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Because we haven't had one of these in a while
Originally posted by mememaker at 672. the return of the genderbent meme


By request, another genderbent meme! In this one, your character has always been the opposite gender and it's nothing unusual at all.

- Post your character's name/series/preferences in the subject line. At least include a description or a picture of what they'd look like as the opposite gender!
- Others go to RNG and roll numbers 1-4 for a scene type and then 1-10 for a prompt.
- Have fun!

1 ↳ fight. you're facing a foe or maybe you're just arguing really loud.
2 ↳ drunk. you've had a little too much fun tonight. What hijinks will come of it?
3 ↳ victory. you've just won a big battle, earned a victory in your life... how do you react?
4 ↳ hanging out. time to hang out with that friend you haven't seen in awhile!
5 ↳ party. either you went willing or you were dragged to a party.
6 ↳ cursed. you've been cursed to speak everything on your mind.
7 ↳ locked in. you're stuck in a room with someone.
8 ↳ lost. you're kind of lost, so why don't you pull over for directions?
9 ↳ future. you're suddenly stuck in your future... is it good? Is it bad?
10 ↳ your choice. don't see something listed here you'd like to play? Want to combine something? Do it here!

1 ↳ confession. you've loved this person for a long time and it's time to tell them. Maybe the entire thing was just an accident that you didn't mean to let slip.
2 ↳ make up. you've been fighting nonstop or you broke up, but now it's time to make up.
3 ↳ date. you've got the perfect night planned.
4 ↳ marriage. was it a big day for you? Or just a bad idea brought on by too much booze in Vegas? Awkward...
5 ↳ cuddling. you're in the mood to cuddle with your loved one.
6 ↳ gifts. you've found the perfect gift to give.
7 ↳ reunion. it's been a long time, but you're finally back together. Make the most of it.
8 ↳ choose you. you or your loved one is feeling insecure. It's time to reassure them that you'd always choose them.
9 ↳ babies either you've had one or you're watching one. How do you and your love handle it?
10 ↳ your choice. don't see something listed here you'd like to play? Want to combine something? Do it here!

1 ↳ possessed. you're aware, but you have no control over your body or your mouth as you focus your sights on your object of affection.
2 ↳ first time. it's your first night together with your partner.
3 ↳ accidental. you didn't intend for it to happen, but you had no choice but to share a bed or get caught in a closed space and things just... happened.
4 ↳ aphrodisiacs. you were drugged with some aphrodisiacs and the only way to work them out is to have sex before they drive you crazy. Of course you can try to wait them out if you really want...
5 ↳ whips and chains. You're in the mood for a little bit of pain with your pleasure tonight. Handcuffs and candlewax, knives, whips, spanking... whatever you can come up with.
6 ↳ dub-con. they might not have exactly said yes, but it's happening anyway.
7 ↳ experimental. toys, new places, whatever you can come up with.
8 ↳ morning after. you wake up naked and in bed with someone... time to figure out what happened!
9 ↳ rough. hatesex, angrysex, maybe you're just not feeling up to taking things slow and gentle tonight.
10 ↳ your choice. don't see something listed here you'd like to play? Want to combine something? Do it here!

1 ↳ hurt. the ones who you love are always the ones who hurt you the most. Was it a fight, a betrayal, or something else?
2 ↳ crazy. you're going insane or you already are. Hearing things, seeing things, paranoid of everything, etc.
3 ↳ depression. you're lost everything, you feel like you're finished, and you don't know how to reach out.
4 ↳ injured. you were injured badly and now someone has to help you.
5 ↳ sacrifice. you're about to sacrifice it all for those you care about.
6 ↳ break up. it's time to break it off with your partner.
7 ↳ addicted. drugs, alcohol, whatever your poison is, you can't give it up.
8 ↳ tortured. you were kidnapped, tortured mentally and physically. Thankfully someone found you.
9 ↳ amnesia. you can't remember who you are or who anyone is around you.
10 ↳ your choice. don't see something listed here you'd like to play? Want to combine something? Do it here!

Deanna Winchester | Supernatural | So Totally Open


He was wasted. Completely tanked. Tanked was the word right? He was trying to think of an appropriate word for this. Whatever it was didn't matter. He was hammered and he was actually liking it. It took an entire liquor store to do the job, but he got there.

He was wallowing. Self pity. Childish and human things. Emotions that he wasn't exactly fond of. He was a celestial being. He did not sit in a liquor store and mope over his missing father. His Father. Everyone's Father. The Almighty. He thought he could do it, but he didn't have the faith anymore. He didn't have anything except for blurry vision and a wobbly step. How sad was that? The broken angel. In the words of Dean this was a crock.

The numbers on the cellular device, Deanna had given him, were blurring together. His head was spinning and he felt like he was gonna topple over. He finally got the call to go through and waited to hear her voice. The brick wall outside the liquor store was shifting under the weight of his hand. Least it felt like it was shifting. Once he heard her voice he leaned forward hoping to be quiet. No one was really around. "Deanna, I would like you to come and retrieve me."

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Harri Potter || Harry Potter

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Castiel | Supernatural

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1-2. Two threads? What? I couldn't resist when I saw it was 2014! Cas.

[ Oh sweet baby Jesus. His head was pounding and his ears were ringing. He wasn't entirely certain on the events of the night before, but they were probably not wholesome. His mouth felt like it was housing an army of cotton balls and his limbs were heavy. Something was digging into the back of his neck and to be honest that wasn't even the least of his worries. His pants were absent from his body and judging by his cold nipples his shirt was gone as well.

In the words of Bobby--balls.

Dean sat up slowly in a desperate attempt not to vomit into his own lap. Nothing was worse than that. He had no itch to clean himself up if that happened. He was completely and totally screwed. The pounding just got worse as he shifted. He wanted to just pass out. Judging by how things were meshing together he was probably just a tiny bit drunk still. He was hungover at the same time. How was that even humanly possible? God was real and he was fucking with Dean Winchester big time.

It took Dean all of two minutes to realize he was on the floor and this was not his room. He recognized it, but it wasn't his. This belonged to a certain angel with her wings clipped. He could make out a lump on the bed, but he didn't dare try to wake her. Mostly because he didn't want to move to do so. He swallowed and let out a groan. ]
My mouth tastes like ass.

(ooc: It's not really drunk in the present, but hungover and reliving the drunk shenanigans. Could possibly have 3-8. I just tried to make it as ridiculous as humanly possible.)

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Deanna Winchester + Supernatural

[Oh, how did I miss this? Yay for genderbend!]


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