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1297. ❅

Winter Wonderland Meme

❄ it's quiet
and the snow's beautiful tonight → a winter open meme

‧ post with whatever character you want
‧ responders roll for weather + scenario and get to threading
‧ ???
‧ profit


stage i; none, streets are already blanketed in white.
stage ii; very light and intermittent.
stage iii; light - moderate. lasts longer periods.
stage iv; continuous, heavy snowfall.
stage v; the hardest of cores - blizzards, snowstorms, you name it.


① fuck the police, this is the best time for a walk. hope you've got a nice thick coat on.

② stranded in the buttcrack of nowheresville? weren't you watching the time? now you've gone and missed that last bus out of there. or maybe you're lost, somehow. what do?

③ literally chilling, in this weather, is quite easy to do. sitting around relaxing in it is a wee more difficult, but sometimes much more enjoyable, especially if shelter can be found. the snow is beautiful to watch, after all.

④ the weather's not going to stop you. your snow fort's packed full of ammo and ready to go. those aren't snow angels over there; they mark where the poor souls you've downed have fallen. be careful with that snowman's head!!

⑤ you're about fifty miles from civilization but there's a roof over your head, so never mind the chilly draught, right? right. you mightn't be the only one lucky enough to stumble upon this little shelter, though. remember to share the blanket.

⑥ everyone stuck outside should be jelly. you've got a fireplace and hot cocoa and damn if it isn't awesome. a heater's not quite so romantic, but it'd do. there'd better be a backup generator in case the power trips.

⑦ mix and match, or make up your own ‧:❉:‧

Originally posted by  [personal profile] bottecellie


[There's a short achoo! sneeze from the snowdrift somewhere near his foot. Something shuffling under the two feet of snow as Perry tries to figure out where in the world he is because he's completely buried.]

[Being away from the main streets means that it's less noisy so the sneeze stops Villiers in his tracks. Movement draws his attention to the small bump on the ground and he nudges at it with his foot.]

[...pat...pat pat...this feels like a shoe. Perry digs upwards with his little arms, trying to find daylight. Another sneeze as he finally finds fresh air. Did it have to snow so much? It was only November.]

Grrrr... [His bill chatters, trying to see who it is.]

[Something emerges from the pile, something... that shouldn't be here. Reaching into his jacket, Villiers retrieves his phone and dials a number.]

Ben, I need you to call animal control for me. Just outside Thames House. Tell them to hurry.

[Wat?? Oh no, Perry is not going to be taken by animal control. Not only was he a secret agent for the OWCA (Organization Without a Cool Acronym) but he was a registered pet of the Flynn-Fletcher family.

Perry loses the unfocused look he wears when he's pretending to just be a platypus and whips out his fedora hat, looking very serious. He tugs on the man's pant leg, showing his identification as Agent P.]


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