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96 - Memebells in...
You Should Have Knocked

So everyone has had this moment in their life, the one where they were so impatient or absent minded they went flinging a door open when they really shouldn't have. Sometimes its not your fault, how could you know your housemate and his girlfriend were having sex on the kitchen table!? Othertimes someone was in the bathroom and failed to close the door the whole way, again not your fault. Sometimes they put up several signs saying "Please don't enter I'm very naked right now" and you just ignore them because who would have that many signs for that?

Anyway, that's this meme, you've just walked in on something you shouldn't have seen, and onto the rules and set-up.
Da Rules!:
A. Post with the standard Character | Fandom | Prompts you don't want to see/Situations you don't want to deal with/Smut or no Smut set-up as is standard with memes now adays. You are the one walking in on someone.
B. Someone responds by rolling 1-12 on the RNG and sets-up what the entry poster walks in on. You can also set-up a scene not on the list below, or cut the RNG short based on what you don't want to do.
B Part 2: Items 1-7 are easily G-rated unless you go out of your way to make them rated higher. 8-10 are more R-rated, but there is wiggle room for playing the crack and awkward up instead of making it smutty. 11 and 12 are kinda hard not to have a little bit smutty given the settings. THIS IS THE WARNING
C. Tag around, have fun with it! The embarrassment will pass... in theory. ^_^

Da Prompts!:
01. Talking to Yourself - Sometimes to work through a problem, you just have to talk it out. Or, in other cases, you need practice before you say something to someone. Whatever the case you were in the middle of talking something out to yourself that you probably didn't want heard by the person to walk in on you. Oops.

02. Wearing an Embarrassing Outfit - Everyone has some bit of clothing they love but would be really awkward to be found in, ask J. Edgar Hoover! Be it drag, or cosplay, that hat your mother knit for you with her own two hands? The ugly sweater your girlfriend gave you, or a uniform for the Next Generation era Star Trek uniform... your secret's out now.

03. Rocking Out - Everyone loves music, but sometimes you love music others won't understand. Or, you like music they'd understand, but your dancing leaves something to be desired. Or your dancing is fine if you would just stop air guitaring windmills on the bed. Whatever the case is you've been spotted now.

04. Watching Something - Much like an embarrassing outfit, or awkward dancing, there's your guilty pleasure. Maybe you just have a love for action films, or you've gotten hooked on a soap opera, maybe you'll just watch any film with Nick Cage in it. Whatever the case is your about to be judged by the entertainment you love. If you don't want to put a show here, you can replace it with reading a book, comic book, or any other bit of of non-music entertainment.

05. In the Middle of Something - Some people collect stamps, others little ceramic figurines, you might have a complete collection of beanie babies. Whatever your hobby, you keep it well out of sight of your friends because they just won't understand it. ...better come up with a good explanation now.

06. It was Suppose to be a Surprise - You had something you were going to give your friend as soon as it was ready. Birthday gift, Christmas, anniversary? Maybe no reason at all, the point is you're working on it away from them and SURPRISE there they are! Better hide the evidence now, or come clean and explain what's going on.

07. On the Phone - Ever had an awkward phone call overheard from only your side. Well, it gets complicated sometimes when that happens. Could be a doctor, a parent, a college friend, whatever it is the topic sounds very awkward from only your side of the street. Cue 'that isn't what it sounds like' when you find your evesdropper. Bonus points if you want something a little less G-rated, make it Phone sex heard from only your side.

08. In a Racy Outfit - This isn't exactly an outfit embarrassing on its own, just they might not be the person you want to see you in a leopard print G-string. Or you're trying on the skimpiest of lingerie and inspecting yourself in the mirror. Whatever your pleasure its about to be shared with an audience. If you want to take things in a different direction, try setting the scene asleep in said outfit.

09. In no Outfit at All - The next door neighbor to the previous option, sometimes less is more. In this case less clothing is more awkward. Maybe you're looking yourself over for new battle scars, you might be trying new sexy poses for the person you like, maybe you're getting in or out of the shower/bath. Or, like above, you could just like sleeping natural. Whatever the case you're giving somebody an eyeful today.

10. Watching Something Else - Be it a raunchy sexcapade, somethingg attempting to have a plot, an art film, or a home movie from that trip to Cancun. Some people like to watch smut. Of course, some people should lock their door when they do such things. Whatever your taste in brown paper bag theater, you're about to share it with the class. If you don't feel like going that way, you can be caught with a skin mag or some trashy smut novel instead.

11. In the Middle of Something Completely Different - Masturbation, its that thing everyone does but nobody talks about. You also definitely don't walk in on someone doing it. Well, too bad, you just did.

12. Was left Hanging - So you've just walked in on someone who was having some sort of kinky bondage episode... but their partner has left them there, all tied up and on the bed. Whatever will you do with this.

9... o.O

Mads glanced up from under the towel he had been running over recently-coloured hair.


Jesus Christ!

*Victor almost slams the door shut again, but he remains in the doorway for a moment, really not sure where to look*

...what the hell do ya think yer doin'?

"Its called a shower. Some of us do that." He shrugged then, draping the towel over the nearest chair and turning his attention to the other male. "I'd have thought that was obvious."

*Victor can't stop staring at Mads' body. He just... can't. Stop. Staring. Damn, but the kid has a good set of muscles...*

He manages to stand still for a whole of 30 seconds before the gaze has him twitching nervously. Despite the hard work and the rebuilt confidence, there's still aspects to himself he hates, and he chews his lower lip as he arches a brow, half waiting for Victor to say... anything.

You... you're...

*for once, the feral is almost speechless. His gaze drifts down to what lies between the shifter's legs, and to Victor's dismay he finds himself growing hard in response. He attempts to cover his arousal with a growl, hoping that Mads will read it as irritation*

You... fuck... you're... bigger than I thought...

His eyes, that had dropped to the floor, snap up then and he shifts awkwardly again; whether from the growl or from the way Victor's watching him, he isn't sure. There's a flush to his skin that resembles something of a blush and he just stares.

"I... what? Wait, what?"

*Victor finally glances away, ashamed of himself for even thinking of wanting Mads in that way*

Shut up. It don't matter.

"Don't do that. I thought we'd been over this." The embarrassment takes a back seat as frustration once again come to the forefront. "What?"

*it's true; the two of them have stepped through this familiar dance enough times now, Victor trying to hide his fascination with the younger man, and it frustrates the feral almost as much as it frustrates the shifter himself*

You're... you're teasing me...

*his voice is thick and heavy with lust now, and he's clearly agitated*

"I'm teasing you?" He lets out a sharp bitter laugh. "What are you waiting for, a written fucking invitation? If you're ready to admit you want me, you can have me!" Underneath the frustration, stirring in Mads' gut, is the arousal he can never deny around the older male, and in his current state of undress there's not a thing he can do to hide it. And if he'd put any thought into it, he wouldn't want to.

*the sound which comes from Victor's throat is almost a whimper, and he closes his eyes as if to try and deny what he feels; but he can't, and it pains him. The feral has spent his whole life embracing his instincts, and the instinct to mate with Mads right now is so strong, it's as if he can't hide it any more*

Fine, then. Yer always actin' like yer one o' the big boys. Get over here an' prove it!

He lets out a soft growl, hesitating for a moment before crossing the room to stand in Victor's personal space. There's only one more moment's hesitation before he swallows and leans up to press his lips against Victor's, one hand resting on the feral's arm for support.

*at first, the feral remains tense and awkward, clinging to the notion that perhaps he can still turn around and walk away from all of this; but no, it's too late for that. The moment has passed, and instead, he finally lets go of the part of himself that has been rebelling against this, welcoming Mads' embrace*

Oh, fuck...

*he closes his eyes and dares to reach down into the space between the two of them, his clawed hands brushing against the hot flesh of Mads' length*

Mads breaks the kiss at the touch, but doesn't move away. Blue eyes meet blue and he takes a moment to reassure himself that he isn't about to face rejection. When he's sure he isn't about to be shoved away, he leans in again with a little more confidence than before. He steps closer, leaning further against the taller man.

"Do something."

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