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Raven quoththeraymond wrote in memebells
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119. Somebody's been sleeping in my bed!
Someone's sleeping in your bed, or you're sleeping in someone's bed. What happens.


Oh fine.

And they're still there!

  • Post with your character.

  • ...while we're at it, mention details like if they're sleeping or the discoverer of the sleeping person or you don't care, and if they're sleeping what they're wearing. (Mainly 'cause I've seen various versions of this meme go around and having one person assume footed fuzzy PJs and the other nothing could get...awkward.)

  • Reply to others! If they're sleeping, see previous.

  • And have fun.

[It's not long before a combination of the warmth, the stroking, and Tifa's closeness lulls the puppy into a deep sleep once more. Maybe tomorrow he can look for mama, but for now he feels safe.]