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01. Post with your character and fandom.
02. In the box, put your text from last night. If you can't think of one, go to the TFLN site to find one. Please remember that you're the one texting the first message so please don't leave your comment blank.
03. Tag others to make it more fun! Mistexts happen all the time, right? ;)

Moira Scott (Mary, Queen of Scots) | Project Rewrite

You were right, I'm so drunk and I want to eat the shit out of my vanilla cupcake candle it smells delish

Moira, WTF?

The candle, Elisabethh, it smells so good can I eat it dyou think?

LOL NOPE THAT TOXIC. Sexy if you use it carefully, but toxic if you eat it.

:((( why are all the good stuff always toxic. that's not fair

IDK, but I'll bring you a real vanilla cupcake.

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All the tags. This time something to smile and cry about? 8D

don't! i'm certain you'll get a bad stmch ache if you do! 8(


But Roddyyyyy it smells raelly good. Something that smells so good's gotta taste good tooo.


that's what i thought about vanilla extract too. then X made me drink a spoonful of it. don't learn the hard way! try celery sticks?


But celery stikcs are gross smelling they'll taste so gross!


just becus the candle smells nice won't make it taste nice. try and nibble it and see.

[Waaaaait a second. Oh fu--!!]

ignore my first text, ignore!

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Re: Moira Scott (Mary, Queen of Scots) | Project Rewrite

dooont badbad idea. tried it with a mint candle once.

did it not taste good? myabe it's just the mint ones that don't taste good. do youu think?

rlly bad. all waxty an shit. think the waxy bit apples 2 all candles

but whyyyyy. why would youmake something that smells so good if it doesn't taste good??


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