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Raven quoththeraymond wrote in memebells
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119. Somebody's been sleeping in my bed!
Someone's sleeping in your bed, or you're sleeping in someone's bed. What happens.


Oh fine.

And they're still there!

  • Post with your character.

  • ...while we're at it, mention details like if they're sleeping or the discoverer of the sleeping person or you don't care, and if they're sleeping what they're wearing. (Mainly 'cause I've seen various versions of this meme go around and having one person assume footed fuzzy PJs and the other nothing could get...awkward.)

  • Reply to others! If they're sleeping, see previous.

  • And have fun.

Kiba (puppy) || Wolf's Rain

[He might be hard to see, but there's a small, white, fluffy wolf puppy all curled up and asleep in your bed. He's sleeping so peacefully... will you dare disturb him?]

[... Did she have you while she was sleeping? So confused... though, you don't have any markings. Going to give a small nudge]

[No, he's just a normal wolf puppy. Who knows why he's here though, probably because it smelled like wolves. He lets out a small whine and shifts as you nudge him.]

[Tail wag and licks]

[Asdf Who's licking him? It brings him out of his sleep. Aroo? Who are you?]

[Arf. The wolf that lives here. You somehow found my bedding.]

[Ah, you were who he smelled? But the bed was comfy...]

[Oh don't worry; she's not about to kick you out.]

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[they warn you, when you sleep outside, that something might be attracted to the warmth and crawl into your sleeping bag with you. Tifa always thought that meant bad things - like snakes. Waking up with rain coming down on the canvas of the tent and a tiny ball of fluff in the bedroll though... well, there's really only one thing to do in response.

Go absolutely melty inside, snuggle in a little bit more around said fluff and curl fingers into that nice fur.]

[Well, it was warm and dry and safe from the rain, and he had nowhere else to go. He does shift a bit in his sleep as Tifa's hands go through his fur. Not quite enough to wake him, but he does make small noises.]

[oh dear... there's some dangerous cuteness going on. Her mind's already flicking through how she's going to convince the others to keep the ball of fluff. She doesn't think it will be hard though - Aerith and Yuffie and probably even Barret will side with her right away. Gentle, she'll stroke the fur, curling closer around the little bundle. Poor sweet thing. Where's the mama?]

[His mama wasn't anywhere near, sadly; he'd wandered in here while looking for her. But while the stroking does feel nice, it does eventually wake him up. Ah... who is this??]

[she hadn't meant to wake the little pile of fuzz up but when he did stir, she was careful not to change what she was doing or make any sudden moves. In fact, she was careful not to even watch him directly, employing the old trick of doing it from the corners of her eyes. Her fingers kept stroking and she made a quiet, soft humming sound in her throat. But she was also very careful to keep her fingers away from his little mouth.]

[Yes, he does have sharp teeth for one so young. But while he looks up at the human, who is much bigger than him, and sees she isn't doing anything to harm him... well, he's enjoying those pets. But he does whimper a bit. Perhaps nervous?]

[the whimper has her giving up pretending not to notice him and she turns her face to look down at him. Still stroking, her long fingers slip up to the top of his tiny head before slipping back down, and she scratches, just the littlest bit. She uses the voice that always seems to work on Marlene when nightmares wake up the little girl, keeping it low and soft, a murmuring hush. Hoping it works on puppies the same way it works on little girls.]

It's all right, sweet heart. It's all right. No one's going to hurt you. You're safe here. It's nice. See? Nice and warm and safe and now you are too. Silly little thing. Did you get lost?

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