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The Bad Life Decisions Meme

So. Your character has just made a ~*stellar*~ life choice.
Stolen from adstringendum/onnicomprensivo

Post with your characters, and others will post to your thread with the number they rolled using the RNG. The number decides what beautiful choice you or the both of you have made.

1. Morning After; The morning after. You guys may have been drunk or completely sober. You may remember or have no clue who this is in your bed or why they're there. But they're there. And you guys did it. Is this a total disaster or a blissful recollection of a night of magic?

2. Popo Shut Us Down; Oh crap, get to the getaway car! You may be innocent or have actually broken the law, but either way, you've got to escape those sirens! That, or spend the night in jail contemplating your lives.

3. Knocked Up; You're what? Can you hear the pitter patter of little feet?

4. Married In Vegas; Wow man, wasn't last night awesome? Yeah bro I can't remember half of it it was the bes--- hey what's that on your finger... and on mine?! Yeah, you guys got married. Wat do.

5. Anger Management; You don't know why, but you're hit with the overwhelming urge to punch this person in the face. So you do. And everything rolls on from there. Do you get in an overly dramatic fight full of fiery explosions? Is a friendship shattered? Who knows!

6. Kinda Hungry Dude; You're hungry! Either both of you or just the one posting to the thread. You have eaten questionable brownies. Suddenly everything seems kinda funny, and your hunger hasn't been sated at all. In fact, you could really go for some more snacks.

7. Nice and Breezy; STREAKING. YOU'RE STREAKING. And the person you're posting to gets a lovely, full-frontal view of your naked parts. Join in or question the person's sanity?

8. Wasted Together; You're drunk. The pair of you. So drunk. Shenanigans ensue.

9. Hay Gurl; For some reason, you're compelled to try out every pickup line you know on this person. Especially the horrible ones. Oh, god, why can't you stop this?

10. Deepest and Darkest; You've just blurted out your worst, mostly deeply buried secret. The dirtiest of your dirty laundry. And less blurted it than screamed it at the top of your lungs for reasons unknown to you.

8 - for giggles?

And that's when I said 'the boots leave or you do'.

Honestly, how can a man wade though something like that and not think to take off his boots when he comes in the door?

[sorry, Pepper. Tifa's usually good about not sharing but well, here. Have another shot. Bar tender's gotta practice new drink recipes and she needs a second opinion.]

Edited at 2011-08-19 08:01 am (UTC)

Why sure!

[How did Pepper even GET here? She doesn't make a habit of being in bars off duty. She doesn't remember, but there is surely an appropriate and reasonable reason for it.


No, yeah. I get that. I had to clean...[She makes a wide hand gesture, but what exactly she's gesturing at is anyone's guess.]...a pile of green something from Atlantis off the carpet last week. I didn't go to school for that.


[Tifa's not sure what Atlantis is but green goo on the floor she can entirely relate to. Have a slightly wobbly nod that she'll have to put a hand on the bar counter afterward over.]

Right. How'd they - if we weren't around? - absolutely buried in their stuff within a month's time. Their dirty stuff.

[in her head that was a complete sentence]

He tried to keep a spare tire in the bedroom.

[Pepper blinked, recognizing the signs that her bartender was on the verge of completely gone. She herself was fine, of course.]

In the bedroom? He can't get a garage? [Sounds more like: hecandeggagarage?]

[she definitely needed to cut off her new friend's supply of booze, Tifa thought. And then lost the thought as she realized that 'booze' rhymed with 'looze' and - what? There was a squint as she tried to translate Pepper's question. She poured them both another shot and then both elbows went on the counter.]

Hi's a guy. Can't figure outta - out the difference between a house an' a - a - a motorcycle storage place. [there's a gusty sigh] But he's sucha cute guy...


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