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Angst Meme

Sometimes we all want to play some angst and see just how far our characters and and will fall.

- Post your characters, name and series in the subject along with any preferences.
- Go to random.org and roll.
- Play!

1. just depressed.
Things are tough, you're feeling worn out, or whatever the case, you're depressed. You need help or someone else thinks you do anyway.

2. abandoned.
You were left behind by everyone you hold dear and now you're forced to see how well they've adjusted, how happy they all are while you're screaming inside.

3. sick.
Cold, flu, or something even worse, all you can do is lay back and let someone take care of you.

4. fight.
You've been fighting nonstop with the other person and it just keep escalating.

5. break up.
You're being broken up with and they won't reconsider... Damn.

6. separated.
For some reason, you've been separated from the other person for a long time.

7. kidnapped.
You've been held captive for how long now? Maybe they've been torturing you even, using your blood to write ransom notes, threatening to cut off fingers to send next, etc. Rescue is on the way though, right?

8. beaten up.
Just because someone didn't like you or maybe they wanted something you had, whatever the case is, you're coming home sporting some nasty wounds and bruises.

9. jealousy.
You just have this undeniable jealousy suddenly and you need to let it out.

10. cheated on.
This goes beyond just suspicion and you have full on proof of what your lover has done. How do you handle it?

11. apathetic.
You're not sad, you're not happy, you just... don't feel much anymore. The sparkle of life has gone right out of you and you're just going through the motions now.

12. addicted.
Drugs, alcohol, whatever your drug of choice is, you can't fight the draw and you can't draw yourself out of the hole, but the other person is going to try.

13. bad romance.
You know this isn't good for either of you, but you can't stop now.

14. fear.
Nightmares, the feeling someone is following you, etc. You can't shake the feeling.

15. insanity.
You're seeing things and hearing them, waking up only to realize you've done things you don't remember or you're in a place you weren't before. You're losing it and you don't know what to do.

16. guilt.
It's eating you up inside and you have to tell someone about it now. You want to be punished and you won't take no for an answer.

17. loss
You've lost something dear to you.

18. wild card.
Combine some options or make your own!

Taken from here.


He'd been trying to hide the cough for a few days now, but today he sounded all stuffed up whenever he tried to speak. At least there were mostly tests today and nothing he had to lecture on.

Charles didn't like to be sick so he was denying it as long as he could. Being in a wheelchair was enough, he didn't need to be laid up in bed with something as common as a chest cold.

a Chaaaarles, yay! <3

He's worse than Scott.

Seriously, what is it with her favorite X-Men and self denial? It's like they think a couple of days of bed rest on their part will send the world spinning off its axis, or something.

She's noticed the cough, past few days. She's perceptive like that, and has had a lot of practice picking up on tiny, half-hidden tells of discomfort. She figured Charles, being a generally sensible fellow, would just give in and take a day off sooner or later -- but his voice has gotten worse; he's all phglemy-sounding, now. And he's simply cut the faculty meeting short to try and hide it.

Jeez. This is exasperating.

She catches him in the hallway as everyone disperses, slipping around in front of him, not to be ignored. Then, she gestures vaguely to her throat, arches a brow in a way that says 'you're not fooling me, mister'. "You've got kind of a scratchy thing going on there, Charles."

:D I haven't tried him much with a Jean so we'll see how this goes

He suspected Jean would be the first to catch on. Or rather, he hoped there wouldn't be anything to catch on to.

Because he wasn't sick.


Just a little tickle in the throat was all.

He smiles knowingly, yes you're worried, he realizes this. "Yes, I know. It's nothing a cup of tea won't cure." Very british solution.

Memes are the place for experimentin'

She nods, returns his smile. Hers is small and sympathetic -- both to the fact that he's developing a cold and to his impulse to keep going, going, going, no matter what. "I'll make you some? I've got green, black, Earl Grey, Valerian and Chalmomile stashed in the kitchen ..."

She's inherited - in a sense - his love of tea. Doesn't imagine it as a cure all, as he seems to, at times, but nonetheless: tea's good. A little twist of lemon and some ginger might just help his throat a bit -- and some sipping and conversation might give her time to convince him to take a little time off.

It's finals time, anyway. Not like he'd miss giving a lecture. Hank could proctor his exams, no sweat.

She knew how much he liked tea, this was practically blackmail. But he didn't mind in the least. "Earl Grey would be perfect." That rasp is still there in the back of his throat and as he angles his chair to go towards the kitchen, he covers a cough on the side of his hand.

Still not sick. Nope.

In fact, he's casting about the kitchen, looking where on earth someone might have put the teapot.


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