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magentasock magentasock wrote in memebells
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1197: The Stargazing Meme
Vega, Altair and Deneb, The Summer Triangle and the Milky way

the stargazing meme

oo1. comment with your characters
      make sure to put names, series, & preferences somewhere!
oo2. reply to others in character
oo3. play out what happens! anything goes!
oo4. optionally go to RGN and roll 1-5
oo5. profit? profit!


one → meteor shower you just saw a falling star! and another! make a wish!
two → aliens what was that? was that really? omg no way a ufo!
three → lunar eclipse you've been sitting out for hours, waiting for this. it's so cool!
four → comet does it move fast or slow? either way, it's amazing.
five → full moon the moon is so huge! just don't look too long, it's really bright too.

Ben Lockwood | werewolf OC | no smut please, OTAelse

What a gorgeous night...

Lunar Eclipse!

It is.

[It's been a long time since Maria's been this far out of the city -- any city. She's spent most of her adult life surrounded by concrete and brick, and this is a nice change. It's peaceful, without the light pollution from several million other human beings around. Just her and Ben.]

This was a good idea.


[He's got a spare set of clothes in a backpack, because this isn't his first lunar eclipse by a long shot, and he knows how they affect him.

And to be able to have it affect him out in the open, not caged, not in the middle of a city, not having to worry about what a Master might do or how a Mistress might react...

It's unimaginable luxury. He spreads a blanket on the ground for Maria to sit on and opens the cooler in which frosty beverages reside. Some of which are distinctly alcoholic. But hey, neither of them are driving.] Thank you for this.


[Maria eases herself to a sitting position and sets her crutch aside, waving one hand.]

It makes a nice change. All the fresh air and the open places. It's a very long time since I was out in the open country.

Me too. [The parks they manage on actual moon nights aren't really the same, and there's always the danger that the authorities won't like a wolf running around loose like that. Cops have collar controllers with the batteries in.

Ben's modesty issues around Maria have been mostly excised. She would never take advantage of him, and he trusts her utterly. So it's the most natural thing in the world, especially with the world being what it is, for him to sit down and unlace his boots, pulling them off and tugging his t-shirt over his head. Jeans and socks follow in short order, and he crouches on his knees, face up toward the moon and eyes closed.]

[And Maria turns her eyes upwards, too, watching the moon and the vast expanse of stars. She'd forgotten that you could see so many of them, out here where the city doesn't cloud the view, where there's no haze of smog and shine of streetlights.]

Ach, look at that.

It's beautiful. [And then a shadow takes a tiny bite out of the side of the moon, and fur ripples down Ben's newly-healed back. The old scars came back, just like always, and the fur is still white over them.

The process is slow, and it Changes him, slowly. He doesn't get to savor the sensation very often.]

[And Maria turns her attention from the sky to watch him for a moment, marveling at the process, which still seems slightly unreal to her, like something from a film. Anatomy should make it all impossible, or agonizing, but it's neither, and watching it happen slowly like this adds another level of amazement to it. Between that and the eclipse, it's a night for wondrous sights, clearly.]

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[Maria closes her eyes. The fact that he's alive and here with her is the best proof she's ever had that there might actually be a deity that cares about what happens to the world. It's done more than anything else has to dispel some of her doubts.

Some. But she's still a work in progress.]

What will become of us, Volchok? If He loves all of us so, then why . . .

[Why is the world so awful? Why did she get away for so long with being such a terrible person and causing so much grief? Why does Ben have to live with the awful uncertainty of what will happen after she dies?]

It's the eternal question, isn't it.

And the best answer I've ever found is that Dad gave us the gift of Free Will, to use and abuse as we see fit. He didn't make robots, he made people. And it breaks His heart when we choose to be bad to each other, but it's our choice and He's not going to stop us making it. He might give us a nudge here, or a push there, or-- [a smile] --an angel might whisper in someone's ear at a slave market to "hey, look at that one," but direct interference isn't usually something that happens.

And I don't know if that's a good answer. Or a satisfying one. But it's the one I've got.

[Maria sighs and settles her hand, palm-down, over his heart, feeling it beat under her touch.]

Was it enough, before we found each other?

[He cups her hand in his.] It was for me. I never quit trusting Him, even after-- [He swallows and shakes his head. Even after so many disasters.] I might've checked out, and hard. I might've wanted to die and go Home. But I never quit trusting Him.

But I had really good examples, too. When you've got actual angels living under your roof that you can see and talk to, it changes your perceptions. And when one of those angels is an ex-demon who Fell for not trusting Him, well.


[She turns her head without opening her eyes, pressing a kiss to his collarbone.]

It is an awful, awful world, Volchok, and terrible things happen in it, and we are cruel to one another and destroy each other and ourselves and the world.

But sometimes, also, two people find each other who love one another and are good to one another. So maybe it is not so impossible as I used to think that there is a goodness behind all things.

It's happened to me twice. [He shuts his eyes and holds her close.] If I needed proof, I'd have it. For it to happen once is a miracle. More than that... [His throat closes, and he just shakes his head.] She saved me. You saved me. The timing.

And it's not just you, or Janni. I lived in interesting times, in both the Chinese curse sense and not, and it was glorious. I'll tell you sometime, about Simon. Who became Kemi. Again. Funny and beautiful story, I shit you not.

I would like that, I think.

[She slips her arms around him and hold on like she never wants to let him go, turning her head to look up at the sky again.]

. . . it's not only that I save you. You saved me. I was all alone and had nobody I cared about. Nobody who knew me, really knew me. I do not pretend it was as bad as what you suffered. But I was not happy until you. Not really.

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