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127. deep down, you knew this is how it would end.
bad ending meme
Expanded meme

You've chosen your path and it's led you to one of the worst possible ends. A bad ending you've averted in the past could be coming true after all, a possibility you've always feared could be happening now. It's game over.

** TRIGGER WARNING. This meme contains references to death and addiction. Read at your own risk. **

bring it
▻ post with your character, make sure to note their name and series in the subject.
▻ taggers RNG it up (1-11 prompts, 12th is optional). refer to the list below for situations.
▻ tag other people with the number you rolled and play on. or skip the rolling and do what you have in mind!
▻ have fun.

one。 SURVIVORS -- you two are the only ones left, whether it be the result of the apocalypse, a fight with the final boss gone horribly wrong, or something equally tragic. now you're left to contemplate friends and loved ones lost, as well as which one of you may be next.

two。 SICKNESS -- you are seriously ill. poisoning, virus, perhaps it's even mental; whatever the reason, you doubt time is on your side this time.

three。 FORGOTTEN -- you're not sure how, but your memories are crumbling and the things you do recall are hazy and make you dizzy. can you even recognize the person in front of you anymore?

four。 SEPARATED -- you can see them, hear them, but something's keeping you from being with them. perhaps you're placed in a room with impenetrable glass dividing you, or you're hiding in a phone booth downtown, calling them secretly.

five。 MELLOWED -- you've been through things, you've loved and you've lost, and all of that's changed you. you're hopeless or at least you've simply lost the optimism you had as a youth.

six。 ANTAGONIST -- you've flipped the coin. you had to do it; they might not be able to understand it, but you just can't forgive the things that have happened. the darkness has consumed you.

seven。 HATED -- you've tried to make the right choices, every single time, but it seems you've made a mistake along the way, disappointed too many people. Now everyone hates you.

eight。 SPLIT -- you've always loved this person and you thought they would be with you forever, but they cheated on you, abused you, or maybe just used you for their own means. Maybe you had to leave them to keep them safe.

nine。 DEAD -- you've died or you're dying. Maybe you're nothing more than a ghost who has to live off of what you can see of your friends and family, making attempts to contact them.

ten。 DRUGGED -- you've resisted the temptation for so long, but finally you've caved. Drugs or alcohol rule your life and it's destroying you, but you can't step away from them now. it doesn't matter what anyone says.

eleven。 SLAVE -- you've finally been broken down so completely by who you're with, you feel like a slave to them. you have no desires of your own anymore and live just to please them. maybe you're a slave in the literal sense even.

twelve。 FREE CHOICE -- combine any of the others, reroll, or make up your own bad ending. the choice is yours!

Tifa Lockheart/ Final Fantasy VII

1. Let's pretend that wolf puppy grew up from the last meme?

[It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the world was dying. With the severe lack of Mako, the very land itself was crumbling away before them, and it wouldn't be long until the whole world became a wasteland. Kiba had been accompanying Tifa on her journey to revitalize the world, but the journey had been harsh for both of them.]

[What they didn't expect was to be ambushed by the horde of rabid monsters. Monster encounters weren't uncommon, but with the state of the land and the world they seemed more erratic and deadly. And such a group of monsters had ambushed them, and they had barely managed to survive.]

[Now, Kiba limped through the maze of monster bodies, his nose overwhelmed with the stench of death. His snow-white fur was stained with blood, and the ground beneath his paws squished with the moisture of the blood. Had there been any other survivors??]

I LOVE this idea!

[she's... getting so tired of fighting.

It doesn't seem right. It feels selfish in fact and she hates that but... each battle never seems to bring them any closer to any sort of resolve or solution. The rest of the team has winnowed away and she's not even sure where the surviving team members are anymore. It's too easy to get separated in this crumbling world, too easy to get lost. She clings to the hope they're still alive but the hope that she'll find them before the end gets weaker every day. Every pointless battle. Every gust of dead wind across barren lands.

Sephiroth was defeated, Meteor turned aside, Shinra gone but - at the end it seemed it had all been too little, too late. She keeps her fingers tight over the wound on her arm that's oozing blood between her fingers and looks around, still, barely, emotionally alive enough to feel worry through the shell of apathy that keeps trying to consume her. Where - ?

The sound she makes is relief and she goes to her knees to hold out her arm. Her steady, constant that always finds her no matter what.]


Me too! :D

[His ears flick as he catches Tifa's familiar voice, and he immediately turns to the sound. It's not long before he spots her amid the carnage, and he limps his way over to her. Thank goodness she was alright.]


[He rubs against her, not caring if his fur becomes more matted with her blood. He sniffs at the injury on her arm, lightly licking at it. Would she be able to recover from such a wound?]

I can't find the others.

[the sound she makes is soft and her whole broken heart is in it when he's close enough to wrap her arm around and hug, careful of his wounds and his unsteady footing. For a minute, she presses her face into his matted fur and his tongue against her skin has another soft sound slipping out. Gentle, her finger that aren't guarding the wound slip through his fur.]

I know. I can't either.

[she pulls back and it's to inspect him, fingers moving softly, carefully over him. Worrying. Always worrying.]

But we're together. And we'll find them. It'll be okay. How badly are you hurt?

[He can hear that sorrow in the sounds she makes, and it makes his ears lower sadly.]

I'll be fine.

[He says that even though he's covered in blood and wounds, and he's limping. But his own pain doesn't matter. He'll be strong for her sake. They had to be strong.]

What about you?

[He couldn't use Materia, but he'd seen them use it before...]

I'll be fine.

[she repeats his own words back to him with a tired smile. They both know that they're both lying. They're dying. Maybe not right now but it's only a matter of time before the next wound is the one that finally puts them down for good. She hasn't told him yet but the materia isn't working right anymore. The Planet is dying and so is the last of the magic it used to share with them. They're down to their last potion and the monsters that fall don't leave anything useful behind anymore. And he's being so steady and brave for her... Careful, she'll stand up again, hand still on his head. She looks around and they're surrounded by death and monsters and suddenly she just can't stand the sight of it anymore]

Come on.

[her voice is soft and she starts walking, careful and slow for both of them. She's not planning on going far. Maybe just to the other side of that rock outcropping. Just - ]

Let's find somewhere we can rest that's not full of dead bodies.

[Kiba is more than willing to offer her support as she stands despite his wounds. Her blood is dripping heavily from that gash on her arm, he could smell it easily. He just hoped that they could manage for a bit longer, but even he could see their chances dwindling.]


[He slowly trots beside her, making sure she doesn't fall over. They needed rest, and time... but would it be enough?]

[she's determined and gets as far as the jumble of fallen rocks. It doesn't offer much protection against the sun and the blowing dirt but every little bit counts and she can sit on the side away from the dead bodies at least.

With a quiet sound, she sinks down, pulling her knees up to her chest and just concentrating on breathing for a little bit. She keeps her arm around Kiba though, comforted by both his forever presence and the feel of his still living warmth against her own. Turning her head, she rests it against him for a moment and closes her eyes.]

I still can't tell if we won...

[A small whine escapes him as he sits down next to her, leaning against Tifa as she leans against him. His ears are still low, and he can still smell the scene from behind the rock. At least they didn't have to look at it anymore.]

I don't know...

[He didn't know who had won the battle either, or if there was any winner. He didn't know who else survived, or if anyone else did survive, or what they would do next. There was just so much that he didn't know, that seemed so stacked against them.]

[she's just - so tired. So damn tired. All the time. And lately, when the monsters surprise them with an attack... she's caught herself hesitating. Wondering if it's worth fighting this time. She hates that that thought even goes through her mind and she knows if she doesn't stop it, it's going to get her killed. You can't hesitate, not even for a split second, during something like that. She just - she's so tired. Of everything.

Kiba keeps her going though. She can't leave him. She can't let him down. Not caring if it smears blood across her, she rubs her face in his fur.]

I'm glad you're here. It's selfish of me but - I'm glad.

[Kiba definitely understood Tifa's exhaustion; it wasn't often that he found himself fighting his instincts to run, to get himself to safety, in order to protect her and the others and fight. If it weren't for Tifa, he wouldn't fight so hard against a cause that seemed so hopeless.]

[He lightly nuzzles against her, even though he may be smearing more blood onto her. Smeared blood was the least of their worries.]

It's not selfish. Without you, I'd...

[her throat closes up and she pulls in a shaky breath, not lifting her face. She's not about to fall apart on him now but the moment is so sweet in this horrible, horrible world that she has to concentrate for a long minute. Careful not to pull, her bruised fingers knot in his fur. Right now, as far as she's concerned she'll sit this way until the world ends around them. Because it's a moment of love.]

I know. Me too.

[He wants to stay like this with her, because he knows that this is a rare moment of peace in a world of turmoil and strife, but he knows they should move. He knows they should treat their wounds before they get worse, or look for other survivors, or just get away from this place before the scent of blood draws more predators to their location, or... anything. But he doesn't care. He just wants to remain here with Tifa, her fingers in his fur and his chin resting against her shoulder until they have the strength to go on, or until death himself came knocking.]


[the tiredness is soaking through her now that she's not on her feet and she knows she should fight it. They've got miles to go before they can think about stopping for the night and no doubt there will be monsters and a world falling apart between here and wherever they end up camping come dark. But - she's so tired. And it would be so easy to just curl up here with Kiba and close her eyes and let the world go away for a while. Just a little nap...

So tempting to just let go, just for a little while...

Except she knows that it wouldn't be for a little while. It would be for good. And as much as the 'why is that a bad thing?' rises up inside her, she knows she has to fight it. Careful, she pulls away, just a little from Kiba, though she stays pressed against him. She slips off her pack and it's pathetic how light it is, how empty. But it still has a long roll of bandages in it and she pulls those out with slow, methodical hands.]

Let's get patched up first. And then...

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