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In which characters play out some generic scenes from video games.

Pick one of your characters and post them up with their name and canon in the subject line! You can leave it blank and let the other person pick which scene/relationship, or you can write it all up yourself! Random.org is your friend.


(1) Level grinding: Maybe there's a tough battle or important tournament you need to win coming up. Or maybe you live in a dangerous world and this is just part of everyday life. You're out training, whether that means beating on a practice dummy, getting advice from your mentor, or slaughtering hordes of cute, fuzzy monsters.
(2) Join my party!: You want the other person to help you on your quest and you want them now. What will you do to convince them? Will they agree easily?
(3) Camping for the night: Time for a break. Hopefully you could afford a room at the inn, or happened to have some tents on hand. But that doesn't always work out perfectly, so maybe you're huddling under a tree in the rain together or even just forced to share a room when you'd rather not.
(4) Gross level: It would be cool that everything is edible if the walls just weren't so sticky! Oh great, did that hallway just move like it's alive? Please don't tell me that boss is made out of what I think it is...!
(5) Endless dungeon: How long have we been here again? Supplies are running low and chances are, you're both sick and tired of seeing the exact same scenery. Sewers, huge confusing forests, and Evil Castles of Doom are possible settings.
(6) Split up: For whatever reason, the party couldn't stay together this time. So the two of you are stuck together, whether that's an everyday thing or you've never had a chance to be alone before. You could be out running an errand in town, or waiting for the other team to call you up and tell you to flip that switch.
(7) Treasure: You just acquired a Key Item! Or maybe it's just a heck of a lot of Gold, or a shiny magic sword. Hopefully you can share... and hopefully it'll fit in your backpack.
(8) Shopping: You're in an NPC run store. Did you remember the shopping list? What about your wallet? They've got everything from magic potions to armor shaped like trendy clothes.
(9) Out of action: One or both of you are going to have to sit the rest of this out! You're hurt, exhausted, sick, or just out of MP. Regardless, it's going to take some time to recover. Maybe the other person can help. Or they're there to finish you off, whatever.
(10) Plot twist: You just found out a secret that completely changes how you saw someone or something, or maybe you finally confessed and told everyone you're not who they thought you were. Or maybe something utterly unexpected happened, like the death of a dear friend. How well are you going to handle it?
(11) Before the finale: This is it. It's nearly the end. Just a little bit more. You've got some time to prepare, or to go confess your undying love/hatred for someone. Maybe you have to mull over a big decision that needs to be made first thing tomorrow. Are you confident about the upcoming climax? Or are you convinced that everyone's doomed?
(12) Happily Ever After: Congrats! You've won the game! So are you celebrating right after, or have you already spent your millions of gold pieces on a luxurious mansion somewhere?
(13) Bad End/Game over: Welp. That didn't turn out well. Either you messed up, or you were all doomed from the start. Your comrades are dead or gone, and maybe you two only have a few minutes left yourselves. Bleed to death in each others arms, wait for the impending destruction of the universe, or just lament the fact that everyone decided they had better goals to pursue.
(14) Other: You can come up with something!


(1) Love Interest: Romantic relationships! Maybe you're the first girl the hero met, the person the sidekick can't stop arguing with, or one of many, many pretty boys that have suddenly taken an inexplicable interest in the main character. You might spend the entire game going through misunderstand after misunderstanding and never actually getting together, or maybe you start off in a relationship that's now on rocky ground due to the arrival of that new, slightly more attractive love interest.
(2) Comrades: You're in the same party! Maybe you would trust each other with your lives, even if you can't really be called friends. Or maybe you're only stuck with each other until you're out of this horrible endless sewer level.
(3) Old acquaintance: You've known each other forever! Perhaps you came from the same village or school, though this isn't necessarily a positive thing. You could be a childhood friends who promised to marry each other one day or one of you could be that creepy ex who just won't leave the other alone.
(4) Best friends: You're best of friends who have been through rough times together. Maybe you'd sacrifice anything for each other, or maybe you don't actually trust the other as far as you can throw them. But anyway, you'd be sad to lose them, whether you want to own up to it or not.
(5) Rivals: For better or for worse, you want to beat each other! This can be a way of improving yourselves, or it could lead one of you down the Path of Evil. Perhaps this was set up by circumstances out of your hands, such as the two of you being declared fated enemies by a mysterious prophesy or whatever. Or maybe you don't even realize you have a rival, despite the other's efforts...
(6) Student/Mentor: One of you is teaching the other. It could be as vague as one of you being the cool old guy in the party who is taking the younger kids under his wing, or direct as imparting a specific skill. Careful, though, the older half of this tends to get killed off early on.
(7) Master/Servant: One of you is in charge of the other. Maybe one of you is a housekeeper or a loyal vassal sent to take care of your beloved lord. Maybe you're a slave, or bound by a magical contract to the one who summoned you. It's a bond that's not easily broken, regardless.
(8) Protector/Protected: One of you is guarding the other. It could be emotionally or physically. Bodyguards, big brother types, and overly protective team moms fall into this.
(9) Family: You're related! You could be parent and child, brother and sister, husband and wife. Maybe it's not a blood bond, but you still think of each other this way. These are ties that almost can't be broken.
(10) Enemies: You're on opposite sides. Maybe you absolutely hate everything about how the other person thinks, or maybe you actually get along just fine and happen to support different factions. Can you declare a temporary truce, or is cooperating just flat out impossible?
(11) Strangers: You're members of two different parties exploring the same dungeon, strangers who bumped into each other earlier on the street, or one of you is a random NPC who's just there to wish the hero well. Either way, you only just met recently. Can you cooperate despite knowing next to nothing about each other?
(12) Other: Pick for yourself! This is the option you can use for pre-existing CR, too.


8! and we can leave the realtionship at their usual level of confusion if you want

ooc: TACKLES!!

Did you get the list from Aerith?

[Given that the last couple of places they'd visited hadn't been much in the way of supplies and from the looks of things it was probably going to be a while before they found somewhere else that was, the Gold Saucer was their last stop to buy the mundane things like food and gear they were probably going to get to in a while. But... it was the Saucer. Tifa couldn't imagine asking anyone else to do something that boring when there were games to play and rides to enjoy. Everyone deserves a break, deserved to forget and just have fun even if it was only for today. So she'd volunteered for the shopping on the girls part at least and hearing Yuffie and Aerith's giggles over their plots for their day had made it all worth it. She'd catch up to them later anyway. She just wasn't quite sure how Cloud had ended up being the one from the guys group to get stuck with the job.]

How long can it take?

this is completely acceptable

ooc: /SCREAM but also (>♥3♥)>

Yeah. It's right here. [ Holding up a thin sheaf of paper lined with Aerith's neatly curling print (there was quite a lot left to get before they could safely proceed), Cloud nodded as he tore his gaze away from the flashing lights and milling crowds of Station Square. The others had all taken off through the various portals lining the entrance to enjoy their preferred attractions for the time they had, rare freedom that it was -- and maybe he'd felt a little, fleeting pang of jealousy.

Cloud couldn't deny that he'd much rather have been betting on the chocobos or fighting the good fight in Battle Square than running errands... But he didn't regret his decision, either. He was supposed to be the leader, after all, and a leader was responsible. If that meant casually shouldering the chores no one else wanted to get lumped upon them, then he'd oblige. At least he could be confident in knowing exactly what and how much they'd have to survive on, this way.

And the company could've been way worse. ]

It's pretty long. We might be looking at a couple of hours, to find all this.

ooc: >:3

[she shifted over to stand next to him, tipping her head to read the first couple of items on the list that he had in his hand. Aerith was good with lists and always put the most important things at the very top.

It did look pretty long.

They had a lot of old gear to trade in as well, bangles and armlets and weapons that they'd found better replacements for. She hummed softly at his assessment and then straightened with a determined nod.]

Then we'll treat ourselves afterward with something really fun to make up for it.

[catching one of his hands in both of hers, she gave him a smile and a light tug as she took the first few steps backward toward the shopping section of the Saucer, letting go when she spun around to face the right way. They could make this fun if they decided to.]

Weapons' Shop first? So we can get rid of the heavy stuff we're trading in?

Good idea.

[ It wouldn't be so bad to unload a bit of the burden. Cloud made no protests as he followed her lead, stuffing the shopping list into a pocket so that he could hook the strap of his pack a little higher over his shoulder. Though he wasn't entirely sure if this kind of thing could ever come up being fun, he wasn't going to try to hinder her well-meaning effort. It was nice to see Tifa in such high spirits -- it was nice to see everyone in such high spirits.

So he went through the motions of exchanging armor and old, used weaponry for more much-needed gil in as upbeat a fashion as he could manage... While still maintaining the best of a businesslike air. He didn't want to freak out any of the shop owners, after all. ]

Let's see... Was that all of it? Looks like basic necessities are up next. [ And that one... Would be interesting. As exorbitant as most of the pricing was, around the Saucer, Cloud didn't have the highest hopes of getting out with anything better than the change. If that. ]

a cheerfully grinning Cloud probably would have had them handing over the till and hiding

[having lived in the slums for a while, Tifa had thought she'd gotten pretty good at bargaining. She'd certainly been able to get her hands on things for the bar that had been hard to acquire ingredients and she'd always been pretty pleased with herself over being self-sufficient like that.

However, there was absolutely nothing that matched up to watching Cloud in action. Though with him it seemed less like bargaining and more like statements with glowing blue eyes behind them. She thought it was pretty impressive and so she stood to the side and poked through armor and weapons while watching from the corners of her eyes. There were a few times she stifled her smile too. Once he was done however she slipped back over to join him and her shoulder bumped companionably against his for a brief moment. Was it silly to be proud to be with him when he did something like that? As they strolled off for their next stop, she told him:]

You're really very good at that.

would it be scarier if it was genuine or if he was faking it really badly, though. :|c


[ To Cloud, it seemed, nothing of note had transpired at all. He'd grown so accustomed to haggling over their used equipment that it came naturally, now, for the most part -- and if he'd thought he had any edge to speak of, he might have professed that it was just the eyes. Or, rather, the eyes and the sword and the uniform, or some combination thereof.

He was ten percent confidence and ninety percent appearances, but he didn't often have to strive for much more. At least not when it came to something so simple as selling obsolete accessories and old weapons. ]

What did I do?

[ ...Other than accidentally knocking over a display of plush mogs with the stray end of the sword strapped to his back as they passed, anyway. Maybe he should've been paying more attention to where he was walking, and less to that unexpected flattery. ] Oops...

we need to find some shopkeepers to experiement on

[her laugh when she went to her knees was the usual quiet, half stifled sound but it was real and it was a happy sound, not a mocking one. Starting to gather plushies up in her arms, she began handing them up to Cloud to reset.]

At getting people see your point of view. You're very good at it.

She smiled at a particularly round stuffed purple moogle with a star painted on its belly. On a whim, for good luck, she dropped a quick kiss to the top of its oversized nose, feeling a little silly but it seemed appropriate. Handing it up to Cloud, she shifted over to dig for the next one that had fallen under a stand.]

It's why everyone in the group always let's you do the talking. People like telling you things.


I don't know...

[ He paused, considering, with the peculiar purple moogle toy in his hands. Maybe she had a point -- he'd never actually stopped to think about how it'd happened that so many relative strangers had come to throw in their lot with the miniature terrorist cell that was all that remained of AVALANCHE. His being a good listener certainly couldn't have been all of it... But maybe it accounted for some.

Shaking his head, Cloud looked up from his brief contemplation to find that a few passersby had stopped to stare. Not at him, but at Tifa, who was still reaching for that lost plush. The look on his face must have been pure murder, though, because one little glance in his direction sent the gawking strangers disappearing guiltily back into the crowd.

Relinquishing the unconscious death grip he'd taken on the poor moogle, he apologized to the worriedly onlooking vendor and handed over a fistful of GP that he hadn't counted too closely. Once they'd finished gathering up the rest of the scattered toys, he offered the star-bellied moogle back to Tifa, along with something vaguely resembling a smile. ]

For good luck, right?

[the surprise lasted for a second before the realization set in and as it did the smile spread slow over her lips and filled her eyes. In her chest, her little girl's heart gave a tiny skip. She didn't remember the last time anyone had bought her something sweet and silly and useless 'just because'. Not since she was a child at least.

Except for Cloud.

Unable to hide the happiness, Tifa let herself give in for just a moment and leaned up to brush a quick kiss against Cloud's cheek, the same way she'd kissed the doll's nose earlier.]

For good luck.

[and then, before she could start second guessing her happiness, she hugged the moogle close to her and started for the next shop, hair swishing against the back of her legs with the extra little bounce in her step.]

[ She took off again so quickly that it almost gave him hope she hadn't noticed his immediately flustered reaction to that silly, chaste kiss. Hanging back a second to collect his cool, Cloud let a self-conscious hand go to the back of his neck. ...And shot an affronted look to the suddenly nosy vendor before taking off hastily to catch up, unwittingly almost knocking another display over in the process.

It would've been impossible not to notice the new spring in her step as he fell back into line beside her, and he couldn't help feeling just the slightest bit pleased with his spur of the moment decision, as a result. ]

(This is kind of fun...)

[her smile was still open and welcoming for him as he caught up and she turned her head to flash it at him. Maybe it was silly to let something so basic make her so light-hearted inside but she knew better than to turn down happiness when it hit her. Matching her steps to his as they wound through the crowd, she wanted to know:]

What's your favorite part of being here, Cloud? I mean, other than not getting thrown in prison this time?

[ With someone he didn't know half as well, Cloud might simply have insisted that not getting tossed into a desert wasteland walled in by quicksand and chock full of bloodthirsty criminals (and one enthusiastically creepy stalker) just about was the best part of any repeat visit to the Saucer.

But since it was Tifa, he actually gave the question some thought, looking at least passingly contemplative as he dodged a group of unruly kids chasing after one unlucky chocobo suit-wearing mascot. ]

...I guess it's seeing everyone so happy. For a little while, it's almost like the whole world isn't ending, and we're all just like we were before it all started going to pieces.

[ Except the truth definitely didn't sound as cool aloud as he might've hoped, and he belatedly tried to hide another brief flash of embarrassment by looking around. ] ...Nevermind. That's kind of funny, isn't it?

[She knew him.

Yes, there were times when she didn't understand why he did or said something. And there was still the problem of her admittedly blurry memories being so very far from his when it came to their past. But the longer they were together the less he was the Confusing Mercenary and the more he was simply Cloud. Confusing Cloud sometimes... but still Cloud.

His answer wasn't what she'd expected... and it was entirely Cloud.

Gentle her shoulder bumped up against his and for a brief moment, without breaking step, she leaned just enough to let him know she meant it before straightening.]

No. I think it's the just right answer. Yuffie and Aerith were giggling together earlier and all I could think of was how nice it was that they were real giggles instead of Yuffie's 'I'm plotting something' and Aerith's 'I'm hiding something' giggles.

[the moogle got another squeeze and she stayed close to Cloud with the excuse that the area was getting crowded.]

It feels good that everyone's happy. Even you.

Yeah... Well-- [ He shrugged and tossed that fringe of blonde bangs back with a quick pass of one gloved hand, and was maybe more the new Cloud than the old Cloud, again, if only for a moment. There was a confidence there that was almost alien on him, no more natural than the harsh blue glow in his eyes. But if it was an act, even a bad one, he never broke character. As far as performances went -- convincing or not, this one was complete.

But then, of course, just like that-- ]

It's hard not to get into the spirit, in this place. [ ...he'd be the same as before: unbelievably earnest, unusually honest, struggling to look cool in the face of his own strikingly immature nature so often undermining him. ]

...Hey, there's our next stop.

[she didn't have all the pieces figured out yet - but she would. She had to. But the headaches that crippled him had gotten rarer and old and new Cloud seemed to clash less these days. She'd work it out. She just needed a bit more time. For today at least, surely, it was okay to let go and just enjoy being together.]


[she made the sound and reached out to catch his hand. It wasn't as if they were going to lose each other in the crowd but it was a good enough excuse for her as she headed for the shop he'd pointed out. Just before they reached the door though she stopped almost abruptly, turning to face him, hand still in hers as if she'd forgotten. Her eyes, hopeful with a strange undercurrent of vulnerability, met his and her voice was a little softer.]

Cloud? Maybe - when this is all over - when we win... maybe we can come back here to celebrate?

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