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101. The Text Adventure Meme

You are in a Livejournal community on the internet. There are a number of posts on it, each of them containing a number of non-canonical situations affectionately known as "memes." Some of them even have fancy pictures attached to them. You wonder if this one just isn't trying hard enough.

There is a post here.


Which one?


"Congratulations! You are now the player avatar of a text adventure! You have full control of the setting and the environment! The only problem is, you have no control over your own actions! But don't worry, the people responding to you have all bought copies of it and are more than willing to guide you in the right direction! We hope."


So here's the deal: You devise a setting for a text adventure for your character to star in; the people replying to you get to input commands as to what your character actually DOES, and you show the results of said action. And possibly some snark in the process.

Have fun!


Arthur / Inception

You are ARTHUR. You are the POINTMAN in a team of DREAM-SHARERS. You are very DETAIL-ORIENTED, SMOOTH, SARCASTIC, an expert MARKSMAN and basically a BAMF all around. Oh, and you can DEFY GRAVITY. You usually wear THREE-PIECE SUITS.

You are currently in an empty warehouse working on notes and research. The rest of the team is RUNNING LATE. Do you -

A) Call the 'leader,' Cobb

B) Call the 'only female of the group and architect,' Ariadne

C) Call 'the lazy, annoying as hell bum' Eames and threaten to basically take away all of his privileges, including the drinking and talking privileges, except maybe the breathing one. Maybe.


>call the leader, maybe he knows why everyone is late

You call COBB the LEADER... who is currently occupied making pancakes for his two CHILDREN, who he was recently reunited with. He does not know where Ariadne and Eames are. You are MILDLY ANNOYED but your GUILT outweighs that, so you allow him his excuse and HANG UP.

Do you -

A) Call Ariadne

B) Continue your research knowing someone will show

C) Call the other guy. Be advised, this is considered your LAST RESORT and involves swallowing your PRIDE.

try that again...

>what kind of research?

I'm too lazy for fonts, haha.

The MARK, a wealthy computer nerd who has no training in dream-sharing and whose soon-to-be-ex-wife hired you to incept his mind, and convince him to give all his riches over to her in the divorce settlement.

On second thought, there is nothing left to research. You actually already finished it all in about five minutes.

oh good, lol

>check dream machine equipment

>call Ariadne


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