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1167, Rabbit Done Died Meme
The Rabbit Done Died

"The rabbit died" is an old saying meaning one is pregnant, coming from the now no longer practiced rabbit test.


You're pregnant. Knocked up. Eating for two. Have a bun in the oven.
Insert your own cliched phrase here. No matter how you say it, you're
downright fertilized. Even if you're not typically in possession of a
womb, somehow it happened. Are you scared? Happy? Gassy? A combination
of everything? And who's the father, anyway?

1. Post with your character with their name and series in the subject line. If
you want to avoid any of the options, this would also be a good place to
list them.
2. This is one of those RNG memes, so you'll want to go to our good friend Random Number Generator and roll 1-6 for how far along you are. Or just pick what one you'd prefer.
3. If you're replying to someone, roll 1-4 for how you factor into this madness!

So, how far along are you anyway?

1. Two months - Sooooo all this sickness is kind of annoying, isn't it? At least you can still fit in your old clothes, right?

2. Four months - Okay, so things are getting a little tight. Time to break out the flowy stuff!

3. Six months - OH MY GOD IT'S AN ALI-- oh, no. It's just the baby moving. Although it's still kind of creepy, isn't it?

4. Eight months - Please. Please let it be over. Have mercy.

5. Overdue - C'mon kid! I'll buy you a pony! NO! TWO PONIES! My baaaaaack.

6. Wildcard - Your choice!

What's your role in this whole mess, person replying?

1. YOU ARE THE FATHER - Well, now you've gone and done it. Are you going to take responsibility, or head for the hills?

2. Friend - You may not have done the deed, but you're going to be there to help your buddy. No matter HOW weird the circumstances!

3. Enemy - Do you feel a 'HAW HAW' coming on? This is just too funny.

4. Wildcard - Second verse, same as the first.

Not my meme. Shamelessly copied!

Emily Peters - The Walking Dead OC - Open (4 months)

[ooc: No getting pregnant by other females, please.]

Couldn't pass this up. And I rolled a one. xD

[Alaric always thought he'd have kids with Debbie, the girl he loved since he was sixteen. He wasn't expecting this to come out of a one-night stand, and he feels maybe it's fate. He likes Emily a lot, and finds her engaging, smart, funny and beautiful. When they found out she was pregnant, he worried she might want to abort the child, especially when he admitted to being a werewolf. It was tough going for a while, yet they managed.]

How are ya feeling, hon?

Eee! Cute little wolfie babies! <3

[Her visit to Bon Temps wasn't suppose to leave her pregnant by a werewolf. While knowing what Alaric was didn't bother her, it did make her worry about what was in store for since she'd never been pregnant by a werewolf before. Hopefully, someone would help them.]

I'm okay. Tired, though. Have you found someone to help with this?

Cutest thing ever, amirite?

Sam's girlfriend Luna agreed to speak to ya.We're supposed to have supper with 'em tomorrow night. [It was going to be awkward after what happened, but Alcide is willing to do it for Emily and their child.]

Youre quite right! :D

[She doesn't know Luna, and has only met Sam once, but if they can help, then she's willing to listen.]

All right. We can have dinner with them tomorrow. Are we supposed to bring anything? I can make some cupcakes, or something.

Such angst! xD

[He's glad she agrees to the supper, knowing it's the best thing for the both of them. And her question gets a chuckle out of him.]

They didn't say anythin' about bringing food, but if it would make you feel better, you can bring whatever you like, hon.

[He looks down at her small bump, his hand twitching and moving closer to rest upon it; however, he doesn't dare since he's not sure where their relationship lies.]

Are you hungry? I could make ya up something.

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Angst is good sometimes!

I think I'll make a batch before we go tomorrow. I miss baking. [She really hadn't done a lot of it since coming there.

With a sigh, she looks at him, noticing the way his hand is moving toward her. Emily isn't sure why he's being so standoffish, but it makes her feel awful so she gently grabs his wrist, and pulls his hand closer.]

You can touch me, you know.

That it can. xD

Alright, hon. Don't think I got stuff for 'em so we can go shipping later.

[The grab of his wrist surprises him and he looks to her. He nods and gingerly lays his hand over her bump. That's his child growing in there, and it's completely amazing. It's been a very long time since he's felt this amazed by something.]

You're perfect. Thank you for this.

I'm not even going to roll. 1.

[To say John was surprised when Emily told him she was pregnant was an understatement. He'd think after so much time he'd be less surprised. It was something he was glad could still surprise him. With EMily it had him want to tell her about himself, but feared she'd think he was insane and want nothing to do with him.

Four months in now and she got one doting man taking care of her any chance he got.]

Yay! <33

[While they had talked about having children together, Emily never thought it would happen this soon. Not that she was complaining; John was a loving man and she knew he would be a wonderful father. Of course, she still had to tell him about her being from parents with vampire DNA, but that would eventually come up, even if she was afraid to tell him.

She gave him a smile when he handed her the bowl of ice cream.]

Thank you, love. Sit with me?


Like I would ever pass that up.

[He smiled and sat down, drawing her into his lap kissing her gently.]

There is something I wanted to talk to you about.

[He cared deeply for Emily, and the thought of things to come in their future troubled him. He always ended up having to leave at some point because of his condition as it were. He wanted her to know, so he could stay.]

[She grips the bowl of ice cream and shifts to sit on his lap. When he says there's something he needs to tell her, her brow furrows.]

And what's that?

Things about me you don't know. Things I want you to know.

[She lets out the breath she's been holding and softly laughs.] Yeah? Well, there's some things about me you don't know either, John.

We'll call this our sharing moment then. I'll go first.

I was born Johann van der Zee. I was born born on June 1, 1607.

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