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1049: What Is It Good For?
Away at War/Battle Meme

We all know war can be a hard time for everyone but those left behind? It can be torture. Hoping you get a letter or a call, staying glued to the television and cringing at those news stories. Guess what happens to you now? Your loved one has gone off to fight a war (battle, fight, in that ilk of things) and some time has passed. Sadly the letters and e-mails have stopped so you are left wondering the fate of your loved one. What do you do? Do you move on or are you holding on to hope they'll come back?

Warning: There are triggers inside.

1. Post as your characters (List whether you prefer to be the one left behind or the returnee).
2. Others go to RNG and roll 1-8 for a scenes then respond.
3. Feel free to make up your own scenes too!
4. Respect others' preferences!
5. Have fun!
6. Angst away!

One: You get a call, or you get a knock at the door. You are told the person you love is dead and you feel like your whole world has caved in. The healing takes time but after awhile you pick up the pieces and you've finally moved on. You've never forgotten them and you know they'd want you to be happy. Then one day you get another call and you feel like you've been punched in the gut. Surprise! Your loved one is alive and has been rescued. What do you do now? Or if you are the one returning home how do you handle knowing the person you love is with another? Do you try to get them back? Or do you let them stay happy and walk away?

Two: You are so relieved to hear that they've found your loved one. You go to the hospital to see them but when you go to kiss them they stop you. Oh...wait...they have a big chunk of their memory gone. Oh no! Can you get them to remember your lives together? Does it hurt too much that you walk away rather than deal with it? You with the memory loss do you try to find yourself letting this person guide you. Do you refuse and walk away? Are those memories ever return, or are they gone forever?

Three: They have come back safe and sound. Though they cringe away from your touch and can be a little violent. Something about them has changed because of what they've seen. They rarely sleep and when they do they wake up screaming. The intimacy seems to be gone because you can't seen to get close to them. Can you handle it? Can you work with them? Or have you had enough? Do you leave? The returnee how do you feel? Do you wish you could just hold them and be normal again? Do you seek help or think you can handle it yourself?

Four: Even before they left it was as if the love was gone between the two of you. Plans have been made to break-up or divorce but after the hell they went through? You feel obligated to stay. You try your best to rekindle what was lost but it's gone. Finally you are at the breaking point and it's time to tell your significant other that it's over. You want to end it. Either one of you has this feeling and are acting to end the charade. Ready to break it to the hometown hero or to your sweetheart that waited for you?

Five: You've lost them and it was just too much for you. People have told you to move on yet you never could. Now you get a call. They've been found but it's unclear if they'll make it. Better hurry and rush to their side just in case. You don't want them to go without you getting to tell them one last time you love them just in case. Alternately you are injured and you know it might be the end and you refuse surgery until you get to see them one last time. You want them to know you love them.

Six: You lost your other half and you still aren't over it. Might be that little one asleep in the other room that has their eyes or smile. You are always reminded of what you lost when you look at that. The sad part is you never got to tell them the good news. Never got to hear their excitement. Or maybe you had an adoption in motion and were just waiting and it happened while they were gone. It still reminds you of what you and your love had planned for their future. Then you get the call they were found, and now you are nervous. How will they get along with their child? Will they still want that life? How do you take it the first time you see your eyes when looking at the child?

Seven: Finally news comes in and they've been found and you couldn't be happier. They were injured pretty badly and had to undergo surgery. They are alive but they've lost a limb or one of their senses. How do you two deal with this? Do you try to work on it together? Do you leave unable to handle it? Or let your loved one go so they can have a normal life? It'll be a long stressful road, can the relationship survive? For better or for worse?

Eight: Wild card.

[With many thanks to bethefaceless for posting this first (as far as I'm aware.)]

Moira Scott (Mary, Queen of Scots) | Project Rewrite | Het & Left Behind

8: Mix of 1 and 6 and timey wimey historical? /so not late

Being away from Maria was agony but it was also a motivation for him as well. It's what kept him running, kept him hiding, kept him living despite the bounty on his head as he stumbled around Italy. When he had refused to help Cesare Borgia in creating weapons in his quest for power against the other countries and Leonardo had made it clear that he would never help a man like Cesare... The man wasn't happy, to say the least.

Taken away from his home one day when Maria was out, Ceasre had decided he'll simply 'persuade' Leonardo to do his bidding in an isolated castle in Italy. Thankfully he had managed to escape before any harm could befall him, stumbling and hiding and barely getting by as Ceasre ruthlessly hunted him down. There were times he just wanted to pass out or give him up to the soliders, so tired and weary of it all but it was the vision of a smiling Maria waiting for him at home that kept him moving. Hoping one day he lived was another step closer to her arms.

Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. He heard so many rumors of himself as he slipped from town to town. How he had died. How he had fled Italy. How he did this and that. They would have been mildly amusing if not for his predicament. Months turned into years. He's been on the run for so long he lost count by now. But he was still a man of logic so when news of the Borgias' falldown came to him... It couldn't be true, could it? He waited for some time, gathering information bit by bit and he saw the truth: The House of Borgia had fallen to ruin. There would be no more hunts for the Borgias' enemies.

He could go home. He didn't waste any time, heading to the direction of where his home and his Maria hopefully waited for him still.

You're just a bit late. :| But I forgive you anyways. <3

Mary Stuart was a woman of impulse-- not always one to think things through and often dashing from one thing to another in an attempt to get it all done. Sitting and waiting and staying in one place were agony to her, and when her cousin had locked her away in England it had been a Hell on Earth. After so long Elizabeth and her advisers said that she had been executed; beheaded-- better for the kingdom to think that the possible crown usurper was no longer in the running, as opposed to what the truth was-- that she had vanished and know one knew how or why. In a way, it was true. Mary Stuart died when a certain Renaissance Man had come to the castle she'd been confined to in the dead of night to both free her and tell her of his love for her. From that day on, Maria da Vinci had lived in her place.

Maria da Vinci was a far more patient woman. Love and a lack of the pressure of ruling a kingdom helped make up for that. So when she had returned one day to find the home a mess and Leonardo gone, she had feared the worst but still hoped for the best. Even though she hadn't know who had taken him, she suspected, and so she kept her head down and kept quiet for fear of the rage of the House of Borgia falling down upon her and her child.

Her child, the one even she had not known she was carrying when Leonardo was taken from her. Going through the months of pregnancy was difficult when alone, especially after she had been so used to her coddling during her pregnancy with James (her sweet boy, how she missed him. She wondered if he thought of her still, though he could never know she lived.) Still, the people of the town were helpful enough to her, especially when the rumours began to spread that Leonardo had died, or left Italy, or both, and when the birth came she was not alone and she (more or less) continued not to be so for the next five years as her little boy grew up. It helped to have him near when there was only bad news in terms of Leonardo's status-- he had his father's eyes, after all.

Before the House of Borgia fell, her dream of having him returned to her dead or alive had all but faded. Perhaps they were right and he had died long ago and it was time to accept. But once the news spread of the fall of the last Borgia, she couldn't help the small spark of hope that ignited in her chest. Perhaps he had really only been running and could now return home-- she hoped, she hoped.

The hope echoed in the back of her mind as she got out of bed every morning. It echoed as she tended to her garden while her little boy played. It practically sang when one day she heard Verrocchio say, "Mamma, there is a strange man coming towards the house."

Her head flies up and her heart catches in her throat. She would know that form anywhere, even if in sleep or blinded. Leonardo.

She manages to get to her feet, but little more. She can only stare as he comes closer, barely daring to believe this isn't another dream.

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You are the beeest~

He was so close and yet so far. Why was he hesitating moving forward, finding out the truth? Didn't he want to know about everything and wasn't that once one of his (few) goals in his life? To discover the secrets and answers of anything and everything?

... Maybe he was scared. Yes. Scared. For all the hiding and running he had done from the Borgias' swords and grasp, the idea of Maria having moved on without him was terrifying than anything else. If he approached the home would their house crest be replaced with something else? Will be welcomed to the sing-song chatter of a husband and wife? Could there be a chance all of the dreaming he had done was what they were -- Just dreaming?

For a wild second he thought maybe he should turn around and leave. It's been years since he last held her in his arms, saw her glittering smile. She was the most beautiful when the most happy and maybe she found happiness somewhere else. He almost turned and left but. But something told him to take this chance. To jump at it. Usually Leonardo was never a man of impulse himself. Life experiences and life in general had taught him that it was never wise to jump head first into something, to look at all angles and, cautiously, approach the situation with the best one.

But considering what his first impulsive action had granted him -- his beautiful wife and a happy home before the Borgias turned their sight on him -- he had decided to risk it. He approached the house even more and was rewarded for the most beautiful sight: Maria, running up towards him. If he was Odysseus, traveling far and wide thanks to a careless mistake of his than she was his faithful, faithful Penelope.

"Maria!" He didn't look back now. He ran straight to her, gathering the woman and ruler of his heart in his arms. He all but clung on as if afraid she'll vanish into smoke and hope if he dared loosen his desperate grip. He pressed shaking lips against her forehead and took a deep breath. He felt warm skin and smelled a wonderful fragrance. She was real. This was all real. "Maria-- I-- It's been so... Mon Dieu, mon amour. I-I have missed you so...!"

Words failed him. The reputed genius of all was bumbling like a fool for once but he didn't care. Maria was here. Maria was home. Could this day not get any better?


She hesitated for only a few moments before she found herself running, for once Verrocchio the farthest thing from her mind as she left him in the garden, gaping at the sight. All she could think of was the approaching form of Leonardo and how even if he was a dream, she would still run to him. Even if he was a specter meant to steal her away, she would let him. She would give everything for the faintest possibility that this moment was a genuine reunion.

And then he calls her name. And then he runs. And then he is holding her and kissing her forehead and she can't breathe, can't speak for the tears of joy that are streaming down her face. Her arms wrap around him tightly-- oh, gracious God, he was real, she could feel him-- as he attempted to speak. When the words failed him, she turned her face upwards and pressed her lips against his, hoping the kiss could communicate all she was trying to say.

Still, though, when they part she searches for words and discovers herself mixing the Gaelic and French of her childhood as she tried to tell him of how deeply she had missed him, "Mo gràidh... Leonardo... Oh, how good it is to have you home, ma lumière."

\ o /

She always spoke better with actions than words. His Maria forever impulsive and passionate. It may have gotten her into trouble, into the greatest peril even at one dark point in their lives, but it was simply her way of living life. It was what made him love her and to have her do that, to still be herself when he was away all these years melted away any fears and worries. This was still his Maria, his light.

The sob he felt rushing up in him was barely contained and a few tears of joy managed to slip away from his eyes. He kissed back, his heart racing with exhilaration and gratitude. If there was a divine power up there, he thanked them will all his heart because his light was back in his life and chasing away the shadows already. The eyes of his, usually so heavy and recently so dead thanks to what he had seen and done during his travels, were twinkling thanks to the joys and tears.

"My beautiful Maria, I am so glad we are together again for I feared that... But I no longer fear. I have you again. Everything in the world is right." All their hardships and trials. All that they've been through. They paid enough coins and tears and drops of blood for it. They deserve their own piece of paradise. They can start again. "I am so glad you are safe, my light. Were treated will while I was away? Are you okay? You were never in danger because of me, no?"

How good was the Lord, she couldn't help but think. How good He was, to let her have this little bit of happiness. To let them have this.

She shakes her head, "The people of town treated us kindly." They took pity on the 'da Vinci widow,' after all, "I was cautious, did my best not to stir up trouble, though I wanted to try to find you so much. But we have not come to any harm."

Us. We. She doesn't even properly realize she's saying it in plural, it's been she and her son for so long.


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