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999. The Wild West meme

Welcome to the wild west! No cars, no telephones, no fancy space lasers. Just horses, dust, and bullets. Does your muse have what it takes to survive in the old west?

Post a comment with your muse's name, canon, and which role they'll be playing in this western. Example: John Doe - Every Story Ever - Sheriff
Feel free to set up a little of the scene with where your muse is and what they're doing. Example: The town sheriff's sitting in front of the jail, watching the town.
Others reply to your comment with another piece of the western puzzle. Maybe it's the stagecoach driver visiting the local brothel or the wanted gunslinger challenging her rival.
Have fun!

1. SHERIFF - You're the law in this town. Do you keep the peace or take a piece for yourself? Not everyone who wears the tin star wears it for a good reason.
2. BOUNTY HUNTER - You make your money tracking down the worst of the worst. Do you bring them in still breathing, or is the 'alive' part in 'Dead or Alive' only a last resort?
3. WANTED MAN - Maybe you're a ruthless killer. Maybe you've been charged with a crime you didn't commit. Either way, there's a price on your head and people who want to collect.
4. GUNSLINGER - You've made a name for yourself with your gun. Now, people want to hire you for your skills or kill you to prove their own.
5. PROSTITUTE - Sometimes there's a brothel in town and sometimes it's just a handful of ladies (or gents) working out of the local saloon. Someone's got to entertain the stagecoach travelers and divest them of their money.
6. STAGECOACH DRIVER - Your job sucks. Hundreds of hours riding on a wooden bench behind galloping horses, getting shot at by bandits or chased by the local natives. You need a drink, a good meal, and maybe some company?
7. DOCTOR - Did you actually study this or do you just like to cut people open?
8. SALOON WORKER - You might own the place or just tend bar there. Maybe you're the poor sucker who plays the piano? Either way, you see it all.
9. NATIVE - An army scout, a stately tribal Chief, or an angry brave... there are foreign men all over your country now. Do you try for peace or take back what's yours?
10. OTHER - Got another role you'd rather play? Go for it!

Also available at memebells on InsaneJournal.

Nick Gant ~ Push ~ Wanted Man [duh!]

[he's keeping out of sight, down in the darkest corner of the saloon with his hat down and a smirk just out of sight. These poor asses. Just give him his next drink, and a few minutes and the place will be lighting up.]

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[ooc: IDEK if I can do Wild West, but the idea of wanted man!Nick and bounty hunter!Bucky was too interesting to pass up! Also, how do you feel about weird westerns? I'd like to keep Bucky's metal arm...]

[ooc: hehe, I love it, actually - and go for it, bb. Not really a Western veteran or anything, so I doubt it matters. Let's have fun! :3]

[Nick's next drink is brought to him by a rather scruffy man with a metal hand he makes no efforts to conceal. The man roughly sets down two glasses of whiskey, taking the seat across from Nick. He gives the man a smile that reeks of feigned pleasantness and nods at him.] Evenin'.

Smiles cost nothin', partner. [aw, guy - he's an expert at those and you fail in his book. Nick raises both brows as he slides his drink towards his chest.] This poisoned or what? Gotta have some residue off your accessory there...

Eh. More for me. [He takes the glass he'd set in front of Nick and downs it on one go.

It's clear from his accent that he's not from around here. He'd struck out west a couple years ago with the prospect of finding gold. Unfortunately, the deposits had been drained quickly, and they'd spent more time digging up the majestic Rocky Mountain landscape than actually finding gold.

Now, with his savings depleting fast, he needs another source of income. And when he saw just how much was being offered for this man's head? Becoming a bounty hunter started sounding real good.

He takes his own glass and downs that, shaking his head as he feels the burn.] I take it you know why I'm here.

Not a damn clue. [his reply is quick and easy, but hsi eyes are sharp. It's not that he's not from around here - Nick's enough of a runner and a drifter to encounter stranger accents than this, people not from around. But this is the palce he frequents, is most comfortable in to call home somehwat...]

Figure you're gonna tell me, though... but I think we're in the wrong place to talk. [his eyes raise, voice slightly teasing...]

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[His brows raise.] Where would the right place to talk be, then?

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Into the saloon comes an unusual figure for these parts. A rather well dressed young man with a knowing air about himself. As if he's older than he seems. But any case, the fact even his simple suit makes him look like he has money has all of the shills and gamblers in the corners starting to mentally lick their chops just looking at him.

Charles ignores the stares and walks right up to the bar and orders a scotch. It had been a long ride in the stage he'd just come in and he felt like taking it easy for awhile.

[his appearance is like a beacon to all the money-grubbers here, and Nick wonders if he even notices for about two seconds before a smirk passes his lips. Sure, he did. He walked in here looking for something, or he's an idiot.]

Hey. [he nods as he slides in beside him slowly. Avoiding eye-contact for now, just a casual greeting.]

[Oh yes, Charles knew what the guys in the back were thinking. But should any of them approach, they were going to find themselves going right back to their seats, forgetting why they got up in the first place.

He turns slightly at the man sitting down next to him.]

Afternoon, my good man. [The light Oxford accent says definitely a higher education on this one.] How is life treating you?

Can't complain - business is slow, but then again most of the places 'round here are gone for shit. [he nods at him.] You're a long way from home, I see.

[Charles has a knowing smile at that comment, downing the rest of his scotch in one go.] I'm looking for a new home, you could say. Looking to set up a medical practice in a good town, if I can find one.

[Another gambler, shuffling cards, starts to get up from his seat. Charles looks like he's rubbing an itch on the side of his head and the man fumbles, cards spraying everywhere as his friends start laughing at him. He's already forgotten why he got up as he's working on playing 52 card pickup.]

What business are you in, Mr....?

Nick Gant, stranger. [he holds out his hand easily, figuring the guy is in the business of being all polite like that. He barely cut a glance at the clumsiness, dismissing it in favour of keeping his eye on the target and game: Charles.] And if you're lookin' to buy, try your luck a little further in. They rip ya off here.

Charles Xavier. [Charles gives him a friendly handshake, looking terribly interested in his advice.] Is that so? What would you think I'm here to buy, Mr. Gant? [He reaches to take a sip of his refilled drink]

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