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fell asleep on.

sweet dreams.

  Someone, whether it be a friend or a total stranger, has fallen asleep on you wherever you happen to be; you are a rather comfortable pillow to them.  

What do you do?


Moira Scott (Mary, Queen of Scots) | Project Rewrite

[She's probably the one that's fallen asleep on you.]

[Well, what are roommates for, if not to serve as temporary pillows?Gigi doesn't mind.]

[It's the roommate thing to do. She falls asleep on Gigi one day, Gigi falls asleep on her another. It's just the way things work.

But really, she hadn't meant to fall asleep. She'd just been leaning against the other girl while reading a biography about Napoleon Bonaparte and, well...

She doesn't snore, but it's easy to tell by the way her breathing evens out that the part of Waterloo had been her own Waterloo in her battle against the drowsiness.]

[Once Gianna understood that reference, she'd say the first page would be her Waterloo. But as it is, she's carefully turning the pages in her cheesy sci-fi novel so she doesn't disturb her roomie. She knows Moira would do the same for her.]

[One of these days, the two of them will sit down and have a heart-to-heart informational session wherein Moira can explain all about Waterloo and other Important Historical Events and Gianna can tell her all about Space: The Final Frontier and they will then both be Informed People. But it's not today. Or tonight, at least.]

[There's no guarantee that Gigi would be able to stay awake for that, but she'd try. She's pretty engrossed in her book now, both enjoying the plot and mentally noting the scientific errors. It's the main reason she chooses sci-fi. And she'd be too embarrassed to read a romance novel. Her eyes tear away from the book just a little, to check that she isn't disturbing Moira.]

[Moira is still sound the asleep, the Napoleon biography slipping out of her hands. When it drops out of her grasp, she blinks awake, the absence of weight and the slight noise it had made upon dropping to the ground alerting her.

She squints a little blearily at the offending book before shifting slightly, noting Gigi's presence.]

S'ry, did I fall 'sleep on ye...?

[The Scottish burr mixes in with her words with the drowsiness. She stifles a yawn as she bends to retrieve the book.]

[The book even startles Gigi, who hadn't really been paying attention and hadn't noticed it was about to fall. She gives a nod, smiling.] Yeah, but it's alright. Pretty sure I fell asleep on you when you convinced me to watch that one movie about that president guy. [Maybe he was a president, maybe he was a king, she can't remember.]

[She shakes her head, slightly bemused by her roommate.] Tha' wasnae a president, Gigi. Tha' was Braveheart.

[And admittedly the movie had been ridiculously historically inaccurate, but that was the fun part of watching.]

[Wait. Did she just fall asleep on him? He carefully holds her, not wanting her to slip off her stool in the laboratory. Easy, Roderic.

One cannot mentally keyboard smash. They just can't and shouldn't be able. But all he think at the moment was oh god do I wake her up or not do I carry her or asdfghyjukil;.

Roderic doesn't know if he should feel proud of breaking abilities. He carefully reaches for his coat that's beside Moira's items on the table they were at, thinking if he was going to be a pillow, he'll at least be a good pillow. The least he can do.

[She didn't mean to fall asleep. Honest. It's just that it had been a late night and she was tired and anything even faintly science-like could be so boring and, well...

Surprisingly, his careful movements don't wake her in the slightest. She continues to doze away as her reaches for his coat.]

[Okay. Okay. Good. Roderic takes the smallest of breaths as he puts the coat over her to make a sufficient blanket for now. She needs to rest but then he needs to find a better place for her to sleep. But where does he go then? Her or his rooms would make people talk and he doesn't want her to get in trouble! No. Not there at all.

... Melody's rooms? It's close by and he has her keys since she gave it to him. Okay. He'll go there. First... He has to carry here there. Be cool, Roderic. You can do this. Just get the things, juggle them on your shoulders and your mouth and don't drop her.

And pray a little bit for good luck. Just in case and away they gooooo.

[Luckily she's not so heavy that he can't lift her, but it's probably a good thing that Melody's rooms are close by.

It's probably also lucky that she brought very little with her, and that everything is pretty empty right now. It only helps to mitigate the possible disaster this could be.]


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