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127. deep down, you knew this is how it would end.
bad ending meme
Expanded meme

You've chosen your path and it's led you to one of the worst possible ends. A bad ending you've averted in the past could be coming true after all, a possibility you've always feared could be happening now. It's game over.

** TRIGGER WARNING. This meme contains references to death and addiction. Read at your own risk. **

bring it
▻ post with your character, make sure to note their name and series in the subject.
▻ taggers RNG it up (1-11 prompts, 12th is optional). refer to the list below for situations.
▻ tag other people with the number you rolled and play on. or skip the rolling and do what you have in mind!
▻ have fun.

one。 SURVIVORS -- you two are the only ones left, whether it be the result of the apocalypse, a fight with the final boss gone horribly wrong, or something equally tragic. now you're left to contemplate friends and loved ones lost, as well as which one of you may be next.

two。 SICKNESS -- you are seriously ill. poisoning, virus, perhaps it's even mental; whatever the reason, you doubt time is on your side this time.

three。 FORGOTTEN -- you're not sure how, but your memories are crumbling and the things you do recall are hazy and make you dizzy. can you even recognize the person in front of you anymore?

four。 SEPARATED -- you can see them, hear them, but something's keeping you from being with them. perhaps you're placed in a room with impenetrable glass dividing you, or you're hiding in a phone booth downtown, calling them secretly.

five。 MELLOWED -- you've been through things, you've loved and you've lost, and all of that's changed you. you're hopeless or at least you've simply lost the optimism you had as a youth.

six。 ANTAGONIST -- you've flipped the coin. you had to do it; they might not be able to understand it, but you just can't forgive the things that have happened. the darkness has consumed you.

seven。 HATED -- you've tried to make the right choices, every single time, but it seems you've made a mistake along the way, disappointed too many people. Now everyone hates you.

eight。 SPLIT -- you've always loved this person and you thought they would be with you forever, but they cheated on you, abused you, or maybe just used you for their own means. Maybe you had to leave them to keep them safe.

nine。 DEAD -- you've died or you're dying. Maybe you're nothing more than a ghost who has to live off of what you can see of your friends and family, making attempts to contact them.

ten。 DRUGGED -- you've resisted the temptation for so long, but finally you've caved. Drugs or alcohol rule your life and it's destroying you, but you can't step away from them now. it doesn't matter what anyone says.

eleven。 SLAVE -- you've finally been broken down so completely by who you're with, you feel like a slave to them. you have no desires of your own anymore and live just to please them. maybe you're a slave in the literal sense even.

twelve。 FREE CHOICE -- combine any of the others, reroll, or make up your own bad ending. the choice is yours!

Cloud Strife:: Final Fantasy (will also do Dissidia though a bit rusty)

3 ... and I don't think I ever mentioned I'm a meme whore, have I? >/////>;

(ooc: Also you want to choose who's got the memory loss? Cause, I'm cool with either! 8D;;;)

starting to see the attraction to that XD and - Cloud says he's tired of being mindwiped.

[It seems like he's been searching forever. But he made a promise and he's going to keep it. She's somewhere in this strange, foreign place and she's alone. Like hell if he's going to leave her that way. And so, when he finally spots her, it's with a mixed sense of relief and worry because... something's off...]

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They're so addicting! ;_; But there are so many /sobs forever

[ Usagi's unaware that she's being looked for -- hell she doesn't even know that she's been missing at all. But, that's to be expected. There were too many things in her life that reminded her of how much she had failed..

.. all the people she couldn't save. All the worlds destroyed to get to her. She might be strong.. but even the strong have their limits. So she's walking endlessly, staring at nothing and at everything with empty blue eyes.

She's felt like this before ... this feeling of emptiness... hasn't she? Perhaps. Maybe not. ...

mmmhm. LOTS of shinies to be distracted by 0.0

[he's slow when he approaches her. There's no immediate danger and the way she's just... wandering has him on edge. It's obvious something wrong considering the way she usually moves with such bubbling energy and so he's gentle, trying not to startle her, when he reached out and catches her arm. His low voice is the same way.]


Mmmmm distractions +_+

[ She stops shuffling her feet across the ground once she's caught. But, she doesn't jump or even react. In fact, the only thing she really does is continue looking forward.

Not until she hears a name. Is that her name? Of course it is.. right? No. Her name was..

... what... was it?

Did she.. even have a name?


[ Her head slowly turns so she can look up at Cloud, emotionless eyes staring at him. ]

Who's Usagi?


[the question bothers him but the lack of light and sparkle in her eyes bothers him more and so he pulls her closer, still careful of her as if she's made of glass. One hand firm on her arm to keep her from getting away even though he somehow doesn't think she'll try and he uses his other hand to tilt her chin, examining her for head wounds. She's sunshine on water and seeing her this way just isn't right at a gut alarming level. It makes his voice just a little rough around the edges.]

You're Usagi. Do you know who I am?

[ There are no head wounds. Wounds would be easier to fix -- a much quicker patch up. But that's unfortunately not the case. When he asks if she knows him, it looks as though she's trying to concentrate. The man in front of her looked concerned was that concern? Why? and it seemed that he knew her.

What was his name? ... ... She could feel his name just at the corners of her memory. Just as it felt she were about to brush up against the answer her mind responds none too kindly and the answer evades her.

don't. you've suffered enough. And so for the time being, she ignores the part of her that's almost screaming out not to hide because ignoring it isn't the answer and her face falls back to a neutral expression of eerie emptiness.
] ]

Who are you?

[yes. The lack of apparently memory bothers him. He's been there himself, in a fractured kind of way and he understands what being trapped in your own head feels like. But what bothers him more, sends the little shaft of panic up through his chest in fact is the lack of life in her eyes. She's Usagi - and even though he knows that she's not all bubbles and laughter, that she carries her own buried sorrows and pains deeper than most, that she has plenty to mourn - there has never not been that sparkle of life in her eyes.

Until now.

And that, more than anything, is horribly, unnaturally wrong.

Very gently, he wraps hands around her shoulders and tips her, just a little, to be sure she's going to look in his eyes as he asks:]

Do you remember Mamoru?

I... [ It's harder to deny that part of herself -- the one that was so unashamedly devoted to the Prince of Earth. Even her subconscious can't deny something that important. But it does. It does so, and painfully at that. No.

This was worse than the sudden shock of seeing him break away into stardust at the airport. Back then it had only been him and she had remembered everyone else but that. Not this.

A-ah.. I. Do I..?

[ Her eyebrows furrow and there's a hint of pain in her eyes. can't remember. won't remember please don't Once the pain becomes almost unbearable, she tries squirming out of Cloud's hold, clutching at the throbbing in her head from her memories and subconscious trying to win. ]

I don't.. please I...

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[he recognizes that - memories you don't want - and he remembers clearly the pain. So instead of letting her go, he pulls her close into his arms and holds her tight the way Tifa used to hold him when the memories he didn't dare remember drove him to his knees. He holds her as if he's afraid she'll shatter apart and he tucks his head down. His voice is low and soft.]

It's all right. You don't have to remember. Let it go for now. It'll be okay.

[at least the memories are still in there. It's enough for now. Gentle, the way he would for Marlene, he cups the back of her head.]

It's okay, Usagi. It's okay. You don't have to remember right now.

[ It's warm here -- warm in his arms. When was the last time she had been held by this? ... Why was it even important to begin with? But somewhere inside, it was important and after a while of just being held like she was something precious the pain slowly begins to subside in her head. Leaving only a dull ache from the mental walls that were being pounded on. ]

It hurts.. why does it hurt?

[ Her eyes water, warm tears streaming down her face as she buries it into Cloud's chest with her hands still held against the sides of her head; although they're not gripping as tightly as they were before. ]

Make it stop..

[as much as he doesn't want her in pain, hearing actually emotion in her voice relieves him. The world isn't right if Usagi's eyes don't have something in them. So he just wraps his arms closer around her tiny form, as if he could pull her into his chest and keep her safe that way and his fingers rub softly against the back of her head where they're curled. What can he do to make this right? Tifa's the comforter in the family. He's just -

stop it. She needs him. So he'll be enough because she needs him to be enough.

What helped him when he was drowning in voices that weren't his and the memories were pounding and pounding to get out?]

I want you to listen to my voice, Usagi. That's all you have to do. You don't have to pay attention, just listen to the way it sounds. [they're both in trouble because talking isn't exactly his strong suit but he remembers how he used to cling to the sound of a voice and he hopes he can do the same.] You don't have to remember right now. And you don't have to worry about remembering later. You will but you don't have to right now. So just listen to my voice right now and let the rest go.

[shit. He's run out of things to say. Quick, his mind scrambles for something, anything, that will keep him talking]

Okay. So - materia. First, you've got to access the menu. The triangle button brings up the menu. Directional buttons move the cursor. Once you're in the menu, you've got to select the [materia] sub menu. Then you select who you want to use it.


[ She listens -- truly does listen when he tells her to. She might not need to but there's still that part of her that hangs on everything that he says: the part that wants her to remember what it is that causes her so much pain.

Usagi's beginning to relax despite the .. unorthodox topic that he's chosen for her to listen to. But.. menu? Triangle button? Directional buttons? That sounded like a... .. something she used to do.. right?

He's got her full attention now that she's not thinking about the memories she's chosen to forget for now and attentively wonders what other things he might say to continue calming her down.

XD couldn't resist Cloud's full of derptastic fail sometimes

[he runs through his entire lesson on how to use materia, something he's pretty sure she's never going to have to know. But it kept him talking and she's gone still and isn't as stiff or frantic as she had been. He takes it as a sign that, somehow, he must be doing something right. So he shifts over to explaining how limit breaks work to her, hand still absently stroking the back of her head as he talks. She's stayed quiet for the whole thing and - before he decides to go into how to ride a chocobo properly - he dips his head enough to look at the top of hers. Voice still the same soft and low tone he was using, he gently asks:]

Feeling a little better?

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