING THE SPARK... That spark in he bedroom seems to be gone, so how are you going to deal?

08. I WANT YOUR LOVE, I DON' WANT TO BE FRIENDS. You're obsessed with the object of your affection and you will stop at nothing to win them over.

09. A KISS WITH A FIST IS BETTER THAN NONE. Your relationship is rough and you spend more time fighting than anything else, but you can't give up that spark anyway. You'll stay together even if you both end up miserable.

10. THE END. It's time to break up. Suddenly or something you've both seen coming awhile, the choice is yours.

11. AS LOVE LAYS BLEEDING. Your lover has been fatally wounded, so spend your last moments with them and make them as memorable as possible.

12. YOUR CHOICE. choose or combine any of the choices on here or make up your own!


01.JUST LIKE THE FIRST TIME. It's time to tell that person how much they mean to you.

02.COMMITMENT. It's finally that time to make your relationship a little less casual and something more committed.

03. KIDS. It's time for that next step! Time to reveal you're pregnant or you've adopted.

04. ANNIVERSARY. it's your one week, one month, or one year anniversary! Or however long you'd like to make it! How do you celebrate?

05. WANT YOU BACK. All couples have rough times! You might have called it quits for awhile, but it's time to give it another shot!

06. GOTTA STAY INSIDE. The weather outside has made it impossible to go out, so why not snuggle up with your lover and enjoy yourselves?

07. I JUST WANT TO SAY... You feel the need to tell your lover just exactly how much he or she means to you.

08. DATE NIGHT. You decided to take your lover out on an honest date.

09. SICK DAY. Your lover is down with a cold or flu and it's time to take care of them!

10. EXPERIMENTATION. You both love each other so there's absolutely nothing wrong with a little healthy experimentation in the bedroom.

11. GIFTS. You found the perfect gift for your lover and it's time to give it to them!

12. YOUR CHOICE. choose or combine any of the choices on here or make up your own!


01. YOU WOULDN'T WANT ME TO HAVE TO HURT YOU TOO... The object of your love/lust is resisting your advances, so it's time to take what you want.

02. JEALOUSY. It's jealousy to the extreme. You're going to make damn sure your lover knows how you feel about them seeing other people.

03. INCEST IS BEST. You know it's wrong, all kinds of sinful, but you can't resist the draw. If characters aren't related, then they are now! Or at least it feels very close to incest anyway.

04. YOU'RE NEVER GONNA GET FAR. You love that person so much, you've made sure they can't get away - by physically tying them down or by some other emotional or mental means.

05. I'LL MAKE YOU HURT. You've set it up to make sure your lover catches you cheating or doing something else hurtful just for that reason. You want to make them suffer.

06. CHAINS AND WHIPS EXCITE ME. You're both taking sex to extremes.

07. BROKEN. Your lover has utterly broken you and you need them to know.

08. SECRECY. You're embarrassed by your lover, utterly embarrassed. If they weren't useful in some way (even if it's just in bed!), you wouldn't even be with them.

09. YOU'RE MY LAST CHOICE. You don't really love the person you're with, but they're all you could snatch up and it's no secret to either of you.

10. FORCED TOGETHER. You don' love each other, but you have no choice but to be together due to outside influences. Alternatively, you've been captured and are now being forced to make a sex video even if you don't want to.

11. WATCH HOW I DO IT. You were just forced to watch your lover have sex with someone else (willingly or not) or beaten and now you've got to deal with the aftermath.

12. YOUR CHOICE. choose or combine any of the choices on here or make up your own!

Peter Lindholm | oc | ota

Meggie Saunders | original | OTA

Red / Ruby | Once Upon a Time | OTA


[He's been dating Ruby for a few weeks now, and has noticed her red cloak is getting a little tattered. While Oliver's not sure why it's so important to her, he knows he wants to get her a new one. So he calls a few contacts, getting the finest material, and having a designer friend make it for him. When it arrives, he's excited to give it to her so he goes to her grandmother's diner, wrapped box in hand, and goes up to the counter.]

Hi, beautiful.

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[The strain of it all has finally gotten to be too much. She's finally at breaking point: she can't be Charming's whiter-than-white princess anymore. She can't be sweet, mild Mary Margaret, everyone's darling.

She killed Cora; it was the right thing to do and she's made herself sick being sorry for it. But deep down, she can't regret it. She just can't. Because deep down, she's not the perfect princess, or the small town sweetheart.

Deep down, she's the vagabond princess who lived by her wits and lied, stole and fought to stay alive. And deep down, she knows that the one person who really knows her like that, who loves her for her fierceness, is her Red, and walking away from what they had might've been the biggest mistake of her life. (But again, she can't quite regret it because Emma.

She sends a text -- I'm in the cabin in the forest. Can you get away? -- and waits. There's a fire in the grate, a bottle of wine and a supper of rabbit stew and fresh bread. Aside from the wine, it's a little blast from the past.]

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Oliver Queen Ψ Arrow Ψ Het


ooc: any preferences?

(ooc; I got a 1;6, but I can re-roll if you'd rather do something else)

Matsuda / Death Note / OTA


Every morning, Hinata wakes up to check her calendar. Every date is marked out, whether it be with work, outings, or birthdays. Every day, she checks the calendar to be sure of her schedule, and cross out the day. This one is no different, although when she reads the note, she can't help but smile, nor can she force away the blush on her cheeks.

Written out is "Matsuda, six months" with a heart beside it, nothing else. Hinata has a day off, and with the note to herself, she already knows who she's going to spend it with.

With those thoughts in mind, she prepares herself for the day, avoiding make-up and perfume, preferring to pin a flower in her hair. It's nearly ten when she's finished, and she reaches for the phone. Dialing the all too familiar number, she waits for him to pick up.

Sorry for the delay! <3 - errandboimatsu, 2013-03-15 09:22 pm (UTC)(Expand)

Brendan Frye - Brick - OTA

Hinata / Naruto / OTA

Tony Stark | mcu, comics | ota

Clara Oswin Oswald | DW | ota

Bela Talbot // Supernatural // Het preferred



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