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139. Dear Annie
We're all familiar with those advice columns and we all know the routine. You're stuck, you need help, you write in, you get advice on whatever your problem happens to be! It doesn't matter how little or how small it is, Annie is here to help!

- Comment with your character as if it's anonymous.

i.e. "Dear Annie,
My room mate keeps leaving his dirty socks on the floor and refuses to help clean! How can I show him how much this bothers me?
Signed, Grossed Out in the Apartment"

or "Dear Annie,
I've been having wild threesomes and think I might be pregnant! How do I tell my partners I'm not sure who the baby daddy is?
Signed, Always in the Middle!

- Questions and advice can be as serious or as silly as you want!
- Other characters will respond to ads as 'Dear Abby' and offer advice or encouragement.
- Careful now, someone might just recognize you!
- Write in as many times as you want!

~Stolen from hooohaw

Dear Annie-san,

..Someone I care about, (just friends, really!!! really!) just had his very, very dead wife arrive to the place we're staying at. ..I don't know what to do.

As his friend, what do you think I should do? It's made him nothing but unhappy so far..He's starting to push me away again. This..should be happy, right? So..I should support them being together, right?

-As Long As He's Happy

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I just - couldn't resist!!

Dear Long,

Necrophilia is always bad. Find the nearest lake and sink that dead body. Cast demi on its bracelets if you need to to keep her from floating to the surface again. Just watch out for symbolic flowers that might show up later on. They're a bitch to get rid of and you usually just end up having to flood the entire building to get rid of them.


Annie ^-^

ps. It wouldn't hurt if you could arrange a world ending event either. It's both excellent focus on the present instead of the past and it would give you two the perfect opportunity to ... express your feelings for each other. Don't forget that friendship goes a long way if you nudge it in the right direction. Just watch out for voyeurs who should be home with their families instead. They always ask 'was it world shattering for you?' and joke about 'sharing the Lifestream' at the most inappropriate times afterward. Be strong and remember - actions, not words! :)

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...Um, are you crazy?

Sincerely, Long.

Dear As Long As He's Happy,
Get in there and comfort him and talk to him. And if that very, very dead wife (what is with you people and the un-dead walking) gets in the way, kick her butt. You're the star. You know what's best.

- Annie.

[just stares at these letters ..WHAT THE CRAP GUYS]


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