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The HOT or NOT Meme!

8, 7, 8.5.... wowza, 10... 10+ oh my god... 8...

Juuuust~ rating this facebook gallery filled with pictures of people who post to dressing room memes, don't mind me. Oh, you wanna play too?

- Comment with your character. Place all the standard info in the subject line, if you wish.
- Other characters reply, rating your character on a scale of 1 to 10! 1 is low, 10 is HOT.
- Try to be IC with rating and reactions.
- Jump people you don't know!
- Most important: Have fun!

Taken from here.

Maria Hill :: MCU :: het

...I don't know if a guy should exactly rate the 'hotness' of his commanding officer, ma'am. But for the record... strong 8, defintely.

Not exactly the answer I was looking for, O'Grady. I was wondering whose idea was it to start this anyway?

Why, were you preferring a ten? Cause you could be one.

I don't honestly know, Commander. Someone probably in the lower decks with a lotta time on his hands. If you like I could get them to stop rating all the female agents.

[Loki blinks. Really, you're asking him?] I suppose... I shall go as high as seven, for you are quite aesthetically pleasing, and a worthy opponent.

[She'd actually been trying to find out who actually started the Helicarrier ratings... thing, and definitely hadn't been expecting that kind of answer from him.]

I, um. Thanks, I guess.

You are most welcome. [A pause.] I do not understand the purpose of this game.

9. And it's only that low because of the injuries.

Try having someone throw a grenade in your face sometime.

I've been shot in the head? Twice.

Once wasn't enough?

Apparently neither was twice since I'm still standing.

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Oh most definitely 10.

[There are very few people on the planet who can actually make Hill blush, and Morgan's one of them.]

I, um. Thanks.

[He loved that he could do that to her.]

You're welcome.


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