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92. Freaky Friday
Freaky Friday Meme~!

1. Post with your character! You know the drill, character name, series, any prefs ect.

2. Reply to other people! You have now SWAPPED BODIES with them...

While you're at it rng a random number from 1-7 to choose a relationship (or if you're tagging canonmates who already HAVE a relationship of some sort towards each other feel free to just use that instead)

1) Family (whether you are siblings, parent and child, cousins, or whatever)
2) Neighbors (what better way to get along with the guy across the street then by spending a day in his shoes?
3) Classmates (make sure not to let them fail the biology test!)
4) Best Friends (Do you know enough about your BFF to BE them?)
5) Romantic (Whether you're married or dating this might put a real strain on the relationship)
6) Complete strangers (You have noooo clue who this person is but you better get to know them fast!)
7) Freestyle! (any of the above, or make up your own ♥)


Erik Lensherr (X-Men: First Class)


He had noticed the change the instant it happened, the minds around him had gone completely silent and he couldn't get them back. Of course, when he put his hand to his temple and found a receding hairline...

It was a short run to the mirror and a small yipe later that Charles knew the truth. His friend's face staring back at him. "......Erik!" He was moving around the house now, trying to find him. "Erik, where are you???"

Erik, on the other hand, had the opposite problem, suddenly he could hear everyone, it had been enough to stagger him, and almost enough to drop him completely. Really he was just glad that there weren't more than a handful of people in the mansion, realizing dimly that if there had been he likely would have been shocked into catatonia.

He only had a vague idea of where Charles was, and knew that the other man was worried, but he hadn't yet sorted out how to actually speak directly to his mind like the other man had done to him on more than one occasion, in fact, he didn't even really know that it was possible just yet. No, what Charles got was a jumble of disjointed images, different angles of the library, and Erik's overwhelming sense of something having gone wrong.

Charles stops in his tracks, that at least felt familiar even if it wasn't his own mind reaching out. He hurries to the library, trying not to trip over his own feet that are now much bigger. "I'm coming! Hang on..."

He slides to a stop at the door of the library. Blinking at his own body staring back at him. "No. way."

Whatever Erik had been expecting to see when he looked up towards the movement at the door, himself wasn't even anywhere on the list.

As such he blinked, brow furrowing, confusion overriding everything else at the moment, enough to even knock that general unease right off the rails, "... What on Earth?"

Charles approaches carefully, not wanting to admit that this made some sort of sense if he had Erik's body. He lets out a dry laugh. "This is so strange..." But he quickly schools his face back to a concerned look. "Are you alright? I heard you..." he gestures to the side of his head. It felt so closed up in this mind, he felt a bit restricted but it wasn't too bad. He can only imagine how Erik is taking it.

An array of expressions chased each other across his face, predominantly various states of confusion and disbelief, but that certainly hadn't been his own voice he'd just used, he was kneading at the bridge of his nose with one hand. There was a headache already building behind his eyes, at the base of his skull, curling around on itself rather like a thundercloud, "Is it always this loud?"

Concern still paints his features as he gets right next to Erik. "It was for awhile...hey, look at me," he says, looking straight at him, two fingers gesturing at his eyes. "Focus on me, put the rest behind walls." That's how he usually thinks of it anyway, maybe it would work for Erik. Can you hear me? What am I thinking of? Charles calls to mind the first time he met Raven, a small blue girl in front of the refrigerator.

Walls he could do, that was something he could ultimately relate to, after all, he'd had walls around most of his mind for some time, anything that didn't directly feed into the rage that had fueled him for most of his life was locked away, packed down tight where it couldn't bother him.

Now he just had to figure out how to shift those walls around, somehow. Focusing on Charles helped, brow creasing slightly, but nodding at the first question, the automatic response to the memory was: "Was she really that tiny?" He knew, in an abstract way, that she must have been a child once, but it wasn't anything he'd ever thought about.

Ah, this was maddening, no telepathy meant no control. Charles didn't realize till now that reading someone's mind and having your mind read was completely different. If he still had his ability, he could help Erik now with those mental barriers. He nods at Erik's question, "She was indeed."
There is an odd feeling in the back of his own mind that he is subconsciously trying to ignore. A feeling, or rather a sense of different objects around the room. Right now he is trying to concentrate on helping Erik. "Any better?"

He nodded, "A little." And it was, having one thing, or in this case, on person, to focus on made tuning everything else out easier. It took him a few moments to realize that what he was his own power from the other side, it was enough to make him smile, just a little, a faint, fleeting expression, "You can tell where it all is, can't you? Bit like a sixth sense."

Charles registers surprise at the question, not realizing till just then that Erik was correct. Now that he was aware of it, the sensation was sharper, outlining each metallic object nearby. "I....yes, actually." So strange and different from telepathy, instead of the fine control he was used to, he wasn't certain he could control it as well as Erik did. "I had not noticed till now..." He echoed his own thoughts as he looked around the room. There is a small paperweight on the desk that seems like a good place to start. He reaches towards it uncertainly....not sure what mental muscles to flex yet and the weight remains unmoved. "Hm..."

He could tell what Charles was trying to do, mostly because he was still in the other man's head, something he hadn't yet realized himself, not used to having that much range of motion, as it were.

"Think of it as an autonomic function. A reflex, but one that can be controlled." It was only a little odd, since he'd never had to explain his power before, and it wasn't until he'd said it that he realized the description was an apt one.

Charles smirks with Erik's face, hearing his own voice coaching him was as surreal as it could get. "You're starting to sound like me...don't tell me I have lost the ability to teach as well to you." He is kidding of course. He also knows Erik is still in his mind, since he was unpracticed at concealing his ability.
He takes the instruction to heart, letting his hand drop for a second to collect himself. Relax, autonomic reflex... And he surprises himself by raising his hand to catch the weight as it flies straight toward it. Charles grins happily at his small success. "Not exactly a satellite dish but its a start."

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