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It's getting hot in here!~
it's too fucking hot
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01. I'm melting...
You're just outside. Ready to DIE. The air is hot, the sky is hot, you're hot, the grass is hot, even your sweat is hot. It's just. fucking. hot.

02. Fiery attitude
The heats gone up, and your patience is at rock bottom. You could say you're feeling a little hot headed. Anything pisses you off, and you're fine with expressing it.

03. Ice cream
What better way to cool off than with your favourite nightly desert. Maybe you'll have to chase down the ice cream man before you get it, though...

04. At the pool
Or, if ice cream doesn't suit your fancy, you can always take a dip in the pool; public, private, or maybe this isn't even your own pool. Whatever the reason, you just know you look sexy in this bathing suit.

05. Desert
It's not dessert. It's desert. It's hot, dry, sandy, and all sorts of things. Can you survive the weather?

06. Fuck. Clothes.
Ever get that feeling where it's just too hot to be dressed? Time to succumb. 

07. It's all me
That hottie to your right? Definitely a steamy individual, almost uncomfortably so.

08. It's just you...
Feeling... feverish? Whatever the case, one of you is sick as a dog, and the temp is going up. At least you have a friend to help you out.

09. Party
Guys, it's great here, but I'm sweating balls. That or you could make fun of your buddy's stainage. Someone's having a little too much fun at the disco.

10. Free range, bro
New, improved, better idea happening RIGHT HERE.

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Pulling his sweaty shirt off.

(no subject) - stereohart, 2012-03-22 11:44 pm (UTC)(Expand)
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[With a manic grin, Faith takes a running leap straight into the pool, somehow shifting mid-air into a racing dive that takes her all the way to the other edge of the pool before she comes up for air, exhilarated.]

(no subject) - lone_defender, 2012-04-03 03:36 am (UTC)(Expand)
(no subject) - boston_slayer, 2012-04-03 07:31 pm (UTC)(Expand)

Liam Butler ~ OC~ OTA



Oh, hello.

(no subject) - multitudeofsins, 2012-03-23 01:25 am (UTC)(Expand)

Beth Ann Whalen ● X:Men

RNG gave me a 3?

*carrying two cones of ice cream, trying to hurry to her before they start dripping* You looked like you could use one, too.

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