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123. BAD Pickup lines

♥The BAD Pickup Line Meme♥

1- Post with your character! Include your characters name, series, and any personal prefs you have.

2- Reply to others! Try and woo them with your worst best pick up line.

○Make up your own line or generate one!

3- See where things go from there~

Tifa Lockheart / Final Fantasy VII

[go ahead. See if the bartender's heard that one before ;)]

Hey bartender, did ya know the word of the day is 'legs'?

[Nooooo Ronny, no! You know this is the set up of a really BAD pick up line. Stop now while you still can]

lmao - that icon

[she should probably stop him now...

but he looks so cutely pleased with himself. Here, Ronald, have some more rope. She'll even hold it while you tie the knot]

Is it?

Well clearly he has had a few mugs by now XD

[No, Tifa. Please stop him... stop him... you're totally helping him hang himself. Not. Cool.]

Sure is. So after ya get off from work you wanna head over to my place and we can spread the word?

drunk is ALWAYS a good excuse

[it's all for a good cause... though don't ask what that cause might be.

There's a blink, a pause - in which her eyebrow slowly rises as she simply stares at him.

And then a sound like a muffled cough as she brings a fist to her lips and her eyes start laughing.]

I guess that cuts out the 'I forgot my number. Can I have yours?' step entirely.

Re: drunk is ALWAYS a good excuse

[Obviously you are a sadistic young lady who enjoys seeing fine upstanding gentlemen make fools of themselves :| ]

Tina, right? I have had... waaay to much to drink to remember anyone's number.

[You're laughing. Why are you laughing? It's not funny!]

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Do you have a mirror in your pants?

... because I can see myself in them.

[ in a rare moment of expression, cloud looks like that ISN'T what he had planned to say. ]

[there's a brief, eternal moment as Tifa's eyes flare huge in her face as she looks back at her childhood friend before the slow creep of pink starts at her cheeks and washes all the way down to the collar of her shirt. Leaning forward - very hesitantly - she rests her elbows on the bar in front of him. And her voice is a soft, low murmur as she says:]

I thought the cross dressing was a one time thing.

[ wait WHAT ]

Are you questioning my masculinity.

[okay, there's the smile starting to show at the edges of her lips but she's trying to stifle it. He really is adorable sometimes.

And it's not like there's any doubt in her mind he's entirely male. Still, she can't help but tease, just a little.]

You're the one talking about wearing my clothes, Cloud.

[ Oh, the flattest of flat looks. ]

You know that's... [ Sigh. ]

Are you busy tonight? I want to make reservations with you, in my bed.

[ . . . . . ]

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This probably won't end well

Hey beautiful, I hope you know CPR. Cuz you take my breath away.

what!? How could a bad pick up line NOT end with a choir of angels?

[okay... as pick up lines go...

well, that one's kind of sweet.

Not sweet enough to fall for but - still kind of sweet. So you get a crooked smile, strange man at her bar. And she'll push the peanut bowl closer. It means she's not being mean when she teases:]

I think someone's already full enough of hot air.

Hey, she hasn't smacked him and isn't laughing, this is almost as good!

[Hey, when you are this drunk and resorting to this horrible of pickup lines, any result that doesn't get you kicked out of the bar is good.

He smiles at her though, taking a couple of the peanuts and having a little snack.]

Ya know, it's really bad how much of a weakness I have for sweet girls. Gonna be my undoing one of these days.

close enough to count in my book

[That makes her smile a little fuller. She can appreciate the way he just rolls with it.

And he's got a cute smile too. So she'll shake her head but her eyes are smiling as she collects nearby glasses.]

You've got to watch out for sweet girls. They're easy to underestimate.

[eat the salty peanuts. They make you thirsty]

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