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1183. love, love, love
Three Types Of Love Meme (Expanded)

This meme deals with three types of love: angsty, sweet and twisted! Please note that there are triggers abound!

- Post your characters and include preferences (if any!)
- Others reply
- Go to
RNG and enter the numbers 1-3 to get a love type, then 1-20 to get a scene. Or just choose one that takes your fancy!
- Please respect if someone doesn't want to play a particular scene out and choose something else.

01. IT'S TOO LATE TO APOLOGIZE. You had a fight and now your lover isn't sure they want to even hear your apologies.
02. HURT/COMFORT. You or your lover is in pain, physically or mentally, and needs to be comforted.
03. SECOND BEST. No matter what your lover says, you feel like they're only settling for you like a second choice.
04. CHEATED. You've seen all the signs; lipstick on the collar, scratches down the
back, hickeys you didn't leave behind. Do you want to keep ignoring it or finally confront them?
05. KEEP ME FROM FALLING. Your lover is being discouraged from seeking any sort of
relationship with you and it's definitely a strain.
06. BUT HOW DO I KNOW... You love your partner so much, but you're uncertain just how they feel about you.
07. JUST NOT FEELING THE SPARK... That spark in he bedroom seems to be gone, so how are you going to deal?
08. I WANT YOUR LOVE, I DON' WANT TO BE FRIENDS. You're obsessed with the object of your affection and you will stop at nothing to
win them over.
09. A KISS WITH A FIST IS BETTER THAN NONE. Your relationship is rough and you spend more time fighting than anything else, but you can't give up that spark anyway. You'll stay together even if you both end up miserable.
10. THE END. It's time to break up. Suddenly or something you've both seen coming awhile, the choice is yours.
11. AS LOVE LAYS BLEEDING. Your lover has been fatally wounded, so spend your last moments with them and make them as memorable as possible.
12. AFFAIR TO REMEMBER. you're not even really together together with this person. You're having an affair on your lover, but you just can't say no.
13. ARGUMENT. You're in the middle of fighting with your lover, either physically or verbally.
14. ACCIDENTAL PHOTO. Stripper on the lap, about to make out with someone else? Nude photos of another person? Whatever the case, you just got an accidental photo sent to your phone of your lover with someone else or a naked photo of someone else intended for your lover. Heck, maybe it's even a naked photo OF your lover that's intended for someone else.
15. CAN'T SAVE YOU. Your lover is going to sacrifice themselves and you can't save them. You can spend your last night with them though.
16. FALLING APART. Your life with your lover is falling apart due to outside circumstances and all you can do is try to hold on together.
17. SECRET LOVER. You and your lover have to keep your relationship a secret, but unfortunately, you've been found out by someone who disapproves. How will you deal?
. You know you're no good for your lover and in the end, you're going to make them hurt.
19. KEEP YOU SAFE. Your lover has been hurt in an intimate way by someone else and all you can do is try to pick up the pieces.
20.YOUR CHOICE. choose or combine any of the choices on here or make up your own!
01.JUST LIKE THE FIRST TIME. It's time to tell that person how much they mean to you.
02.COMMITMENT. It's finally that time to make your relationship a little less casual and something more committed.
03. KIDS. It's time for that next step! Time to reveal you're pregnant or you've adopted.
04. ANNIVERSARY. it's your one week, one month, or one year anniversary! Or however long you'd like to make it! How do you celebrate?
05. WANT YOU BACK. All couples have rough times! You might have called it quits for awhile, but it's time to give it another shot!
06. GOTTA STAY INSIDE. The weather outside has made it impossible to go out, so why not snuggle up with your lover and enjoy yourselves?
07. I JUST WANT TO SAY... You feel the need to tell your lover just exactly how much he or she means to you.
08. DATE NIGHT. You decided to take your lover out on an honest date.
09. SICK DAY. Your lover is down with a cold or flu and it's time to take care of them!
10. EXPERIMENTATION. You both love each other so there's absolutely nothing wrong with a little healthy experimentation in the bedroom.
11. GIFTS. You found the perfect gift for your lover and it's time to give it to them!
12. PATCH YOU UP. Your lover is injured and you've got to take care of them.
13. LET'S MAKE LOVE. You want to take it slow tonight, really slow. You want to take the time to love and worship each other's bodies.
14. SEXTING. Your lover is away from you so you decide to spice things up with some text messages and maybe even some photos.
15. KISSES. A good old fashioned make out session. You're not necessarily into taking it to the next level, just kissing each other is enough right now. That might include kissing every inch of the other's body too.
16. WELCOME HOME. Your lover has been gone for far too long and now they're back. It's time to welcome them.
17. RESCUE YOU. You've given everything to rescue your lover and now it's time for some well deserved time together.
18. RUNNING AWAY. You and your lover has run away together to start a new, happier life.
19. CHOOSE YOU. You have to turn away something amazing just to be with your lover and you don't regret it for a second.
20.YOUR CHOICE. choose or combine any of the choices on here or make up your own!
01. YOU WOULDN'T WANT ME TO HAVE TO HURT YOU TOO... The object of your love/lust is resisting your advances, so it's time to take what you want.
02. JEALOUSY. It's jealousy to the extreme. You're going to make damn sure your lover knows how you feel about them seeing other people.
03. INCEST IS BEST. You know it's wrong, all kinds of sinful, but you can't resist the draw. If characters aren't related, then they are now! Or at least it feels very close to incest anyway.
04. YOU'RE NEVER GONNA GET FAR. You love that person so much, you've made sure they can't get away - by physically tying them down or by some other emotional or mental means.
05. I'LL MAKE YOU HURT. You've set it up to make sure your lover catches you cheating or doing something else hurtful just for that reason. You want to make them suffer.
06. CHAINS AND WHIPS EXCITE ME. You're both taking sex to extremes.
07. BROKEN. Your lover has utterly broken you and you need them to know.
08. SECRECY. You're embarrassed by your lover, utterly embarrassed. If they weren't
useful in some way (even if it's just in bed!), you wouldn't even be with them.
09. YOU'RE MY LAST CHOICE. You don't really love the person you're with, but they're all you could snatch up and it's no secret to either of you.
10. FORCED TOGETHER. You don' love each other, but you have no choice but to be together due to outside influences. Alternatively, you've been captured and are now being forced to make a sex video even if you don't want to.
11. WATCH HOW I DO IT. You were just forced to watch your lover have sex with someone else (willingly or not) or beaten and now you've got to deal with the aftermath.
12. IF YOU ONLY KNEW. You're not who your lover thinks or you've got a lot of deep dark secrets that, if they only knew, they'd hate you forever.
13. NOT WHO I WAS. Maybe your lover was replaced with a pod person or they're under brainwash or something, but you know they're not who they were.
14. LOVE POTION XXX. You couldn't resist it anymore. You needed your lover, so you've drugged them into loving and wanting you too.
15. THREATS. This person isn't with you willingly. They're only putting up with you because you've threatened them into doing so.
17. NOT GOING TO SAVE YOU. Your lover is on the brink and you're just going to watch them fall. You don't care anymore.
18. HATE YOU. You need your lover to know how exactly much you hate them. You can't even touch them without your skin crawling.
19. BETRAYAL. You've betrayed your lover in some huge way and you don't care that they've found out.
20.YOUR CHOICE. choose or combine any of the choices on here or make up your own!

11! Because I'm awful.

[It's a rare day off, and Ben is seated on the sofa after breakfast working on his memoirs some more. He's sitting sideways with his stocking feet in Maria's lap, and his typing gets rather emphatic for a few moments before it slows and then trickles to a stop. He rests his cheek on the sofa back and rubs his forehead.]

I don't know what possessed me to think this was a good idea.

and awesome <3

[Maria looks up from rubbing Julius's belly -- the cat has stuffed himself, upside-down, between her leg and the arm of the couch and is dozing with all four feet in the air, occasionally rousing himself enough to bat lazily at her wrist.

She makes a quiet, sympathetic kind of nonsense noise and holds her hand out to him. The unspoken rules about touching have gotten even more lax, but she still offers more often than not, out of respect for him, out of love for him and a ferocious desire not to hurt or push him inadvertently.]

<3 <3 <3

[Grazina is sleeping on Ben's knees, twitching occasionally from whatever kitten dreams she's having. Ben reaches over and takes Maria's hand.] Stuff like this-- [He waves his free hand at his computer.] Is the reason I thank God for you. I had rape issues before slavery turned me into a sex toy for desperate and lonely people.

Re: <3 <3 <3

[Maria flinches, bodily and painfully, and for a moment her expression vacillates between wounded and horrified and furious on his behalf before it resolves itself into something sharp and dangerous. It's the face she makes in those rare moments when the crippled-old-woman act flakes away.]

Tell me where to find them and I will see to it they are made very dead for it, Volchok moy.

Edited at 2012-09-05 08:47 pm (UTC)

[The smile he gives back to Maria is sad and crooked, and he squeezes her hand.] I took care of the last one myself. The others are scattered. Hell, Maria, half the time they don't even tell me what city I'm in, let alone give me their full names.

[Something in her heart twists, and she realizes yet again that unless she finds some way to prevent it he's going to be right back in that vicious cycle as soon as something happens to her. She can't let that happen. She can't.

She just hasn't found a good way to prevent it yet. Not for lack of trying.]

Nevertheless. I am not without resources. I will make it happen for you, if you want it.

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[And the one with the knife tut-tuts and holds up a hand to stop Broken Wrist from taking another swing. "Patience. It's no fun if he isn't awake for it, you idiot."

He steps up to Ben's side, examines the wolfsbane for a moment, and then yanks it away with a sharp motion. "Let's see if that helps."]

[Ben convulses and comes back to with a gasp and a moan. He can't hold himself up; both his legs are broker'n shit and his arms are busted to hell too.

And it doesn't help when that bat smashes against his exposed ribs. Broken Wrist gets in a good windup for it, too.]

[And Knifeboy chuckles and goes back to carving a series of slow, intricate lines in Ben's back, occasionally stepping back out of the way so Broken Wrist can get his licks in unencumbered. "Now, you said without the wolfsbane you would heal, is that not so? Go on, vilkas. Show me how you heal."]

[The hell of it is, he is healing. The knife wounds on his face from earlier are nearly closed up.

Of course, he's still got silver in his chest causing issues, and broken bones always take longer. If he lives through this, he's going to be laid up for awhile.] Fuck. You.

[Knifeboy laughs cruelly and traces a line down the length of Ben's spine. "I should find a wolf of my own to practice on, I think. Pity you're already spoken for, but I'm sure I can find one that would be suitable."]

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Re: 11! Because I'm awful.

[And Maria . . . don't even get her started on the angel. She's not ready to process that yet and may not be for a while.

But she asked God not to take him. And He didn't. And maybe, when the whole thing is not so very fresh and painful, she'll have to think about what that means.]

I need you still, Volchok moy. I would be lost without you.

I know, honey. I love you. I won't ever leave you of my own will.

[Breathing. Inhaling her scent, grounding himself.] It's mutual, you know. I got no reason to be here without you. None. [Julius lets out a grumpy what-about-me mrrrt.] Fine, old man, maybe you and the kid too. But you wouldn't be here without Maria indulging me, so put a sock in it.

[Maria chokes on a laugh and kisses the side of Ben's neck.]

Ach, my poor Volchok, tyrannized by a bossy old cat. And by Julius too, just to make matters worse.

[Joking is a good sign. It's a sign that she's pulling her shattered emotional defenses back together.]

[Ben huffs out a laugh.] I'm older than everyone here. I should be the top damn dog and instead I'm the Omega. No justice. None.

[He noses into her hair.] And I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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