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1178. Praise-a-mun/muse Meme

Let's spread some good vibes around! Want to thank your RP partners/canon mates/verse mates/whatever for being rad? Do it here! Everyone likes knowing they're doing a good job or that people enjoy playing with them.

Please don't post a list of your characters. This meme is designed for you to give other people love, not for you to get it.

No wank, just have fun and spread some good feelings.

Taken from here with a few minor changes.

I need to be less shy about throwing him out places (I am going to get better about that, I SWEAR) but:

notrosetinted = best. Scott Summers. EVER. And I am loving the hell out of our threads. (But you knew that. ♥)

Your Logan is INCREDIBLE, and I am having a blast with you.

THANK YOU. My day (and possibly life) has been made!

Awww, shucks. *insert bashful smiley here*

But seriously. I have never been SO glad to be enabled so easily. Your Scott is AMAZING, and yes. Blast is being had. <3


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