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Someone Is Sleeping in My Bed!
(Expanded Edition)
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Sometimes people say fuck it, I'm tried. But that's okay. People sleep. Sometimes the bed is oh so cozy and you want to snuggle under a blanket and sleep forever. And sometimes you don't care if it's your bed or not. You're going to sleep. Like a boss.

Too bad someone doesn't agree.
Decide if you want to find the person asleep or the person that finds the sleeper. Note that in the subject line.

Decide you know this person! (Castmate, previous threadder.)
Go to Random and Roll.
  1. Wake them up - You don't care how friendly you are to the person in your bed; they need to get up.
  2. Happy awakening - Such a shame they're so deep asleep when you're in the mood. How about a nice wake up call? (if you don't like smut, keep this to cuddles, kisses, hugs, or reroll)
  3. Prank! - Oh, this has just go to stop. They need to be punished. But how?
  4. Can't beat 'em - Join them. Push 'em over and snuggle up. You're too tried to deal with this craziness right now. Or sleep on your couch.
  5. Let them sleep - Whatever, it's noon. They're asleep and you got things to do. Regard them or disregard them.
Decide you have NO CLUE this person is! (People that haven't threaded with each other before, crossovers, castmates who haven't met.)
Go to Random and Roll.
  1. Scream 'OMGWTFBBQ GET UP' - Really. Default action going on here.
  2. Prank! - What a better way for you to remember this moment of meeting than by painting a mustachio on your new 'friend's' face? (Remember, it's your bed. Be wise on what you do.)
  3. Gently wake them up - Oh, the poor dears! They must be exhausted but they can't stay here. Be nice, even if it isn't IC for your character. This is what you get for rolling. Shake them up quietly.  Or reroll.
  4. Get to know them NON-Biblically - Well, they're asleep. But they left their wallet, important work, or identification out (no matter how OOC it may be)! Let's see who's REALLY sleeping in your bed. (Use your own judgment on what you find. As a suggestion, have the most they find is the sleeper's name and maybe place of work.)
  5. Tie 'em up - FUNCTIONAL tying up. Not kinky, no matter what the other party might think. Let them continue their blissful moment of rest. They'll answer questions later and you'll be safe and sound.

Decide - fuck the police. You heard. Fuck 'em.
You move forward and make your own fate!

Please make note if you want smut or not.

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