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112. Apocalpyse How Meme
  Apocalypse How Meme

It's the end of the world as you know it.  How do you feel?

Somehow the world has ended.  Maybe it was nuclear war.  Maybe a horde of zombies descended on the world.  Maybe some virus just started targeting the population, dwindling the numbers down to nil.  Whatever it is, your character is one of the few that's survived.  And depending on what this new world has in store for them, they might wish they weren't so lucky.

How it works
→ Choose from one of the scenarios below, or randomize your options using RNG 1-8.
→ Post with your character, putting their name, fandom, and scenario number in the subject line.
→ Other characters respond to yours.
→ You respond to others.
→ Have fun!

Remember that the topic is likely to be dark and may contain triggering issues or sexual content.  Please be respectful of other players.

1.  Last Action Hero - You tried your best to save the world, but despite the superpowers, the teamwork, and the sacrifice of many good friends, you couldn't quite pull it off.  Now you're left with your guilt and a universe where half the people left are depending on you to help them, while the rest are trying to hunt you down for your failures.  Good luck with that, hero.

2. Science Savior - They said it was impossible, they said it was futile, but you know that if you just got a little bit of support you could fix all of the world's troubles.  Maybe your experiments are a bit on the unethical side, but the survival of humanity is depending on you!  You can't let the world down.  Time to grab those test-tubes and get yourself a lab assistant that doesn't mind getting their hands dirty.

3.  The Last Man/Woman On Earth - Well, it's finally happened.  A virus or disease or genetic mutation has all but wiped out members of the opposite sex and humanity is doomed.  But what's this?  A lone survivor?  As the saviour of the species, they'll be glad to lend a hand (or reproductive organ) to help restore the population, right?  Maybe a little bit of persuasion is in order.

4.  So Lonely - You haven't talked to another person in days and you're starved for conversation.  So when you finally meet another lone traveler it makes total sense to stick together, right?  Maybe share some food, some companionship, some ammo....Better hope you both get along.

5. Zombieland - That's right.  It's those damn zombies ruining everything.  Maybe you woke up in an abandoned hospital and had to run for your life from some orderlies munching on the other patients.  Maybe you spotted your dear uncle Fred crawling out of the cemetary for an unscheduled family visit.  Either way, the world as you knew it is gone.  It's zombieland now, so grab a shotgun, aim for the head, and don't skimp on the bullets.

6. Mutation Station - The bomb dropped and some people weren't fortunate enough to go in the blast.  Now those left behind have to deal with nuclear winter, a dwindling food supply, and some strange additions to the human gene code.  Maybe these superhumans are friendly and misunderstood.  Then again, maybe they just want to eat your brains.

7. Last Dance - The world is ending.  You know it, everyone knows it, so the only thing left to do is party like it's 1999.  Complete your bucket list, do the things you never got the chance to do before, and maybe screw up the courage to do the things you were too scared to even think about doing.  Oh, and watch out for looters. 

8.  Own scenario.  Anything you can think of that isn't already mentioned can go here

Claire Bennet ∞ Heroes

[It was just as she had feared, only she never dreamed it would come so soon. Everyone else was gone, and it was just Claire, standing alone in the middle of Times Square. There were no news broadcasts, no radio transmissions; no one was left to give them. She couldn't even cry, she was out of tears. She had swept so many as the supposedly-destroyed Shanti virus swept across the planet, then when the wars came... she sobbed, then, watching families torn apart, the world around her literally falling to pieces.

The signs, the flashing lights, they were all broken, the buildings empty shells of a city that used to be so full of life. Claire looked around in vain, hoping for someone, anyone who might be left

(OOC: I set this up for scenario 3 because it seems the most interesting for Claire, but if you'd rather do another, feel free to roll one!)

3 and 4, then, KK?

*Oh look, a person! Well, sort of. The Master is bloody, deranged and cackling, but when he sees her he attempts a friendly wave and hurries over.

*He might have rape and cannibalism on his mind, but that doesn't mean that he can't be polite!*

3 and 4 seem to go hand in hand so sure~

[She stands her ground cautiously, watching the guy approach.] Um... hello?

Unless just everyone of one sex dies, yes. Are you willing to play out the horror?

I haven't seen anyone all day. Not even corpses. I'm so glad I've found you!

Hm. I think I'm okay as long as he doesn't eat her. :3

Everyone's dead, there's no one. [A tiny part of her mind wonders where Sylar is, but then... she's sort of glad he's not there with her, then he'd have been right all along.] You're the first person I've seen all day, too, and I've been wandering around for hours.

Maybe a few bites, he's VERY hungry. But we don't have to play out more eating than that

I'm Harry. What's your name?

*And where's a piece of rebar? She'll be easier to carry home on a spit. Easier to cook that way, too . . .*

That sounds reasonable. XD

I'm Claire. [She pauses, hands in her pockets.] Did you uh, wanna stick together? Thought I was starting to lose my mind, alone for all this time.

He may keep her as his food source, but that's post-FTB

Stick together? Sure, we can stick together. *Rebar, check. Swinging it at her head, check.* We'll be together forever.

*And he'll just be breaking her legs now, kk? It'll keep her from running while he, um, inserts the spit.*

Please don't scream. It's annoying and no one will hear you anyway. You can try begging, but it probably won't help. *He gives her a once-over, feeling her sides and arms.* Mmm, yes. Good quality.


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