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open meme!
The Absolute Obedience Meme

1. Post with your character.

2. That character is compelled to follow the orders of anyone who replies.

3. Any orders.

4. Any orders.

Meme Strategy:

There's nothing in the rules about whether or not your character knows s/he must obey - as well, the other character might not know that s/he must be obeyed. Play it however you like.

Don't like the orders you got? Not willing to have your character follow them, even if you've had a good time up to this point? Talk to the other player, use OOC notes or PMs, try and work it out.

Got some stuff you'd never want to play out? Consider making a preferences post and linking to it when you reply here.

Wanna give orders that people would love to follow? Give em context. Make it a story. Is this about revenge? Working out some personal issues? Too dumb to realize that the other guy has to do whatever your guy says?

(stolen from lovespheres

How about smutty, then?

*It's not as good as if it was the real Doctor, and willing. But a hypnotised Handy makes for some excellent fun anyway.

*He sprawls lazily on the bed, grinning.* Come here, Doctor.

Suuuure. How aware can/should he be?

[He'd take offense to that if he knew what was going on in the Master's head. And under normal circumstances he'd probably bolt at the first sight of the combination of Master + bed + evil grin. But he doesn't know, and these aren't normal circumstances, so he just toddles over and stands at the side of the bed, looking down at the Master with a bemused expression.]

Perfectly aware, if you want. If not then don't

Blow me.

Good good - wanted him aware

What?! I'm not going to - mmph!

[He seems to have crawled onto the bed and taken the Master's cock into his mouth in mid-complaint. He lets out a few alarmed, muffled sounds around it as his head starts to bob up and down, rolling his eyes up to look at the Master's face, shock and fear in his expression.]

You're only human now, Handy. Hypnotizing you was actually pathetically easy compared to your original.

The implanted commands will make you have sex in any way I ask. It's not quite like having a willing Doctor, but it's as close as I'm likely to get.

You're good at this, keep it up. *He laughs at his own pun.* And do swallow when I come, will you?


[Rassilon, he can't stop himself - his head just keeps bobbing up and down, his tongue licking at the Master's erection, so full and heavy and unwelcome in his mouth. Maybe under other circumstances - but he doesn't want this. Not now, not like this.

He can't make himself pull off, but he can make his hand reach up to grab the Master's balls and
twist, trying to hurt him enough to make this stop.]

*He'll get a very hard slap for that one.* If you ever do anything like that again, I will make you feed me your roasted cock on a platter. Is that clear?

[Well, getting hit that hard did have the benefit of getting his mouth off of the Master. His eyes water at the pain, though, and he quickly moves his hand away.]


[The Master didn't specify for him to go back to it, though, and he's not about to do it without a direct order. He'll just be busy trying not to cry, that's all.]

*He sees the tears in Handy's eyes and frowns. He may be insane, but this is still a version of his only friend.* If you want, I can make you unaware of what's really going on here. Would you like that better? I could make you think you're happy this way.

I can go either way on that.

This is rape. Changing what I'm aware of won't change that - you need to stop this. Master, please!

[The thought of happily going at it, believing he wants this, is terrifying. But in a way, it might be easier on him - though of course what he really wants is for the Master to stop what he's doing altogether.]

I think the Master is crazy!kind enough to do that for a friend.

I know, alright? I know what it is, but I need it.

I'm so sorry.

*And he reaches out, editing the other man's brain. Not much, not even changing what he knows--just removing any negative feelings about it. Turning rape into something that matters no more than . . . than getting a candy in a flavor that isn't quite your favorite, perhaps. He won't remove the intellectual horror, that would be more like rape than any sex, but the emotional horror is gone. It's an interesting experience now, that's all.*

Gahh Master. XD

You don't - no! Please!

[The horror drains out of his face and he just stares at the Master, brow furrowing. Then his expression turns into a pout, looking suddenly like a child who'd been told to clean his room, rather than a man being raped by someone he had almost thought of as a friend.]

Do I have to?

At least his friend is happy now? Poor lunatic really sees it that way

*Oh good, it worked. The Master smiles happily.* I'll make it up to you, promise. If you let me take you in the ass I'll buy you ice cream, how about that?

Handy is never going to forgive him...if he ever lets him realize how bad this was.

[He sighs. A little voice in the back of his mind tells him that he should resist at all costs, but he can't make out why that is. It's just a bit tedious having to take the Master in both front and back, is all. Ice cream could make it all worthwhile, though.]

Allriiiight. Did you want me to finish up this way first?

Lucky it's just a meme, yeah? :D And he won't, that would be cruel

Yes, please. It won't take long.

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