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1374. The First Meeting Meme
The First Meeting Meme

01. Post your character, fandom and preference.
02. Go to RNG, roll and tag others.  Since this is a first meeting meme, tag characters your character has never met.  If you’re tagging characters you already RP with, then it defeats the purpose of this meme.
03. Tag at least ONE muse per muse you post. If you don't, then it's not fair to those who do tag around. Let's make these memes fair for everyone. If you have no intention of tagging at least one muse, then please don't respond.
05. Have fun!

01. At A Bar: You’re out with your friends, or maybe by yourself, and someone catches your eye.  Don’t be shy!  Go say hi, or give them a cheesy pickup line.
02. Grocery Store: Maybe the both of you are eying the same frozen dinner, or maybe you’re both grabbing for the same apple.  Whatever the case, chat them up!
03. Laundromat: Whoops!  Did you just drop your panties/boxers on the floor?  Don’t worry!  There’s a friendly stranger there to help you pick them up, or maybe just look awkward and blush a lot.
04. Blind Date: Your friend thinks you need a life so they’ve set you up on a date!
05. A Long Line: Both of you are stuck next to each other in a long line.  Strike up a conversation!
06. Work: Maybe your cubicles are next to each other’s, or maybe you work in the same building.  Or, maybe you’re a delivery person, delivering something to the other person.
07. Public Transportation: Subway, bus, train, airplane.  Whatever the case, you’re now sitting next to this person.
08. Jail: You’ve both been put in the same cell (let’s just pretend there are coed cells), and now you have nothing but time to chat.
09. Wildcard: Pick whatever you want!


When they threw Tim in the cell, he wasn't Robin. At least, he wasn't in Robin's usual attire. Dressed in normal clothes, one would never guess who he really was.

"See how you like it in there, brat," one of the guards chuckles, and Tim, seconds too late, tries to get to the door before they close him in with his new roommate. At Arkham Asylum, he's really concerned about who that roommate could be.

She was always irritated when they decided to use her cell as some kind of form of entertainment or punishment. Occasionally, they threw someone in with her that she truly did want to harm, and those were acceptable. Others, it was like they were waiting for her to either poison the dupe or use her other attributes on them. That was the part that annoyed her the most.

She stayed on her cot, lounging with her back to the wall and her feet braced on the edge of the bed, knees up and arms resting on top of them. "Welcome to my parlor..."

This was usually about the time Batman showed up and Tim slipped out of whatever dangerous situation they'd got themselves in. But tonight, he knew Batman wasn't coming. Mainly, because this was Robin's mission. Alone. Undercover. And he failing at it, royally.

Hearing Poison Ivy's voice in the back of the cell and turning to find the gorgeous redhead there? Yeah. Not exactly how he thought this night would turn out.

"Your...parlor?" he asked.

"'Said the spider to the fly'," she finished the quote, looking up at him with mild annoyance. "Really. What are they teaching you in schools nowadays? They do still have books, don't they?" Her faith in the younger generation was less than none, and the look he was giving her wasn't helping.

She wondered what it was they expected her to do with this one; kill or play. Not that she was inclined to do either for anyone's benefit but her own, and he hadn't given her any cause to pick one side or the other.

"Yeah, although some schools have, uh, tablets now, instead. You know." In the sweatshirt, Tim doesn't look nearly as buff as he is, and he's glad of that. Right now, the single last thing he needs is Ivy making him for Robin. She doesn't seem to notice though, and if he plays the stupid kid card for a while longer, he doubts she ever will.

"Sorry to be, uh, in your...parlor," he says, swallowing. "I'm not supposed to be in here at all, actually." He glances out the window. This is going to be a tight escape, and with Ivy there, it's going to be difficult both making it look like an accident and leaving her behind.

"No kidding. What did they snag you for, jaywalking? Oh, wait, no; graffiti. Is this your scared straight encounter?"

She grinned at him over the tops of her knees, her hands sliding down to rest on the cot. "And now you'll promise to never, ever do it again..."

"Hacking, actually," Tim says, a little tersely. Does he really look that green? It would probably be in his favor if he did, but he can't help but be a bit irked as he stands on his tip-toes to peek out the window. Two guards patrolling the corridor. If he makes it past them, he's got to get to the control room and shut down the lights so he can get out, then remotely set them back on once he's clear and---jeez. Complicated.

"Someone beat your troll up?" The sarcasm was there, lacing her words as she smiled at him, feet moving to set themselves on the ground as she leaned forward. "Hacking. I'm terrified."

She watched him peek out the window as though he had any chance of getting out of here. Silly child.

Well, Pamela was no nicer out of the line of fire than in it. Tim hadn't expected any better. But then again, he could have been tossed in with someone a heck of a lot worse. Like, the Joker.

Turning to face her, he realized that, would it be the worst thing to have her help him? She could make it easy, actually. She'd broken out before. And if he could place a tracer on her after they got out, he'd just swoop in as Robin later on and send her back to her cell. Win win.

"Sorry. I'm just a little frazzled." Tim took a few steps towards her, hand outstretched. "I'm Alvin."

"Ah, ah, ah," she grinned, waggling a finger at him. "Didn't they tell you not to touch the animals? Some of us aren't very friendly."

He could have been thrown in with worse, yes, but he hadn't been. And now she'd have to figure out what to do with the pup in her quarters.

"Just trying to make an introduction," Tim says. "I already know who you are,'s only fair you know me." He grins, just a little, a lopsided, young expression. "Especially if I'm gonna help you get out of here." No time for the stupid kid card. If he's going to break out, he really does need her help. He can worry about his sanity on that decision later.

"Oh? You're going to help me? To what do I owe the pleasure?" Her head tips further to the side, red hair sliding over her shoulder to pool in her lap. It was always the young ones who had the most cockiness.

Thinking on the escape plan he's formulating, Tim fixes Ivy with a focused, determined look, his blue eyes serious. "You're...Poison Ivy, right? You've escaped before." He swallows, makes it look real. Well, it kind of is real. Without any anti-toxins, he's just as susceptible as anybody to whatever tricks she's interested in playing. "And you don't wanna stay in here forever, do you? I'm really good at hacking. I'm positive I can get us out of here, but I'll need some help getting there."

"Help? And what kind of help could I provide?" She stood, pushing off from the cot to come closer to him. She was curious about his plan, yes, but this seemed a little too convenient. Tossing someone in with her who offered her freedom. What trick were the guards playing this time?

Okay, Ivy getting up and sauntering towards him wasn't exactly Tim's idea of helping matters. He took a few steps back, matching hers forward. No use getting too close to her. He knew firsthand the kind of power she had. And if he got sucked in, there was no way he was getting out of this unharmed.

Distance was key.

"Uh, you know..." He wasn't going to spell her powers out for her, especially when she asked it with such suspicion. "Look, once we get to the doors, I can hack them. Guaranteed. We can walk right out. But getting to the front doors is going to be my main problem."


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