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Furiae purity_fallen wrote in memebells
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open meme!
The Absolute Obedience Meme

1. Post with your character.

2. That character is compelled to follow the orders of anyone who replies.

3. Any orders.

4. Any orders.

Meme Strategy:

There's nothing in the rules about whether or not your character knows s/he must obey - as well, the other character might not know that s/he must be obeyed. Play it however you like.

Don't like the orders you got? Not willing to have your character follow them, even if you've had a good time up to this point? Talk to the other player, use OOC notes or PMs, try and work it out.

Got some stuff you'd never want to play out? Consider making a preferences post and linking to it when you reply here.

Wanna give orders that people would love to follow? Give em context. Make it a story. Is this about revenge? Working out some personal issues? Too dumb to realize that the other guy has to do whatever your guy says?

(stolen from lovespheres

I know, and I'm sorry. I was just so lonely.

I was so lonely and it made sense to just reach into your mind and twist.

You could have tried asking.

[He doesn't know, though, if he ever would have said yes. With both the ability and inclination to say no taken away from him, he finds himself unable to judge what he would have wanted before the Master changed him.]

...I'm not upset with you now.

And bedtime now :( More in the morning!

*He sighs* I don't want you to hate me, and being upset is no fun. So that block is still there.

If you really want me to remove it I can . . .

aww - g'night!

[He frowns and pokes at his ice cream with his spoon. He knows what his answer should be - he should demand to be allowed his real feelings about what's happened, and if he hates the Master because of it, so be it, because that's probably how he should feel toward the Time Lord right now.

But right now they're sitting in a shop, eating ice cream together. And it's so much easier, isn't it, to pretend everything is okay and he has a friend in this world, even if he knows the Master has done something terrible to him. He knows it, but he doesn't
feel it - and he doesn't think he wants to.

He shakes his head. It's the coward's way out, letting himself go on with a broken mind just so he doesn't have to face what's happened and lose the Master again, and maybe he isn't fit to make a choice at all in his current condition. But it's what he chooses now, for better or for worse.

Leave it.

*The Master nods.* Probably for the best. Especially since the control hasn't worn off yet, and . . . *He winces* I think I want to do it again.

I'll at least let you set a few limits this time, okay? You can veto at least one thing if you want to, but it's been a long time since I've had a nice tight arse to play with.

Really? [He gives a put-upon sigh, like someone being asked to go to a restaurant he doesn't like as a favor to a loved one.]

It's no wonder you can't find any tight ones if you insist on stretching them out. I'm still sore from the last time.

It's fun while it lasts, dear.

I'm guessing you don't want to go back to complete Stepford Wives-land? It's actually a bit creepy, even by my standards, and having you mostly aware or reality is fine as long as you're not too unhappy.

You're going to do it again no matter what I say, aren't you? You know that kind of makes worrying about my happiness moot, don't you?

...No, I don't want you to rearrange my brain again. I should probably tell you no altogether, shouldn't I?

Probably, but . . . *He sighs* I'm not sure it would help.

How much are you willing to do again? I won't make you do anything except spread your legs if you don't want the rest.

This is probably the worst thing I could do to you, but I don't want you be unhappy. What is wrong with me?

You're insane, that's what's wrong with you. [Said with an arched eyebrow, but without malice.]

You know that I'm willing to do anything right now. I know I shouldn't, and I know what you're doing is wrong, but I can't make myself care.

I don't like the taste of it, though, I'll tell you that. And I want to finish my ice cream first.

Sure, you can do that. And I won't make you use your mouth this time, okay?

Although . . . I hate myself for this, but the drums would go wonderfully quiet if you, er, resisted a bit. I know you don't care, and I'm not going to change that for the sake of what little sanity I have left, but would you pretend a bit? Otherwise I might have to drag some poor bastard off the street the street home and torture them to death.

What, like "oh, Master, don't, no"? Or actually fighting you, because then one of us is probably going to get hurt.

[He's lollygagging a bit when it comes to finishing his ice cream.]

Trying to pull away, maybe. Nothing bad, but enough to make it fool the drums.

I'm so sorry, but I need that right now. So finish up quick, will you?

[There's that imperative again - since it's a question, it's not a very strong order, but Handy finds himself obeying anyway without really thinking about it. He slurps up the last of the ice cream, and gives the empty bowl a wistful look.]

Just once more, though, right? [Not that he can do anything about it if it turns out to not be just once more.]

One more session today, at least. I'll be sated until tomorrow night or the next day if I get to rape you a couple of times now.

Don't forget to try escaping, I want to have a reason to hold tight.

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