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1368. The Carnival Meme

"Was it fun where you went?" asked the boy,
"No, it was miserable." said the man,
"It could never be fun without you.
Have you been to the tree house lately?"
"Not since you left," said the boy.
"I've just been sitting here waiting,
for you to take me to the carnival,
where we could eat candy floss
and hot dogs to our bellies ached."

-Paddy Martin, "So You're Back, Than!"

1. Post with your character--name, fandom and any particular preferences go in the subject line as usual.

2. You can either roll or pick a scenario (or scenarios!) from the list or leave your comment blank.

3. Reply to people!

4. Have fun and be mindful of your partner's preferences.

1. Games: From classic ring toss to the shooting gallery, here's your chance to win a prize for yourself or for that special someone. Some say the games at a carnival are rigged, but maybe, just maybe, you'll get lucky!

2. Food and Drink: The sweet smell of funnel cake and the familiar briny aroma of popcorn draw you over to the food and drink tent. There's cotton candy, candied nuts, and cheep booze, all here for your enjoyment.

3. Classic Rides: The carousel, the ferris wheel. All carnivals need these classic rides for kids and adults who aren't looking for the excitement of the faster-paced rides. Snuggle close to your partner and see if you can see your house from the top of the wheel.

4. Something More Exciting: This is for thrill-seekers. Here you'll find the Tilt-a-Whirl, the Gravitron, the Screamin' Swing--all the rides designed to make you lose your lunch. Hope you didn't have too much cotton candy!

5. Freakshow: o they really have a bearded lady in that tent? It's time to find out. Buy a ticket and see the greatest oddities the world has to offer.
Hard Mode: one of you actually is the oddity being gawked at by the other. How does that make you feel?

6. Tunnel of Love: Or perhaps tunnel of mild boredom. The red-tinted lights and quasi-romantic music are meant to make this ride a great makeout spot, if the chemistry is there.

7. Hall of Mirrors: You and your partner entered, thinking it would be easy to get out again, but dead ends abound in this wacky mirror-maze, and each mirror seems to show a more and more distorted image of each of you.

8. Fortune Teller Whether one of the creepy machines or the even creepier women dressed up in a culturally insensitive costume, you cross someone's palms with silver and get your future told. Will it be happiness forever with your partner, or will ill tidings be bound your way?
Optional: Use o get your fortun

9. Wildcard!: I know I forgot something, probably several somethings, so here's your wildcard for whatever else you can fit into this meme.

Tim Drake/Robin | DCU | OTA

[ooc: Anything goes.]


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